[Suggestion] Buggy and Flash Races on Locked Continents

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  1. MasonSTL

    This was posted before, but I wanted to post again. With the new Harasser out I think a good number of people would not mind having races in them! They are a bit challenging to drive and they do use some team work. So lets see whose team is better.

    What I ask for from the Devs is a way to be able to have to set up a race in game. Not on a disputed continent, of course, but on one that has been captured and locked (once continent locking is implemented).

    The race would best fit as a check point race, meaning each driver has to reach a marked spot to have their progress count. These markers could easily be used by smoke markers already used by squad leads, maybe just made red, and by red way points on the map. UI changes while in the race should include time (and/or lap time), placement, distance to next checkpoint, and the list of the top 5 teams at that moment. I would have to recommend no more than 15 teams at a time because any more and it might be too much of a cluster ****.

    An Idea was to make this a betting game! To enter your team would have to wage 10 certs, side bets should be allowed between teams. The top 5 teams would get a prize: 1st - 100 certs, 2nd - 25, 3rd - 15, 4th - 7, 5th - 3. (obviously split the winnings between the team members)

    To enter a race you would have to go to a specific race terminal, much like the others for spawning vehicles. To enter you would create a squad of three (which can be done before or while in the terminal). You cannot enter unless you have a team!! (up for debate). While in this terminal you also place your wage and any side bets with other racers. You also set up your buggy (camos, weapons, ect.). This terminal is also the lobby that you wait at until other racers join.

    Like I said weapons can be used, if a vehicle blows up they drop pod in at the nearest vehicle spawn and continue. (resources are not used in races)

    When the first person crosses the finish a timer starts for the rest of the racers to finish or they get a Did Not Finish and have the possibility of not receiving prize certs.

    Same method can be used with flashes, but separate from buggies.

    Now I know SOE has a lot that has to be done before this, but its something that would be cool if they did decide to read this and consider implementing. Its a good way to keep people in game that need a break from the usual grind. Couldn't hurt right?
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  2. UnrealGaz

    why waste time and resoruces on this when they could be fixing and improveing the game.silly idea you wanna race? go play F1.
  3. Loegi

    VR has a flash track. Still waiting for them to finish those jumps though, just a simple bridge piece would work.
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  4. MasonSTL


    Reading comprehension is a hell of a thing, you should practice it.

    The idea is manly for something to do when waiting for a long queue, or if doing the same 3 hour battle gets a bit old and you still want to earn certs.

    Telling people to "go play another game" is not a good marketing ploy. Having them spend time on this one and not others is GOOD FOR BUSSINES! And gives players more to do in a game and who doesn't want more bang for your buck? you?

    Use your head before you comment.
  5. UnrealGaz

    Reading is not your friend either is it?

    work will never be finished on this game if they want it to last 10years+ waiting in a long queue? then go fight on the continent instead of waiting at the warpgate herp derb im bored id rather drive a flash then actually join the fight on this cont.