[Bug]TR Have broken weapons...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Skadi, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Skadi

    No this isnt a thread about my own faction being OP...

    As it sits there are ALOT of TR weapons that are Broken, and by broken i meen they dont assign medals, or they dont assign them properly:
    For instance take my Trac-5 S, which should have a Araxium Medal...
    This is also the case for both the left and right mercy, Tank mines, The Decimator, The Anti-Tank Grenade.
    This is also abit more of a odd issue as,
    1. The explosives problem only occurs for TR, ive seen SS's of NC/VS with medals with all the weapons i listed that arnt empire specific, yet the TR cannot get a single medal with any of the weapons i listed below my picture.
    2. Any Terminals, Turret, ect destruction counts towards the next medal but does not show up on the kill count, the progress is also affected by TEAMKILLS... yes i said it you can get medals by teamkilling...

    Is this issue known to SoE? is it being fixed?

    10 kills = Bronze
    50 kills = Silver
    100 kills = Gold
    1000 Kills = Auraxium

    10+50+100+1000= 1160 Total kills needed for an Auraxium.
    Sometimes its weird and shortchanges you. For instance:
    Theoretically I should only need 1160 on each of these weapons for a medal, but in this case I'm short by 10, 4, and 17.

    And I believe if you shoot and kill an enemy claymore/BB/Prox and it kills an enemy player it counts towards your kill count with that explosive. I have 6 kills with BB, and 3 with a Claymore.

    Overall though the medal tracking system is buggy and needs a lot of work. I personally would like them to put in vehicle weaponry, remove faction specific weapons, (I should not be seeing TR and NC weapons in my medal counts).
    None of the non-default MAX weaponry is tracked and neither is my secondary variant of my pistol.
    From what I understand nearly everyones is bugged in one way or another, and it would be nice to get some decent tracking on everything.
  3. Skadi

    Thank you for the clarification, although ide love them to fix my explosives and mercys so i can have my certs flow in :x
    Also stay away from me, your snipers scare me o.o
  4. Fallout10mm

    Theres also a few weapons that have the wrong medal associated with the weapon, like my trac 5 has the medal for the t8 instead.

    I got bored because of how easy they were. Now I'm doing Ghost with 4x Scope w/ Suppressor. I find its a much greater challenge to snipe at the distances I've pulled off with those three I've already gotten.
  6. LameFox

    Yeah medals are properly screwed. I haven't paid them much attention though really.