[Suggestion] Buff NC6 Gauss SAW or modify this nanoweave resist armor and shield

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  1. Call-Me-Kenneth

    what OP claims is somewhat true, but here's the deal, the SAW as it is, is already in game with two years of active use. real world use shows that the numbers aren't necessarily represented.

    my point is, if the changes the OP asks for were already in game, real use of the weapon would result in people asking for it to get nerfed.

    a mathematical model using only damage and resistance as only variables is a poor substitute to two years of statistics that account for battle flow, play stile, shifting meta, engagement ranges, player skill and other eventualities we cant possibly model.
  2. Newlife1025

    From what I've heard, highr damage, slow firing weapons feel more of an affect from nanoweave armor. Faster firing weapons feel a lesser effect. Logically, thats a big nerf on NC who have a lot of high damage weapons. I think nanoweave should be tweaked so that both damage types take equal effect.
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  3. Sazukata

    Generally yes, weapons that are slow and hard hitting are affected slightly more by needing an extra bullet or two to kill someone. However, no one's mentioning the positive trade-off: headshots ignore nanoweave and those hard hitting bullets deal a much more effective headshot. Landing 1 headshot with a 200 damage gun takes more than third of their total HP, reversing the (honestly negligible) nanoweave disadvantage that you guys are exaggerating.
  4. Ziggurat8

    I'm confused. Do you think the SAW is a close range or a long range weapon. Or are you insane?
  5. Gundem

    It's effective at long range. But any weapon can be used at any weapon with sufficient skill, see Elusive1's CQC Bolt Action videos.

    The Gauss SAW has some traits that make it really strong in CQC(High damage, the ability to adjust your aim very easily between shots due to the low RoF and the 4 headshot HA/resist namely), though for newer players I'd not try and bring it to CQC.

    I just expect more skilled players to recognize this.
  6. H4YW1R3

    Don't compare the Gauss Saw to the Orion. Just because they are starting faction weapons does not mean they are faction equivalents. It's like the way NC infiltrators start with a BA sniper rifle, but TR and VS infiltrators start with a SA sniper rifle. The Orion should be compared to the LA1 Anchor for NC, and the MSW-R for TR. But because the Orion is a starting weapon, it doesn't get SPA like the Anchor and the MSW-R. So even though VS get to start with it, it's limited because of it.
  7. Ziggurat8

    I assumed by your video and the way you emphasised medium/long you were implying I said something ridiculous.

    Dude, WHAT are you even saying? This is a thread about buffing the SAW or changing nanoweave based on the orion ttk vs nanoweave. I can totally see what sniping in cqc has to do with using a gauss in cqc. But does that support or refute what I or the original poster was saying?

    Or were you just trolling?
  8. Gundem

    No, you are correct. By design, the Gauss SAW is intended for medium range. But as I said, you can use it in CQC to great effect with sufficient recoil compensation and tracking skill, though the requirement is fairly considerable.

    Personally, I think the Gauss SAW is fine. I also think that the EM6 should be the NC's starter LMG and that there should be a 200 damage gun with perks specifically for CQC.

    As for my personal sanity, that is for me to know, and you to wonder ;)
  9. Ziggurat8

    Em6 was the first gun I bought for my NC and I pretty much have never wanted to use anything else. Smoother recoil than the SAW slightly lower theoretical ttk but it's a headshot kill machine and since it delivers those HS faster than the SAW. it's always just felt perfect. 100 rounds with a grip and compensator you can easily HS your way to 15+ kills in a single drum.

    I run VS more than anything and I like VS weapons but nothing imo compares to the EM6 in the HA arsenal. Flare is close but just doesn't get there. Whether it's the lower rof or the smaller magazine (or both) it just doesn't give me the gungasm the EM6 does.

    Making it free...The only saving grace the EM6 has is that you don't run into it very often.
  10. Newlife1025

    Never knew that...