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  1. giltwist

    So, I finally figured out what I hate most about playing Planetside 2. I suspect it applies to all FPS, but it took this game for me to realize it. In the future, people have lost the ability to use their necks. If I want to shoot to the left, I have to rotate my avatar's whole body to the left. This is represented by the targeting reticule always being at the center of my screen. Tonight, I realized that this is not at all how I move through space in the real world, and why movement in PS2 seems so counter-intuitive. If I noticed someone attacking me from slightly to the left, I would use the proprioception in my arms to adjust the direction of my gun relative to my body, this would maintain a steady frame of reference in order to aim better. Instead, PS2 makes me rotate my entire field of view and reorient center. This takes a lot longer for the brain to process.

    What would be really nice is to have a toggle key that lets you unbind mouse move from rotation and lets the target reticule move freely on the screen. This might even help with PS4 integration, since you could put move on one analog stick and aim on the other.
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  2. Ballto21

    Nerf necks. My LA dies sometimes.

    Although cockpit freelook on everything could be nice
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  3. Lucidius134

    It won't help with PS4 integration b/c you would need two analogue sticks for aiming and looking and 1 for movement and you couldn't do all 3 as you can on computer (Track IR) without needing a button for toggling and there are not enough buttons on the controler I think.

    That all being said, i'd ******* love cockpit free look on everything
  4. giltwist

    Nono. You'd do something like:

    Left Analogue: Forward, backward, left strafe, right strafe
    Right Analogue: up, down, left, right (looking)
    Left Trgger 1: turn left
    Right Trigger 2: turn right
  5. The Rogue Wolf

    Vocabulary OP, nerf plz

    I wouldn't be against TrackIR integration at some point in the future for this, really. A keybind to "unlock" the view from the body might be a little unwieldy, but hey, if enough people want it then I say put it on the wishlist.
  6. Lucidius134

    so i'm guessing it would be, pulling lightly slighty moves it and full is over 90 degrees?

    What about up and down?

    Also I heard throwing grenade + Left Shoulder + Right Shoulder so it sounds like they are running out of room on the controller???
  7. FateJH

    The only game I've ever seen do this that was not a flight sim are the ARMAs. There are probably others but I can not think of anything right now. Are you really saying that the basic character model motions that have been inherent to the genre since Marathon has suddenly become "un-intuitive?"

    How would you like Trespasser Surgeon Simulator controls while we're at it?
  8. giltwist

    Surely the triggers on the PS4 are analog in this day and age, right? I'm sure they could work it out.

    Second row of triggers? Analog stick click?

    How many controls do you need?

    Four main buttons:

    Next Weapon
    Previous Weapon
    Change fire mode/underbarrel
    Quick knife

    I dunno, use start for interacting with terminals/vehicles?
  9. Lucidius134

    Q spot
    Start Talking
    Proximity VOIP
    Squad VOIP
    Outfit VOIP
    Bringing up the map/ingame menu.
    Expand Minimap.
    Zoom Minimap.
    Mute current person talking in VOIP
  10. giltwist

    Oh right, PS2 has built in VOIP... yet everyone uses TeamSpeak :p

    Map stuff could probably be on a Select menu? Instant Action/Redeploy strikes me as a menue option too. Q spot and Crouch I'll grant you. Still, I think it's feasible.
  11. Lucidius134

    I would not want to have a 1+ second delay for the map UI to pop up and be usable to adjust the zoom on my minimap or expand it. That's stock in every COD/BF, also.

    I'm pretty sure there's some lame ps4 group play voip feature much like steam voip but it's still a part of the game (proxmity and squadplatoon.
  12. TheBloodEagle

    Our eyes are in our necks/upper chest. I hate this cheap FPS design. You can totally have proper camera in eyes even in a pure twitch game (one of the Unreal's did this), not just stuff like ARMA.

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  13. Czarinov

    Do you even read the thread?
  14. FieldMarshall

    Last time i played a game that had what you are suggesting, people were screaming at their screens "He wasent even facing meeee!!".
    It also looked really stupid and the movement was clunky
  15. Lucidius134

    What they typed ties directly into this thread

    If this system was added you would have invisible legs, a new model for the body would need to be added to the first person models so you can see your legs, or they would need to do away entirely with first person gun models and have all gun animations/aiming just as your physical body moving around and player animations.
  16. Czarinov

    Who "they"? I was replying to a single guy.

    Besides, adding this system have nothing to do with invisible legs. You ALREADY have invisible legs that you can try looking onto.

    BTW I'm against adding free look to PS2.
  17. Lucidius134

    they, the gender neutral term. Also plural.

    Also, it doesn't directly tie to it but you won't be able to see your shoulders or anything and I don't know if you can free look with a view model? Probably.
  18. Czarinov


    I think you have problems understanding written text. I was replying to ONE person. Not multiple.