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  1. RabidIBM

    I find it funny that in 30th century Auraxis, we have an advanced sci-fi society who are capable of interstellar travel, can materialize large objects such as tanks in seconds out of nanites, and can even reconstitute the dead. Yet the architectural marvel of building on a slope is beyond them.

    If a day ever comes where construction ever gets attention, could this issue get thrown in the cart please? There are many places I would love to build, but I am thwarted by a 10 degree slope.
    [IMG]1397 × 907
    Here's an example of what should be possible, this is a model of a castle in Malaga, Spain that I was able to find on Google Images. I've actually been to this castle in person, it's REALLY COOL! (you know, in the before times, when we could travel...) See that double wall on the hill creating a protected path between the lower castle and upper castle? I want to be able to do that with my rampart walls.
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Construction following the terrain would make too much sense and would be too useful. Sorry, but EXTRA HERESY!
  3. MichaelMoen

    The bases of all construction models would need to be extended further in order for it to remain level and not be protruding out of the ground and exposing the untextured underside. I believe nothing in the game follows the terrain cause the physics get real wonky when things aren't level.
  4. Liewec123

    i've had some awesome "raven roosts" (in the distant past)
    but yep i agree the construction limits are way too harsh,
    its a useless system now that people can nuke it with a right click, so they should let you build wherever you like.
    (not No deploy zones)
  5. karlooo

    I'm really against the idea of building on Slopes but all these similar requests show something important....The players main reason of why they build, is mainly to defend.
    I don't know what these devs have with supporting on construction, clearly most Construction players aren't showing interest in supporting.
  6. RabidIBM

    "I have a grudge against a particular group of players, so I don't want them to have anything!" Great addition to the discussion buddy. I don't know if you've ever noticed a full platoon drawing free lightning tanks, or free ESFs, or the giant laser death beams from space blasting enemies out of the way, or spawn points called routers. But if you ever have noticed anything of those things, that's us construction player supporting the faction. Oh yes, we also have the ability to defend...sometimes.
  7. karlooo

    Castles where logically built on mountains to make it harder for enemies to breach and capture and to have a good oversight of the surrounding land. What's building a Player Made Base on a hill going to do?
    If your Anti tank turret falls which it will quickly. There is no good anti tank long range weapon for the infantry classes. What's the plan then? You won't receive support there because there is nothing your teammates can do.
    I assume you won't be able to place a Light Vehicle Terminal on that uneven terrain.

    What about these gaps you'll have, allowing infantry to jump through, how would you solve that? What about vice versa - building on an elevated angle, you'll have clipping walls. How are you planning to place the Sunderer Garage on a slop or the Pillbox

    If building Player Made Bases on hill is required then the Cortium Bomb counter must stay. Do you enjoy seeing your base destroyed by Cortium Bombs?

    Your idea could be interesting, but just visually.
    I've seen many posts like this.

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