[BUG] GU6 bugs I have noticed so far

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by shadouac, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. shadouac

    The icons above friendly deployed explosives (C4, mines etc) being grey like they are neutral

    Flash turbo not working at all

    Base capture sounds playing for no apparent reason

    Actual base capture sounds on base capture playing many times at once so it echoes and is super loud

    Lighting and particle effects associated with base capture persisting indefinitely, making every facility look like a disco and turning night brighter than day

    A greater than usual incidence of spawning a mile under the ground, so much so that a stack of multiple faction players are visible down there when you redeploy
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  2. ThereIsNoTry

    Warping bug where weapons stop doing damage also is back on stage
    (although it seems it wasn't even gone for some players. it was for me)
  3. sauna

    Base cap (at least Peris Amp Station) taking 4-5 times as long to cap with 50/50 influence.
  4. Bobbesch

    Color of terminals are not like they should be. They could have any Fraction-color including neutral but you still can use them.

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  5. Killtek

    I think SOE needs more than 2-3 people doing QA and regression testing for these updates.. It's starting to look like amateur hour. You guys outsourcing your testing?
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  6. Vilic92

    Not sure whether the new update intentionally weakened Shotguns that much, but shooting someone near you with a Thanatos 4 times takes maybe their shield off. Happened 4-5 times already. Also, anything farther than a body length won't even get scratched.
  7. Roadwarrior82

    - I destroyed a hacked terminal in friendly tower, but it kept enemy faction colour and I couldn't repair it.

    - Game crashes more often now.
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  8. Macrocosm

    after being stuck at 98 percent 3 times.. taking first base and yes.. moving like a trying to take a AMP station.. cant they fix one thing without breaking 3? lol
  9. Brainwayne

    What, a bug? THATS IT, i'm gonna call Chuck Norris now!!! :mad:
  10. Bobbesch

    They really have fixed something? I don´t think so. Even Bugs we have seen on the first day of release are still there. The funny part is: these Bugs seems not to be in beta.
  11. Roadwarrior82

    Spaghetti code? Tried to fix one thing, affected two others.
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  12. Spoof

    The bugs I've noticed in GU06?

    The same ones that have been around since GU02.
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  13. Laoss

    Maybe Smedley needs to hire some additional coders to help squash the bugs?
  14. Noppa

    Some bugs i found after GU6.

    -stuck at 15% (again)
    -stuck at 98% (again)
    -Libs flares didint work
    -unable to equip reavers radar(it is on but it aint on the plane)
  15. Mastachief

    Amateur hour, well for SOE it takes them days.
  16. Stampa

    So far:

    -Purchased cockpit glass, gone along with the SC I used (ticket already submitted)
    -NONE of the abilities for my vehicles work (flares, IR smoke, Wraith cloak etc.)
    -Suit slots ie. Grenade Bando. etc don't work unless you equip another item from that slot, resupply, then RE-equip the desired item and resupply again (dieing and respawning requires you to repeat the process)
    -Some camo's appear to have changed slightly, noticeably on vehicles (may not be a bug)

    Those were the only things I noticed before I got annoyed and logged out.
  17. ColdCheezePizza

    mass spawn graves underground :eek: Thats why I volunteered for a double shift at work today, hopefully its patched by tomorrow night, even though the disco light bases does sound kind of cool.
  18. ShopTrain

    Once the VS captured the Palisades on Indar, I heard those sounds when you capture and Amp, Bio, or Tech base.
    And these lights also appeared.
    I asked the people there if they could see them, and they could. Later, I switched continents and came back, and they disappeared.
  19. BarxBaron

    Spawning a flare certed mossie............ EXCEPT IT SPAWNS WITHOUT FLARES.


    GJ SOE.

    Oh great..even better! :rolleyes:

    I swear they have no QA
  20. Zafexus

    Haven't been on since the update but reading that gave me a flash from the beta.
    When it launched my first experience was "Welcome to Planetside 2!" *spawns me below the tube and I fall to my death*
    I kept dying for a while until some guy told us to jump right when you spawn :D