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  1. Scroffel5

    I don't even play the Archer, but I think a class other than Infiltrator should have a 1HS kill weapon, and this is coming from an Infiltrator main. I don't like the idea of having a primary weapon bolt action that can't 1HK. I don't own the Archer, so I am probably wrong about something, but it should definitely be able to snipe. Give it a 6x if it doesn't already have one, and let the sniping begin.
  2. InexoraVC

    I agree that Archer is quite useless now. It looks very promising but it is the weird idea to kill an enemy with the Archer. So I agree with the proposal (an it is not a nerf suggestion) :)

  4. ZDarkShadowsZ

    It actually has a number of different long-range scopes from 4x to 12x. As for making it a one hit kill, it does 2 hits on headshot to all classes but the Infiltrator, where it's already a ohk. Given the amount of players whom complain about sniper rifles and the like already, I don't think it'd be a good idea to make it a ohk all around. I feel it definitely needs 'something', so bullet velocity maybe? Just not complete ohk.
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  5. DarkStarAnubis

    NC Medics (you know, the poor guys who lose lots of alerts because they have crappy weapons due to an Illuminati conspiracy orchestrated by Wrel who is VS main :)) have the Vanquisher that is a one-headshot-burst-kill weapon at any distance, stupidly easy to handle.
  6. Scroffel5

    Here is the problem. While you may be able to kill an Infiltrator at range, that only benefits you when you are counter sniping. People are mad that a class that can "go invisible" can also have a OHK weapon. Easy fix. Give a class that can't "go invisible" a OHK weapon. Pair that with the ability to put on close range sights and boom! you get a more dangerous class. You now won't only be killing in close range from a OHK from a CQC BASR. You can now get killed by an Archer, as it should be. Bullet velocity would also be nice.

    No, you are wrong, "Damage in range from 1 meter to ~30 meters will be lower due explosion not triggering. Increasing the number of shots to kill." so explosion doesn't trigger this means it always deal less than 900dmg 400*2=800 and after ~30m as wiki says it start to apply +100 explosion damage while damage drop start from 25m. So you never be able to OHK infils, just go to fokin VR training room and make 1 point blank headshot to any infil dummy.

    As i suggested one eternity ago - the best way of buff archer is increace headshot multiplier from 2.0 to 2.5

    "Which result to 1000 headshot dmg up to 25m and additional 100 explosive damage buffer after 25m, so shooter will be able to still deal lethal damage against standart infantry model up to 60m range. Quick Math allert! Since we lost 200dmg in 175m it should deal at least 360dmg for being able to make 900dmg if headshot +100 explosive damage and kill standart infantry, so 40dmg(400-360=40) is 1\5 of overall damage drop: 175/5=35m + 25m base = 60m. That simple, 60m for oneshot if headshot, much less than classic bolt-action sniper rifles"

    But this never gonna happen. Aswell as we never see tube reload mechanic from pump action shotties(+baron) on TR ESLMG "Butcher". Enjoy your stale game with 1.5 content/balance update per year.
  8. Campagne

    I don't really think the Archer needs to OHSK infantry. It's not meant for that, it ought to be better at its actual role of anti-armour, in my opinion.

    If anything, I think because it's weaker against infantry it could be buffed in other ways. It could receive a magazine buff or reload speed increase, or a projectile velocity boost for hitting distant aircraft. Only consideration is the effect on MAXes, but even then I don't think there would be a considerable impact.

    Not only is this not the right place to peddle your agenda, it's also entirely irrelevant.

    The Archer is available to everyone, not just NC, and more importantly is able to damage heavy armour; The only real important aspect of the Archer at all. Obviously the Vanquisher can't do that, which is also a completely different class and weapon type.
  9. TRspy007

    Archer is meant to give up certain AI abilities in order to completely destroy MAXes and damage armor. It's already a 2 headshot kill weapon, and has the scopes to snipe.

    As for other classes getting a 1 htk weapon, that's a pump action shogun. Requires way more skill and to use than a sniper rifle, and gives others a chance to fight back.
  10. Scroffel5

    I just google'd what an anti-material rifle is meant to do. It is meant to be against enemy material, not infantry, so yes, you are right. From now on, disregard what I said about making it more like a sniper. Lets make it more effective against vehicles, against all vehicles. It should have good flak capabilities and good anti-armor capabilities. The highest damage you get with the Archer is before 30 meters, but after it, you do basically nothing to anything. Within that range, you are screwed anyways. Lets buff the damage to vehicles and explosion radius and explosion damage. That way it is good for suppression too. Lets look at some numbers.

