[BUG] GU6 bugs I have noticed so far

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by shadouac, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. ColdCheezePizza

    missed out on some fun times it seems, at least that bug put some platforming skills into play lol
  2. Manc

    Disconnects with a message saying someone else has logged in with your details. Happened to a few people now including me. It doesn't sound like a hack, more like an incorrect disconnect message.
  3. Gypsycream

    Be fair to the QA team, these bugs are subtle and pretty hard to spot, it's not like they have big flashing lights and booming sounds pointing them ou... oh wait
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  4. iareConfusE

    VS and TR proximity mines are fixed, but now the NC bouncing betty does 2x the damage.... Bases feel like they take 1.75x longer to cap than before....
  5. ColdCheezePizza

    it's the backwards man the backwards man, loved the gun behind the back glitch, how do you not spot that in Q&A lol
  6. Nate

    Had this happen. Not sure it was a mile underground but it was someplace weird. When I was choosing my spawn point if I selected certain places from the list, the map then didn't move to the correct, corresponding location. I chose one of these bad spawn locations and spawned underground somewhere with a whole bunch of enemy.
  7. Synmetric

    Repeat reporting of spawn bug - Crown and Tawrich spawned me underground.

    Even had the pleasure of some NC farming kills when we spawned underground... /report ;)
  8. NaySayer

    Sometimes when I aim with carbines, there is no sound while firing.
    I noticed this with my lc2lynx with acs scope, but it didn't happen on my extended mag nighthawk
  9. Xidas

    Mosquito decoy flares don't work (it says I have them equipped but when I spawn it, it doesn't have them equipped). I waited 40 seconds and they still don't work, I tried spawning another mosquito and it still didn't work.
  10. Kozmyk

    GU06 is one big bug.
    More bug than game.
    Warping in battles, terrain disappearing, hits not registering, vehicles shaking.
    Feels like Beta on a bad day.
    I suicided one time and took 4 seconds to fall over ...
  11. superkabii

    The light shows are certainly interesting and almost have their own sort of beauty to them.
  12. RANDOMpercentage

    vehicles spawn without equipped equipment, including chassis and turbos
    Base capture effects whenever a terminal is hacked
    Wrong colored screens/wrong gun picture on terminals (can still use terminal)
    base capping appears to go at a pace similar to if no one is on the point no matter what

    These are the new bugs that i have noticed. this doesn't include any of the previous bugs that have yet to be fixed.
    I feel these would have been caught if any testing had been done on this update.
  13. Zan_Aus

    Recon darts broken even more. My L5 darts have the pulse size and speed of L1 darts. (MY GOD, STOP BREAKING INFILTRATORS)
    Amp Station capture sound effects being played over and over and over during a base flip
    Captures taking forever.
    Scythe will no longer equip flares even if I try to unequip and requip in loadout each time before taking off.
    Scythe rocketpods wont equip extra ammo mod.
    Jump-pad light pillars appearing randomly all over the map.

    This patch is a straight up disaster. L2QA.
  14. Bubbalicious

    I have ran across the glowing orbs in Amp stations near the spawn room. Pretty lights indeed. My favorite is now when at least in the VR you shoot NPC you get sparkly glitter spray out of the NPC kinda like watching Rip Tailor and Confetti.

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  15. Zan_Aus

    Is the new version of the in-game weapon stats screen meant to show incremental progress towards ribbons underneath each gun? If so, none of mine show diddly-squat.
  16. Mambakiller

  17. SweetSlaaneshi

    Bases becoming totally uncapable and stuck in a state of limbo? I saw this in a bio lab on Indar. VS had the cap, but all the terminals were NC and the capture points had vanished. This is a ridiculously poor release guys. How in hell did they not notice the migraine inducing light and sound show after every cap? (and often for absolutely no reason)
  18. Crowne

    Must admit, the lights and the constant way-over-the-top sound is making me not want to log back in.

    I can handle all kinds of bugs, but those two things were absolutely terrible ideas. Remove them entirely until it is fixed, or just remove them entirely and never bring them back.
    This update should not have been released in its current condition.
  19. bobzebrick

    Logging out, everything is broken and it just took us 30 minutes to cap one base unopposed. Way to completely destroy any chance of having fun SOE. This is such a train wreck it's painful to watch.
  20. Jetlag

    Is the 5 minute CD on squad deploy/instant action an undocumented change for this patch or last patch?
    Either way its completely broken, how many spawn points do you want ffs.