Buff this, nerf that--what happened to just dealing with it?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Naejin, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Flag

    No, back then once you got the lock, the lock-on system was so good that you would hit with all 5 almost regardless. Unless they flared/smoked.

    Ps: I'm not talking about the current striker, the two are very different beasts.
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  2. ShureShot

    Of course you don't see many auraxiums with Striker. You don't get a lot of kills. You destroy a lot of vehicles and get a metric ton of xp. But everyone with half a brain will jump out before his vehicle gets destroyed, that's the downside of 5 small hits. Plenty of time to bail.

    But it was a ridiculous crutch for bad players.

    Look at your weapons & sort them on score:

    Striker: 1090 kills, no auraxium but 2,167,572 score. TWICE as much score as for your 2nd best weapon.

    Which is the T16, with 3922 kills. But only 1,144,107 score.

    The problem with Striker is that nobody even wanted to fly over TR territory anymore. Yeah, I'd say that's pretty game breaking.

    And FYI, it doesn't take 2 entire volleys to destroy an esf. But I understand that you don't know this. After all, you only fired the thing fifty-six thousand times.
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  3. Pikachu

    My experience was that 49% used halberd and 49% used fury. After fury nerf no one used it again. When ESSW were releSed saron&vulcan&marauder&halberd got even popularity, they together made up 98% of harassers. But yeah everyonr used comp armor and mostly turbo.
  4. MotionBlured

    Marauder and Vulcan harassers wrecked people, and were damn hard to kill. It's the reason those weapons are in their current state.
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  5. vanu123

    annd ZOE is the most useless thing in the game. Heck even the cannister and current striker at least have some situations where they are viable. ZOE is useless in every situation compared to the other abilities of the other empires and charge and ammo cannister.
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  6. DatVanuMan

    1. Of course, another Terran crying about something we VS enjoyed using. Because that's not surprising, isn't it?
    2. However, I take back everything I said as you posted the fully underlined sentence. It was nerfed hard, and now no one even knows what ZOE does. NO ONE EVEN KNOWS THAT THE "O" IN ZOE has to be capitalized; they type ZoE (Zealot of Engine?).
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  7. t31os

    I'm not sure personal experience could accurately reflect such a proportion of the playerbase, surely you can't be serious...

    I can't imagine any one player can realistically say they know even 5% of the playerbase, let alone the opinions of any kind of majority. SOE have stats, but even stats cannot tell you half the picture..
  8. Pikachu

    Its funny to see a zoe max tvese days. "Lol what is he thinking?"
  9. Yeahy

    Deal with inbalance

    Striker is not OP

    Zoe was op
  10. Naejin

    Actually ShureShot, I DID Auraxium the Striker. I had to fire the thing so many times because it was a POS. Just achieving lock-on and firing it meant nothing. Often only a couple of rockets hit their target. Most of the good ESF pilots didn't even bother to run or break lock because they knew they could find you and kill you before you could lock on again even if you did miraculously manage to hit it with the first volley.
  11. vanu123

    The only reason I can think of on why people would use ZOE is just to embarrass whoever they might kill, outside of that I can't think of anything.
  12. Dracorean

    Fury was pretty powerful too, still is aganst vehciles but not so much against infantry. Though compared to the halberd it can do a little of everything, same with the bulldog but that works more on infantry than vehicles. At the time, choices were limited, these "nerfs" (Ugh that word makes me want to puke) are justified, because there wasn't really a reason to use anything else.
  13. Tuco

    Nerf this, buff that, just deal with it.
  14. TheScavenger101

    I didn't read every post, so maybe it's been said. But I do agree with the overall reasoning I saw on first page. There's to much nerfing in this game. Nerf this, make this OP, nerf that, make new thing OP etc.

    The only thing that grinds me currently is the accessibility of force multipliers, I would like to see more circumstances around when and how force multipliers should work. The resource system in all honour, but it is just that, a timer (until phase 2), well a variable timer at least. Kinda...dull.
  15. Babbylon

    As soon as I started reading the stuff about striker
    Mfw horror flashbacks of being 1 shot behind a mountain from a striker that chased me 1000 miles through trees and buildings, over, and over, and over
  16. Goretzu

    It is basically a nightmare to balance.

    For example the Striker 1.0 basically gave the TR total air domianace over anything bigger than a 20 person fight, it was plain ridculous. It really hit ground armour/vehicles too, but VS/NC Air it just totally wiped from the game, effectively.

    How could that ever be balanced? I have absolutely no idea and I suspect it could never BE balanced.

    Which is why although occasionally you'll see a TR only player claiming the Striker 1.0 was "fine", you'll rarely see anyone else agreeing.
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  17. DQCraze

    To answer your question if they(SOE) never nerfed anything and never buffed anything, the microtransactions would drop to the point where no one would buy the new fotm. Your not looking at it from a f2p model, they have to nerf/buff to stay in business.
  18. z1967

    Sometimes you can't deal with things because the tools you are given to deal with them, quite frankly, suck. When Libs were OP a few months ago, the issue was (in hindsight) not that Lib weapons were OP but AA in general sucked because most of it was jammed into the role of a deterrent and therefore only useful in massed amounts. Aside from that, the only supposed counter of the Lib was either the highest skill floor unit in the game (ESF) or the Liberator itself, making it a huge issue.

    Some things (like .75 ADS on LMGS in general or the Banshee) are more debatable on whether or not the feature needs a nerf, a buff, or to just be removed. That's my two cents, but balance matters and some decisions are better than others.
  19. z1967

    Saw one the other day, neither of us fired at each other. Out of instinct from TF2 I pressed G 1 to give him a high five but I threw a grenade and switched to my shotgun. I am not a clever man.
  20. tigerchips

    I'm sorry but... when was the last time you saw a real army with shotguns?