Buff the Flash Suppressor?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kulantan, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Kulantan

    The Flash Suppressor has a pretty severe downside, +%20 COF bloom per shot. Yet it only removes the muzzle flash (duh).

    This makes it in the majority of situations. Occasionally you might want to use it in conjunction with smoke, when you don't want to cripple yourself at range as badly as when using the full suppressor.

    I suggest it receives a buff to also hide the first 3-4 tracers per burst (depending on the damage tier). This would make it the long range option for stealth.

    This buff would make the Flash Suppressor a stronger contender with the other muzzle attachments without making it overpowered. The fact that you would still show up on the mini-map when firing would mean that people bursting from good positions would still be reasonably easy to find.
  2. Aegie

    Personally, I think they should remove (or severely reduce) the ridiculous tracers all around. That being said, if flash suppressor lost tracers for 3-4 burst rounds and suppressor did not then this would put the flash suppressor way above the suppressor in terms of utility IMO.
  3. Kulantan

    A suppressor is meant for close. It hides you on the mini-map in those CQC mazes. In return it ***** your long range capabilities.

    My suggested change for the flash hider is meant for long. It hides you in big open fights where people track you by tracers more than anything else. In return it ***** you sustained fire capabilities.

    Maybe it would need more downsides to balance it, like a 40% hipfire COF bloom increase rather than a 20% or decreased ROF. But at the moment the plus of the flash hider is pretty negligible given you still have huge tracers pointing to your position.
  4. IamDH

    I have not seen the flash suppressor in action but from my understanding it hides your muzzle flash. If this attatchment does that i think it'll be pretty useful at night time (and day to a lesser degree) where you can only pinpoint your enemy's location from muzzle flash.
  5. Aegie

    I agree that the flash suppressor's ability is severely gimped by the ridiculous tracers- my point is just that so is the full suppressor.

    They should just remove (or severely reduce) all the tracers, especially now that they are working on ways to make the audio better at determining the direction of incoming fire.
  6. NC_agent00kevin

    It also keeps you from showing on the minimap at range; though not as effective as the suppressor, which stops you from showing due to weapons fire entirely.
  7. IamDH

    Oh i get it, the problem is between the flash suppressor and the normal one. I think its a good trade-off tbh
    I've considered getting the flash suppressor myself
  8. NC_agent00kevin

    Yes, i think its a fair tradeoff. I dont use the flash supressor though; its middle ground and if I want stealth I want it 100%. Im pretty sure out of all the guns I have I dont have it certed for a single one of them.