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  1. Timothy Pearson

    Wtf did they do to some of the buildings? They looks like sht...This game is turning into a typical mmo with disgusting graphics. I swear they've changed the textures
  2. Pikachu

    Sounds like you have the prop texture resolution bug.
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  3. Timothy Pearson

    Lol, It's not that. They've actually changed the textures on some of the buildings. It looks way more rusty now, not lowered texture, just shtty textures
  4. Pikachu

    Give pic!
  5. libbmaster

    I believe that one of the art devs mentioned on twitter that they gave the buildings a dirtier look.

    To be honest, I didn't even notice when I logged in today, and I had read the tweet and had my eyes open.

    Certainly no need to get pissy about it.
  6. FateJH

    To be fair, when we've blown all those buildings up a couple million times by now, you'd think they'd start to look worse for wear sooner or later.
  7. toast2250

    Oh god yes! Please, more immersion and the good stuff, fix the sky and sht tone down the whiteness of the sun!

    The game actually fells a little better, don't stop now!

    Also, you no post picture and whine. Booo,.. not much fks were given.
  8. Timothy Pearson

    Yeah, let's just make the game look even more shttier
  9. KirthGersen

    They changed some textures and added more dirt there. And I actually like it.
  10. FieldMarshall

    I never noticed.

    Then again, i dont really care about graphics anyway.
    One of the benefits of playing PC games since the 90s i suppose.
  11. Timothy Pearson

    I love playing quake, I couldn't care less about the graphics with that. Alot of games I don't care for the graphics. But what I don't like is when games come out with decent graphics, then over time they continue to downgrade it because people can't handle the graphics - there's graphic settings there for a reason. Planetside 2 is a graphical game, and it needs to stay that way. You can't have an immersive game and it looking like a ss-juice
  12. Timothy Pearson

    Who said I was getting pissy? You took it the wrong way, dude.
  13. toast2250

    Well, lots of things are ******/dirty and need to be cleaned. Having plastic looking assets that don't really blend in is unnatural imo.


    War is dirty, stuff decays, holes in building from bombs, grass and moss overgrows things.

    Why would anyone want to play a game with no imagination and quality for immersion in one way or another?

    You can achieve nice graphics with 2D objects and not risk losing performance, I think Hosin has many plants that are 2D. The problem with Hosin is that it has to many large weed plants that act to much of a solid when bumped with a vehicle that actually ruin the immersion.
  14. eldarfalcongravtank

    but making the wall textures look more dirty isn't a graphical downgrade, it's actually adding to immersion!

    look, we are fightning this war for centuries already. and we cant just bring over a mexican cleaning squad from earth to keep the base buildings clean. with all the explosions and blackpowder gunfire going on inside bases, of course they'll start to get dirty.
  15. Timothy Pearson

  16. LodeTria

    I like it. Before they was way to clean and everything looked a bit plastic, now it looks as if it is metal that has eroded over time.
  17. Demigan

    I would rather go back to UT99 graphics with top-notch gameplay than top-notch graphics and crappy gameplay.
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  18. JustBoo

    It looked the way it did because... nanites. Get a nano-clue. :cool:

    So now, even the nanites are broken? I guess that explains all the hackers.

    (Oh my. My nanites are now such dirty-girls.)