[BUG] SOE, You broke the Rebirthing Matrix

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Alarox, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Alarox


    Note: Not everyone seems to be seeing this kind of thing, although both myself (playing on minimum) and another person I'm talking with (playing on high) are seeing similar craziness.
  2. Alarox

    Behold, the NEW Galaxy:

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  3. Alarox

    New Vanguard Cosmetics:

  4. dirtYbird

    I am getting the same after the latest patch today, models are rooted even on the character select screen.
    I have validated files and it hasn't changed anything.
    Was looking forward to hitting up Higby to try the Directive guns :(


    Also noticed a different loading screen but perhaps that is part of the test server / VR room and I've never paid any attention to it.
    Reminded me of something that was used over a year ago.
  5. drizzaa

  6. LordTankT9

    Oh... Good... They are putting back the old bugs, new ones where kinda getting boring. I remember them from lunch days with over-stressed servers - no one could ID his target and I where able to see the another mystery world... good old days...
  7. WyrdHarper

    Looks like they locked out the server again? My characters are missing and I can't make new ones. I imagine they're fixing this stuff.
  8. JHz

    I have this same bug. Its broken on the char select screen, loadout screen, and in game. I pulled a scythe to check out a fight that was going on at the crown and it was also broken, I had 4 engines sticking out of the bottom of my ESF, no body and just some random lines sticking out of the sides. I might post again with some screenshots in a bit
  9. Olivka

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  10. JHz

  11. Torok

    This thread is effin creepy
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  12. DeadliestMoon

    Yeah these same things are happening to me as well. Although enemy players are completely invisible to me.
  13. BurntDevil

    Yea, got this same bug. Shame I didnt get to enjoy the crown fight due to it.
  14. minhalexus

    They want us to watch more crotches.
  15. poborot

  16. Doomzzg

  17. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Someone has a serious leg fetish.