Buff to Rear Tank Armor --> Goodbye ESFs

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  1. QQmore

    Another nerf for the forum warriors! Nerf everything! In fact, lets get rid of guns too. They are OP. They can kill in under a second often when you can't even see the guy shooting you! THATS NOT FAIR!!@!@!@@@ They should have to ask you politely if you wish a duel at high noon, then engage you in a knife fight. IT'S ONLY FAIR OMG SOE NERF.
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  2. BadLlama

    Cry more ****lord. It will still only take you one clip to instant gib a tank. Maybe you will have to start flying with a wingman and both attack that tank that has 2 people in it to kill it outright in 1.5 seconds?
  3. Mambakiller

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  4. SinerAthin

    It's very easy to see who's a spent some time in the pilot seat in this thread and who has not :p
  5. GeneStarwind

    I haven't gotten in game yet, still got my last final today but I was just reading over the notes. Can someone explain to me why the NC MBT gets more armor than the other MBT's? Developer bias? I mean for ****'s sake, their tank has a shield on top of that.
  6. Compass

    It's because the Vanguard's special bonus is more armor (at the cost of acceleration), the Prowler's non-combat bonus is more speed (at the cost of it not being usable in actual combat), and the Magrider's special bonus is strafing (at the cost of top speed).
  7. Shinrah

    Well, if you "hover" you are A) An evil hoverspammer who deserves death and insults and B) will get shot down long before you manage to pump 2 or 3 clips of rockets into a tank.
    If you do attackruns the tank will be repaired before you come back. So yeah not really an option. Only way to score kills against tanks in large engagements was to breeze in from behind, blast a clip of rockets in their **** and --hopefully-- be gone before anyone notices.
  8. SilentWindOfDoom

    This is great. I don't know how people can defend the pre-patch situation. Flanking armor is no object for ESF, and there is nothing, nothing armor can do to defend themselves against air once they're spotted. It's okay that ESFs eat tanks, but it should take them longer to do it. Now this is the case. One of SOE's rare wins.
  9. mooman1080

    The thing about combined arm's wasn't directed at you, I apologize for digressing into it.

    Regardless, my point still remains, I don't honestly believe ESF's fully fulfill a counter to everything in a single loadout, rotary and rockets come close to it but it doesn't provide a full and complete answer to air. The armor buff helps tone this down, but doesn't tone down it's effective targets. It still helps encourage combined arms against tanks, I find turning ESF's into air superiority fighters less helpful for combined arms as in order to justify it's lack of targets it would have to counter those targets, and when one of those targets is it self you run into problems.
  10. Doodles89

    As someone who tanks and ESFs a lot. I can see the Rocket Pod vs tank balance fine.

    As a vanguard you should be saving your shield for this situation or any other low health situation. A good vanguard is the hardest the rocket pod

    Prowlers are the weakest against it, especially with the anchor.

    Magriders can just turn their tank the fastest or strafe completely out of the way of rockets which ESFs can't compensate for the left-right movement as their yaw sucks

    I've died to ESFs when I was busy fighting another tank or when my health is low, yes, but it wasn't like a WTF thing. Most of the time, if I'm full health, an ESF takes me to very low, but i always know how to not get single-pod gibbed.

    Any ESF'er knows it's already ridiculously risky to plan a rear attack (meaning getting behind enemy lines) and hit a tank that is standing still. On the way in you have Bursters, AA, Lock-on mmissles, libs and other ESFs on you.

    People who do not fly ESF's should not be allowed to affect ESF/tank/infantry balance.

    Rocket pods do not kill infantry anymore (whole pod to kill a single infantry man at the risk of getting killed by many sources), they do not kill maxes unless rockets are hitting directly. Pods are now waaaaaay too underpowered. but the power of the people who do not want to gain skill to learn 2 play or fly wins out.
  11. Mambakiller

    I T T , A sea of tears from our wannabe ezmode flying pilots.
    I just bought the Vulcan the other day. Come hover me, bro !!!!
  12. EliteEskimo

    So now a 200 resource cost 1/1 "Air Superiority Fighter" will now no longer Instagib me and my gunner in my tank in 1.5 seconds when a Skyguard which costs 200 and sacrifices so much more still cannot instagib ESF? This is a great day for Planetside 2, I honestly don't believe all the highly skilled pilots on Mattherson will be effected much at all. It doesn't matter if it takes a Full Salvo to kill the tank if the person driving in the tank is situationally unaware and likely sitting still out in the open. From experience, many people who pull tanks put themselves in horrible situations and die quickly. This update will allow more dedicated tankers a chance to react an respond while simultaneously allowing for the destruction of zerg tankers. Happy days!:D
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  13. NoctD

    Please don't be mean - the real reason ESFs are done is the inaction to Bursters... that 100 resource MAX outdoes the Skyguard, and kills that 200 resource ESF. And no we're not meant to be just air superiority. I love podding that HA or AV engie shooting at our tanks. :(

    But I do like the tank buffs, even the rear armor buff vs. ESFs.

    P/S - Do I go with IRNV or zoom for the Prowler AP? The era of the AP Prowler is here.
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  14. EliteEskimo

    Don't worry NoctD I've been advocating for Burster Max Range nerfs for quite some time. They are very OP verse air currently, and will definitely need a nerf. I'm sure you're skilled NoctD so you'll have no problem killing bad tankers. I'm not stating ESFs shouldn't be attempting to deal with the ground, but for many it was their sole focus which I felt was sort of off. Hopefully with the Liberator Buffs they can maybe have their role back in medium sized battles.
  15. NoctD

    Not sure if the Libs got buffed though, they're just at status quo really. Basically the same old TTK for their weapons vs. tanks. Just that given ESFs are weaker vs. tanks now, Libs have more of a shot at this role. Aside from Libs that are uncountered, Libs feel like they've already been dispatched to the graveyard for the most part... only the very experienced and most skilled Lib pilots are really a threat anymore. They are 1 in 10, or less than that.
  16. maxkeiser

    Pre-patch the rocketpod TTK was a bit silly. I was playing last night in a vanguard and got rocket podded and died in what must have been well under half a second. I didn't even have time to move an inch or exit the vehicle. No chance whatsoever.

    And that's in a fairly highly certed vanguard.
  17. NCThugNasty

    As a tanker im glad for this because lolpodding a vanguard which was built for taking hits, couldnt take any hits surprisingly. Most ESF pilots suck anyway, if you hoverspam and i can get an angle on you... good luck to you my friend. If i cant get an angle, i just pop shield(which it says they now just fixed finally!!) until I can find one or some help.
  18. Fumblewatt

    No, you can stop anchoring on a hill, racer 3 down the hill with a vulcan , killing **** like no-tomorrow, 2 shots with 2.5 sec reload, and make sure your vulcan gunner knows how to make it rain.
  19. Regis7575

    oh no lolpodders can only farm infantry now rather than infantry and tanks
  20. McToast


    1. I don't take anyone serious who's not at least trying to fly from time to time. It's easy to call "OP rocket TTK" when you don't know how hard it is to keep an ESF in the sky. I also don't take lolpodders serious who never pull a tank. In a tank I don't mind beeing fodder for the pilots if I'm stupid enough to expose my rear or driving around without support, but the little effort it took for a pilot to take me out was silly. Now an ESF has to use the nosegun to finish the job if a rocket misses.

    2. I think this is a great change. Now they only have to reduce the rocketpod clipsize by 4/6 and increase the rockets damage against vehicles so it matches the new TTK in GU08 to make the pods more balanced against infantry. Then we can start nerfing the range (read, not damage) of G2A to make flying near medium to big sized battles less suicidal.

    the Toast
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