(BUG) Ammo Packs & Grenade Launcher

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by TokyoShoe, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. TokyoShoe

    As of this morning, I've got a new bug that is cropping up. I don't actually know if this is with the Ammo Pack or the Grenade Launcher so I'll just describe the situation in whole:

    I am an Engineer with a TRAC-5 S as my standard weapon. I love the thing, wonderful weapons system. I've got tons of cert points in attachments for it as well, to round out functionality. IRNV Scope for night work, 6x Scope for long range harassment, and a 2x Reflex Scope for standard work / building to building fighting. I've got a Compensator for it (which DOES WORK, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It counters vertical recoil wonderfully) as well as a shiny new under barrel Grenade Launcher (GL).

    This morning, a brand new problem has cropped up with the GL. It only carries two shots, one in the barrel and one backup. When you fire the round in the barrel, it normally reloads the backup round. When you are standing near a deployed Ammo Pack.. the backup round gets auto-restocked once it gets loaded into the chamber. Unfortunately as of this morning, this mechanism seem to be 'broken'. It make work one or two times, but then stops auto-restocking from the Ammo Pack. To make matters worse, if I fire all of the rounds in it (hitting 0/0 ammo count) then I get stuck with the GL and cannot swap out to another weapon. Hitting 1 or 3 does nothing and neither does use of the mouse wheel (which normally changes between weapons also).

    This has cost me three lives and a small base capture as of this morning. Is it "game breaking"? No.. but it's quite aggravating to say the least and very much impacts the certification worth of the Grenade Launcher.

    Has anyone else run across this bug?
  2. TokyoShoe

    Okay, this problem has now progressed into something even worse. It is directly affecting my Carbine ammo restocking, often getting me stuck at 40/64 instead of 40/200 like it should be for normal ammo count. The Ammo Packs have become extremely unreliable now as well as borderline unstable, glitching my weapon so that even a Resupply Station won't bring the max ammo count back up without a log out.

    This needs to be hotfixed ASAP as it is directly impacting the core functionality of my Engineer.

    Is there any way to page a GM in game?
  3. Bubblewrap2

    Make a support ticket and this thread is better off in the Technical Support forum since it would have been immediately seen.

    I suspect they know the underbarrel launcher problem already though since they have long had a ton of issues with them over the whole beta.
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  4. TokyoShoe

    I have actually submitted but reports in game as well as one ticket through the Support Website. Do you think I should still post it to the Support / Technical Support Forums as well? Or are support tickets and bug reports enough?
  5. Bubblewrap2

    If it happens again, I'd make a post in Technical Forums also saying you have submitted tickets. If you post a video of the bug at the same time, that tends to get their attention/response fast! Make sure you file a bug report (preferably in that same video) at the same time though.
  6. TokyoShoe

    Oh that reminds me. I took a video of the bug using the in-game video recording function.

    I... can't actually figure out how to locate that video and upload it to YouTube now, tho. Any .. tips?
  7. Bubblewrap2


    Also, I think (though I have never tried it myself) you can upload to Youtube directly via in-game: Escape -> Social (people icon) -> Video.
  8. TokyoShoe

    SOCIAL! That's where it was, thanks!
  9. TokyoShoe

    Video is being uploaded to YouTube as we speak. It will be a couple of hours, but I will update the thread with a link to the video once it is posted and viewable.
  10. Scorponok

    Tbh i find to be a bug that you can reload the grenade launcher with ammo packs...thats stupid...it should be limited to terminal refill only like a grenade.
  11. Zap-Robo

  12. TokyoShoe

    The issue actually goes further for me. It's not just happening when you expend all ammo. Quite often it happens to me when I've expended just one round, and still have one chambered.
  13. Zap-Robo

    Yeah, I noted that in the comments and my post - though I couldn't replicate it when I was recording! Go figure!
  14. Gearlock

    I agree. I heard someone prox voicing me to drop an ammo pack so he could spam grenades

    I was like o_O ???

    Then I saw it. And I disapproved.
  15. TokyoShoe

    I get grenade spam being bad, I really do. But if our Grenade Launcher gets ammo-replenishing removed from Ammo Packs... then Heavy Assaults and their Rocket Launchers get the exact same thing. Period. Otherwise you are proposing a one sided penalization based upon a few jerks and their Grenade Spamming tactics.

    I'm an Engineer that wants to have a tool that helps me survive, and I just want that tool to work. That's it.
  16. TokyoShoe

    Here is my recording of the issue. EXTREMELY buggy, actually affects my Carbine as well as my Grenade Launcher.
  17. Gearlock

    I disagree but I'm not saying one of us is right or wrong.

    Grenade Spam = VERY effective at slaughtering infantry, and I don't want to imagine a battle with 10+ people doing grenade spam on both sides. Grenade spam is too effective vs infantry. Also, real grenades cost infantry resources. This is a very very effective way around being bottlenecked by infantry resources.

    Rocket spam = Not even close to op. I dump 5 rockets into a vehicle, i might get the kill. Ill prolly get an assist. I dump 5 grenades into a hot spot filled with infantry, Im not sure I'd see the xp STOP until there were no enemies.

    It's a night and day difference, apples and oranges, imo.

    But it is merely my opinion, nothing more.
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  18. TokyoShoe

    I've been standing at a corner at full health and no shields, waiting for my shield capacitors to kick in and top it back off. *WOOSH BANG* Rocket out of nowhere to the side of the head, killed me instantly. I've been standing in one of the 'hot rooms' in the Bio-Domes when the power kicks out and the door shields drop and HA's start dumping rockets through the doors into the folks inside.

    I am not talking about Grenades vs. Infantry compared to Rockets vs. Vehicles. I'm talking about Grenades AND Rockets vs. Infantry. If grenades from Grenade Launchers get restricted down to not using the Ammo Pack then neither should the Rocket Launcher. End of story.

    Can we divert the conversation back to the core subject of this thread, by the way? This bug kills my Grenade Launcher AND my Carbine. Every single time.
  19. Scorponok

    Tbh that looks more like a intended feature...to keep people from grenade launch spam like mad...
  20. TokyoShoe

    I assume you are talking about the part where it stops reloading my CARBINE ammo? Yes?

    Great limiter feature.