Bug: Insta repair

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Smeh, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Riftmaster

    I do not recall ever encountering an insta-repair on a tank. But perhaps it did on occasion and I thought it was another engineer.

    Speaking of which...might it be a vehicle with auto-repair certed?
  2. Daejin

    Most of the turret-insta repair scenarios I've noticed come after base captures. Seems roughly 10-25% of the turrets the attacking team destroyed get insta-repaired while almost every turret the defending team killed gets instant repaired.

    From observation, I get these numbers. No actual test-and-tried.
  3. Phaze

    I think the bug with aircraft/tanks has something to do with having a passenger and the driver doing the repairing.

    So maybe the source has something to do with the ownership of certain game objects... I dunno.
  4. Vortok

    I've started to notice this as a medic, too. I'll see someone missing a large chunk of their health bar, go to heal them and nothing. No heal progress or anything and suddenly they're not missing health anymore. I could chalk a few of those up to someone popping a med kit, but I'd say those are pretty rare among the average player and I think they have a noticeable animation, too.

    Can't remember if it's happened when repairing a MAX. I think it has, but not sure. Much lower sample size as I'm a medic in large fights far more often than I'm an engineer during them.
  5. Riftmaster

    Yesterday for some reason I encountered the insta-repair bug when jumping out to repair my tank a few times in a row.

    Then it stopped for no apparent reason.
  6. Kendo Drakonus

    Confirmed, happened to me and a friend.

    It seems to not happen the first time we repair but after having repaired a few times on Sunderer and Mag, doesn't appear to be vehicle specific.

    Possibly it is when you hold the repair gun fire down (like you were repairing) and enter the vehicle so the game keep tracking the amount of time spend repairing and instantly applies the value when you next repair?
  7. JDCollie=VX9=

    I've noticed that generally the first thing I try to repair after respawning does this.
  8. Sleepwalk

    I've seen this a number of times on pretty much everything that can be repaired. Don't see much rhyme or reason as to when it insta-repairs vs repairing normally. Seems like the insta-repair might be related to my movement or position relative to the target as I start to repair, but that might just be my imagination.
  9. Riftmaster

    I have to wonder what causes this.

    It seems almost random, and I cannot put a finger on what might be causing it.
  10. Falanin

    As a repair specialist engineer (bad fps means my cqb skills fail even more than usual), this bug really grinds my gears.
  11. Accuser

    This happens quite a bit with Liberators. It's nice, since the repair is instant... BUT if your Lib is badly damaged and you have this bug, it still flies like it's on fire even though it's full health :- /

    A much more annoying bug is when a vehicle bugs out and simply cant be repaired/entered. Had that happen to a few tanks that became instantly worthless as a result.
  12. Xasapis

    It happens on everything really and I start to believe that it has something to do with the "out of combat" flag:
    • MAX units that are not "in combat"
    • turrets in general
    • main battle tanks, whether I own them, co-drive them or just pass by and repair
    • aircrafts landing for repairs
    I also had the opposite happen. We capture a base and then can't fix a terminal or turret that is completely destroyed.
  13. Skaldir

    I mainly play engineer, and have had this bug occuring sometimes since release. At the beginning, i used to switch to another class then switch back to engi, but lately: i no longer do it because its seems to happen randomly.

    This is really annoying, because i don't want to be reported or banned because of this bug since i don't have any way to prevent it from occuring or to fix it.
    It is also depriving the engineer of one of its main source of xp.

    I am sure the devs are aware of it,if it has been there since beta; but will this ever be fixed ?

    Last night i also had the bug where my repair kit just wouldn't let me fix anything.
  14. DeadlyShoe

    I see this the most with turrets and with MAXes. Never on a vehicle.
  15. Riftmaster

    I saw a weird bug last night that might be related...
    There was an AA turret atop one of the towers near Tawrich (sp?), and for some reason it was bugged (at least to me) so that it appeared to have sunk half way into the mounting.
    An Infil came up and hacked it, which made it appear in the correct position again, but so far as I could see no one was able to enter it, even though the "hit e to enter" was visible when close.
  16. Ryekir

    I've had this happen when repairing MAX units too, which isn't good because I was able to follow him around and make him invincible (unless someone can kill him with one shot).
  17. Aelloon

    Today I had the insta repair bug on a defense. I spent my entire time in turrets.
  18. supahitecjetfyta

    anyone encountered this since the patch?
    i havent yet.
  19. Xasapis

    Fixed as far as I can tell. Haven't encountered it after latest update.