Bugs with the latest build (12/12/2012)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Edelhonk, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Edelhonk

    Some weird bug with the running animation (seems to happen on Light, Med and Engi the most)...their legs are thrown to the side when the models are running. Looks like their legs made out of ruber.

    AV Lockon Launcher can still be fired without a lock-on (in contrary to the patchnotes) and has a insane bulletdrop now.

    When you buy weapons you wont get them, even when you relog. Wasted 2800 SC.

    An Infantry Rendering seems totally out of hand now...even outside Infantry pops up 30m infront of you out of nowhere.
  2. raw

    Gameplay: Invisible Enemies
  3. Edelhonk

    seems they also ****** up every Hitbox in the game. A lot of hits on vehicles go right thru the model without doing any damage

    and Flak Rounds seems only to count if you hit the target directly...no splash or explosion proximity
  4. Yloh

    Somethings wrong with the underbarrel grenade launcher. Seems to do no area damage/only damages on a direct hit.
  5. Edelhonk

    all in all...WHAT A INCREDIBLE PATCH...NOT!

    Who the **** works in your QA, SOE? A Bunch of monkeys or did you use the wrong patch???
  6. Schenck

    Those new jump-pad things in Indar Rashnu Bio Lab aren't all working in both directions. And the ramps leading up to them on the base platforms don't have textures (medium texture quality setting).
  7. Acceleratio

    Wow am I alone now? Did the population of Auraxis die out?
    After is started flying with my little Efs nothing appeard,,, nowhere. Flying over empy landscapes. Seeing people in the minimap but when i get close noboy is there... i feel so lonely :(.
    I decide to land and make a litle picknick. After i land my scythe also disappeared,,, now im stuck in nothingness,,,, waiting for the light.... or a goddamn working hotfix -.-
  8. Juni

    I am wondering what happened during the patching... Something must have gone wrong for things to be this "bad".
  9. Edelhonk

    and noticed another funny fact

    in Beta AV Lock-on Launchers had a flight range of 300m or so and a Lock-on-Range of 500m!...then SOE "balanced" them and reduced the lock-on range down to 250m.
    Everyone was saying: "Come on SOE...put both, lock-on AND flight range on 300m and everyone is happy...Vehicle user would get spammed by Lock-on warnings from a AV that cant do them any harm anyway and AVs wont be wasting rockets on targets their rockets cant even reach."

    Well...with the current patch we got SOEs answer. They put the Lock-on back to a range the rocket itself cant even reach.
    hurray...what a genius idea!
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  10. Saureco

    Spawned a vehicle from Easthills Checkpoint on Amerish. As I drove off the vehicle pad, what I was seeing in front of me as terrain wasn't matching what my minimap or full-screen map was showing. The maps get wonky when spawing a vehicle, perhaps just the S-AMS? It showed In was in mountains when I was on a road.
  11. cH053n

    Just tested Nemesis

    Has initial lock on range for 500 meters and stays locked on for 600 meters.
  12. Rago

    Yeah that Animation looks kind of Stupid ATM XD

    Addet a new Vid, still falling trough the Ground on some Places,...
  13. KoSGunny

    Same. Half of every time I repair a Mag/Scythe on a slope: I fall under the map. End up losing the vehicle most of the time before i can back to it. This however is triggered by the vehicle pushing you under the map.. Problem is that it happens so fast you can't back away to avoid it. Once you begin to sink, you're already screwed unless you're RIGHT ON the vehicle to jump in it from under the map as you fall.
  14. Archlyte

    about 50% of the time I cant re-enter my sunderer after I get out. Says "Press E to Enter" but is non-responsive. Sundy has to be deconstructed.
  15. DonnyD.

    Did they hire the QA guy who forgot to prone on the MAV?
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  16. Noktdaz

    I'm pretty sure my Flare LMG has bullet drop, derpderp o_O
  17. Vaelen

    UI: Repair guns don't show heat levels
    UI: Everything appears as unlocked, though I can't use the things I don't actually have unlocked nor can I unlock anything new
    UI: Locked weapons show up as being affordable, however they cannot be purchased.
    UI: In the certs main menu, everything shows 0% unlocked.
  18. gobbybobby

    lol its a patch that breaks more than it fix's.
  19. baratol

    changed to a Medic and became bullet proof when I was being shot at it looked like the bullerts where hitting a base shield, changed back to heavy assualt and it went?
  20. MrTwizzpops

    A bug I have found is when I bought the high pitched flash horn you cannot actually equip it.

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