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  1. TRspy007

    The archer is not meant to snipe infantry, it's an anti-material rifle.

    As for your statement about shotguns, sniper rifles are 1 hsk and 2htk at any range. Add that to the fact they have less rechamber time than pump shotguns, and that critical chain affects sniper rifles but not shotguns it makes shotguns much more situational than rifles.

    Considering the only situation where shotguns work is in-your-face scenarios, (and still, it doesn't work against shielded heavies) shotguns become much harder to use. You must get in, get your kill(s) and get out fast before you are spotted and shot down. Snipers can just sit at any range and get a 1 htk, provided they go for the head. Even if they miss and hit the body instead, one follow-up shot and the guy is dead. Sounds very hard to use. I wonder why everyone's kdr is 8+ when they play infil, yet drops drastically when they play any other class.
  2. TRspy007

    "because he is shooting at idiots"? That was perhaps one of the dumbest things you've said by far. This sniper is miles away from the fight, on top of impossible terrain, taking out the guys seeking ammo/medical aid. What would you do after you turn around? The guys miles away, on top a a giant rock formation, and is INVISIBLE. What should they have done? Shoot at him with their mercenaries?

    The guys are occupied fighting on one front, and a sniper decides to shoot them from the side miles away. None of them "are idiots" or "decided to sit still and die", they are trying to fight while a parasite is harassing them from miles away. There is no counter to an infil except an other infil, and considering that the vs sniper had the high ground plus cover, there's frankly nothing they could do.

    That's a very arrogant and ignorant statement you said. I'm pretty sure most those players play better and have a higher IQ than you, considering how old that video is. I'd also like to see how you'd handle the situation of a cloak dude shooting at you from the top of a mountain miles away while you're pinned down fighting on the front lines.

    Tag your main character or a link to your youtube so we can see how "smart" players play. If you can't prove you're an above average player or a 7 year veteran, don't make such claims. Especially since you are in the wrong.
  3. Scroffel5

    Lol that was just baiting an argument there. In any fight on Indar where there are big rocks around, expect a sniper. Here is the thing: there are plenty of snipers that he sniped. They should have been trying to counter snipe. At quite a few times in the video, you can tell they are idiots because their ally gets sniped right next to them, they look at them, and then they get sniped. Like DUH a sniper is around, and he hasn't changed position! That is why they are idiots: they always sat still while shooting. We don't get to really see what they are shooting at, but you NEVER sit still. These sniper kill streaks are all because of the idiotic actions of the other team. They get chain sniped and don't do anything about it. They keep obviously spawning off of a sundy behind the rock. Close the ground and murder him. In fact, there was a guy at the base of the mountain for much of the time! I looked at his minimap.

    If you are getting double teamed and you have the opportunity to actually sit still and not die to one front, you probably have the advantage. We don't get to see that in the video, but judging how long those guys lived without getting sniped by the other team, that is probably safe to assume. If you are constantly getting sniped and do nothing about it, you are an idiot. If you sit still and that is the reason you get sniped, you are an idiot. If your teammates around you get sniped, you sit still and revive them, and they get sniped again, AND YOU DO IT AGAIN, you are an idiot.

    6 years ago, people were pretty stupid. You saw people going on giant kill streaks with a sniper and no one does a thing, and you saw people going on giant kill streaks with a FLASH, and no one did a thing. People have smartened up now. You won't see kill streaks like this, because games have adapted. The moment you snipe a guy, someone knows the general direction you are, and they will come for you. When you take another shot, they know your exact position. With the introduction of the kill cam, if you kill them, they know where you are. My point is that we aren't able to do this stuff now. Snipers are in a fine place, and if you are getting repeatedly sniped by the same person from long range, they are probably just that good or you are probably just that incompetent.
  4. oOHansOo

    Back to the original question. The Archer: How to buff it without making it an all end, kill everything weapon.
    I also would like to use it to countersnipe sometimes, but it don't think making it a 1 hit kill weapon by default is reasonable. Then would be to strong in every scenario. A boltaction, that can also take down vehicles is not a jack of all trades, it's a master off all trades.
    So, instead of just uping the archers damage, give it an ammo option to unlock, that increases its damage to turn it into a 1 hit boltactionsniper, but also takes away the damage to heavy armor.
    There you have it, engis suddenly become a thread to snipers shooting at them while they're repairing, or have something other to do while droping ammo around, but can't take potshots at tanks, sundis and libs anymore.
    Not an upgrade, but a sidegrade.
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