[Suggestion] Buff the T2 Striker

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  1. qiray12

    Why not give vanu have heat seekers on theyre lancer while were at it and give phoenix a 20m splash radius with 1000 damage

    Then were on par again i guess?

    You cant say balance of somebody elses completely diffrent weapon. But ye who am i to say you cant were on forumside anyways.
  2. Hegeteus

    I wouldn't mind a sensible buff to it
  3. CursoryRaptor


    I propose we buff the Striker such that each missile is equipped with a tactical nuclear warhead and has the range and guidance to be able to hit a stealth bomber trying to hide in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter's dark side from Earth.


    I think most people can agree that the Striker needs some love, but let's try to keep it reasonable.

    And asking for an OP weapon because another faction has an OP weapon is just childish.
  4. Aidy

    it looks like someone missed the point

    try giving the raven threads a read, then you'll probably get it, the NC's justification of it is 'the tr had an op weapon, the vs had an op weapon, now we have one so that means it's okay'

    sure :)
  5. Nextronix

    Good idea ... but please let the lancer only fire if you are required to get vulnerable and put out your head to your enemies the same time it requires with the striker.

    Nope ... the beam of the Lancer have to be slowed down a lot and must be pulsed and get a drop and CoF.
  6. Serin

    I think the Striker is the most fun of the ESL but I would love for it to have a burst mode like the Aurora from ps1.
  7. Crazytrain

    Good ESF pilots don't fly in straight lines. If they fly unpredictable and are a moderate-to-long distance away, then Striker is garbage versus other alternatives. Maybe you just...

    or maybe you are clairvoyant to which way pilots will turn after you fire. :eek:

    Anyway, never said I think it should be a good AA weapon, it's just funny that anyone finds it better than well any of the other alternatives offered to TR. :D

    I bought my Striker specifically to engage strafing Magriders at long distance. So much for that. At least the velocity is good. I agree with your thought to "let the coyote functionality work on ground vehicles too." That would be pretty great.
  8. TheKhopesh

    The Phoenix actually got nerfed to crap after the aircraft physics update.
    (The missiles are actually just special vehicles that the engine spawns in when you pull the trigger, and are considered "aircraft" by the engine.)

    They need to increase the Phoenix' turning abilities so it's at least as maneuverable as it used to be (Prior to the air control update, they had about 85% the turning radius of an uncerted galaxy. Now they're considerably worse.)
  9. Grumblefern

    I think I can live with their current state. :)

    Personally I think it was a poor decision to put guided missiles into a game with such population and open space in the first place.
  10. Nextronix

  11. Mxiter

    Striker needs:

    Less COF bloom
    Higher velocity
    Lock on vehicles
    Lock on maxes

    the it would be on par with phoenix and lancers.
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  12. TheKhopesh

    That's a very poor attitude to have toward this game.

    If you start begrudging others balanced equipment, then they will do the same to you. (And even those of your own faction can't respect anything you say if you advocate nerfing everyone but your side beyond what is fair.)
  13. david06

    There's no reason for the striker to have any cone of fire, it just doesn't do enough damage. Get rid of that and it will be less punishing for players to use at least.

    I can pull a grounder, right click and launch a perfectly accurate rocket instantly and then switch to primary or reload...or I can use a striker and stand there like a doofus for a few seconds, maintaining a proper lead and still miss some rockets because they fly all over. For that huge disadvantage I get the ability to fling some partially-homing rockets against aircraft without needing a lock at about the same rate that it takes the grounder to acquire a lock.

    The only niche it has really is shooing bad pilots away.
    I bet that even a bunch of those kills are poached from other players. Although it's not an effective weapon, in a large group you can frequently get kills by peppering a damaged vehicle while everyone else is reloading their launchers.
  14. Grumblefern

    Just because it's not as good as it once was doesn't mean it's broken.

    Ravens and Phoenix have been a very stupid addition to the vehicle combat for a long time due to the ease with which they can hit most targets compared to anything the other empires have. Reducing that isn't a bad thing, though obviously Ravens need nerfs much more than Phoenix does.

    Still, I'm really just not going to miss having many sunderers in any big fight just constantly being spammed by a few NC dedicating themselves to phoenix harassment. It wasn't good for the gameplay.
  15. quatin

    SOE had taken on the new system of releasing an UP weapon and slowly buffing it. Instead of releasing a possibly OP weapon and slowly nerfing it. I agree with this system, but it does take time.

    The CoF was added to prevent Striker from being an AI sniper rocket. However, the damage is too low for it to be used for AI. We all assumed that the coyote system would work for ground vehicles, but that's not happening. The solution might just be buff the RoF on the striker. If you could auto fire all the rockets in 2s with a large CoF, it could be a close range AV weapon?
  16. cyb_

    That is already in the game and called a Decimator. What TR lacks is long range AV.
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  17. TheKhopesh

    I know the Phoenix intimately well, and it's been little more than an annoyance except to either extremely poor/new players, when backed into a corner with NC armor doing much of the actual damage, or when used in groups (but the group thing can be said for virtually any weapon).

    I also like to try to defend against them when I play on my TR and VS alt, as they are laughably easy to shoot down when you have as much experience with their flight limitations as I do.
    (You literally don't even have to see where it is, all you have to do is listen and you can tell exactly where it's going to be before it rounds the last corner on it's way to you, and shoot it down with ease. But like I said. That's far easier when you have significant experience from being on the piloting end of the missile.)

    That said, the flight limitations are a huge unwarranted nerf, and the Phoenix was already by far the worst performing rocket launcher available to the NC (shy of the Annihilators, which everyone knows are laughably weak in their role, and extremely rarely used).
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  18. boey

    You want your Striker getting buffed? Get back into the queue! First things like PPA and ZOE need to get addressed and maybe then we can talk about your striker.