    It takes 3 hits to take down a Flash, the weakest vehicle. Alright, you might think. Fair. The rechamber time of the weapon is 1.5 seconds, so it is going to take you 3 seconds from direct hits. You are going to have to readjust your aim multiple times if you are trying to hit the Flash, and you can't hit the driver either or else it takes longer. Circumstantial proof: yesterday I was on a Flash, went up against an Archer guy, and got away before he could get the other 2 shots on me. Came back at full health, shot him.

    It takes 9 hits to down a Harasser, the fastest land vehicle ingame. Again, you have to readjust your aim multiple times, and these damage numbers are only within 30 meters, a range where you are definitely gonna die. Not good enough to me.

    It takes 21 shots to take down a Sundy. Again, not very good, not very useful. That is 5 clips! Like come on! What kind of anti-material rifle are you? You are going to be standing there forever to take that thing down.

    Lets talk about an ESF. Before 30m, it takes 6 shots to take down an ESF. Lets put that into perspective. It takes the crossbow with explosive bolts 4 to take it down. Also, since when is an ESF within 30m and since when do they stay there long enough for you to blow them out of the sky? Thats 5 shots, a reload, and one more shot! Like come ON!

    How should we fix these? If we buff the range of where it can take on vehicles, that greatly helps. Should it be given some sort of locking ammo so it can lock on to far away targets as long as you aren't moving? Sure, why not? I think it needs a buff in rechamber speed, because 1.5 seconds is going to get you killed in every engagement. Lets take that down to 1 second at the very least. We could also buff the velocity because this thing is slow, clocking in at 525m/s. This thing is basically a vehicle sniper. Lets make it that way. Everything should fear encountering it from a range. The Engineer should be able to use this thing as a sniper, as on the wiki it says that it is a Sniper Rifle, but in the class of Anti-Material Rifles.
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  11. Scroffel5

    A 2 headshot kill with a 1.5 second rechamber time equates to a 1.5 second TTK, and just because it has the scopes to snipe doesn't mean it can effectively. While you may have infinite ammo due to it being the Engineer, the muzzle velocity is so low that it isn't helpful.

    The other classes do get a pump action shotgun, and the skill it requires to use it is subjective. The Bruiser, for instance, can one hit on body shot, hence why you can look at videos on Youtube of people destroying with a shotgun, and there are far less of them destroying with a sniper. You may be able to fight back from a shotgun, but you have to fight back outside of their effective range by going medium or long. Its the inverse for a sniper. To fight back against a sniper, you can attempt to use a semi auto rifle and take them down, or you can go to close range. Skill is subjective. I say it is easier to use a shotgun because, when you are in the correct range, you can just aim at center mass and one shot them.
  12. LodeTria

    Just lowering the rechamber time down to CQC bolt time would be a great benefit, ****'s too slow man.
  13. Scroffel5

    Yeah, it really would. If you can get your shots off faster, then your TTK is higher.
  14. Scroffel5

    Look at that video. Everything happens to go well for him, but why? Its because he is shooting at idiots. Very few people came back to kill him or even tried to kill him. I know that if I was shot at by this guy, I would have turned around. These guys decided to sit still and die. Its not the sniper's fault that they die to it. It is their own action. The Archer doesn't need to be a sniper like this, but I do think it needs a lower rechamber time and increased muzzle velocity.
  15. That_One_Kane_Guy

    If you were to keep the damage where it is but make it semi auto with a 150~180 RPM it'd be enough to 1v1 a single infantry without divine intervention while also not tipping it too far in the other direction, in my opinion.
  16. Scroffel5

    Hm, good idea. Why should it be bolt action anyways? We could slightly raise to ammo to 8 or 6 and I don't think that'd be too bad either.
  17. YellowJacketXV

    As much as I would love having the Archer obliterate everything (being an anti material rifle and an engineer main) I'd rather see buffed damage against vehicles first.
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  18. YellowJacketXV

    Actually, here's a really easy way to buff the Archer.
    Give it ammo types.

    Three types.
    Incindiary rounds that act the same as the thumper, trading direct damage for more splash and indirect damage.
    Flak rounds that do more damage to aircraft (less to ground armor and MAXes) and increase projectile velocity.
    AP rounds that trade all splash for higher direct damage, hitting a different armor value (like the difference between rocklet and typhoon rocklet)

    Bonus points for making it semi-auto with a longer reload.
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  19. DarkStarAnubis

    Instead of reasoning in terms of DMG:

    The Archer is an Engineer weapon. So used by someone who supports others. Let's make a support weapon instead.

    The Archer keeps its RoF and magazine size. But fires a special disrupting bullet, with a low damage but knocking down for X seconds vehicles and MAXes.

    When hit, vehicles and MAXes get their input messed up randomly (up is left, right is down,...)

    Edit:just imagine hitting a spitfire turret and have it change its allegiance for x seconds starting to hit enemies.
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  20. YellowJacketXV

    That....sounds more infiltrator to me.

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