[Bug] Tracked Vehicle Rotation, while reversing

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  1. Aesir

    I like that you are playing around to fix the weird rotation handling Tanks like the Lightning, Vanguard or Prowler have during backwards movement.

    Making it a consistent system is good. Right now on the testservers reversing while turning now really stays consistent. It's always the opposite of your forward movement. So a turn right while moving forward is a turn left while moving backwards.

    But right now this change severely reduced maneuverability while reversing! Vehicles on Tracks right now turn extremely slow while driving backwards!

    Static rotation and handling during forward movement stayed unaffected. But if you have an ESF or other enemies on your six and you need to make a quick turn, which is possible on the liveservers if you reverse and turn. But it's no longer possible on the testservers.

    Here a small Video with a side by side comparison, 1. static rotation(which stayed unaffected) 2. reverse rotation in third person 3. reverse rotation in first person

    Now, is it intended that Tanks turn this slow? Or is it a bug?

    If it is intended, Tanks will need some serious buffs because this trick saved my live so many times that if this is missing, flanking Tanks will than even be easier!

    If it is a bug, I would like to get the reverse rotation buffed again to the current liveserver values, while hopefully maintaining the consistent system.
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  2. KlyptoK

    I find it unsettling.
  3. Aesir

  4. KlyptoK

    Well that it will now take me a considerable amount of time to turn the tank in reverse.

    I immediately noticed some drive performance differences in both driving the tank forward and in reverse when on the test server, but I assumed it was something like the performance certs weren't working and I wasn't use to how it handles at stock or etc.
  5. Aesir

    Yeah I noticed it after the first ESF ... Usually the quicker reverse turn actually can save your butt, literally ...
  6. Worph

    If this only affects rotation (not travel) speed, includes a huge armor buff and increases the armor in the rear, I think this can be pretty neat change, to how tanks work. Right now most people get in, drive in melee range, kill 1-2 people and get out before it explodes. That's definitely not how tanks are to be used.
  7. Aesir

    This is now an option under General settings called "Invert Reverse Steering for Tanks" the option let's you switch between the two shown reverse mobilities in my Video.

    If the option is unchecked(default) reverse driving is consistent and the reverse mobility is nerfed

    If the option is checked, reverse driving is not always consistent and the reverse mobility is more than 2-times better.
  8. Aesir


    This bug is from April and was reported and know even while it only was on test. It has now been live for almost 8 months! Tracked Vehicles still have different reverse steering agility depending on this setting!

    Is the low agility intended? Or is the high agility you gain by turning the option on intended? By the way, the high agility was the one before this change, meaning it was nerfed unless you reverted to the old system through the options.