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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Corezer, May 24, 2015.

  1. _itg

    Why not just shoot them with bullets?
  2. Dirge


    What about if it were some sort of battle computer that can "store" a certain number of spots? So you can spot two or three people permanently until they (or you) die?
  3. Iridar51

    Too weak. Using non-lethal tools on a single enemy that can fight back just to MAYBE get an advantage is not worth wasting time on.

    If you have an enemy within Marker's range, and you have time to pull out the Marker, aim and hit the enemy with it, you might just as well don't waste time on any of that and just shoot the guy.

    We're assault, not "sit useless on a tree" recon.

    The "not so useless" variant of the Marker would be an area of effect launcher, that detonates a cloud of nanites over a large area. It does no damage, but all affected targets are spotted and can be seen by through walls as silhouettes by everyone.

    But then again, Infiltrators' motion detection tools already perform pretty much the same role, so why even bother?..
  4. SupaFlea

    I still think towards some kinda of decent EMP tool maybe helps against vehicles, disrupts implants, cloaks, power shields and normal shields.

    remember EMP nades from PS1 where they would disable a vehicle from firing for 5 seconds, all they could do was run you over or get out and shoot you, something like that to make us useful to a Squad but useful in solo play also but not able to use in combination with C4 maybe as disable a vehicle from firing and having C4 would be way OP for a single LA

    Either that or some kind of grappling hook to help Squad get over a base wall at most but maybe single target jetpack boost, able to carry another non LA to higher point. Has reasonable Squad usefulness, relocated an Engie with his turret on a roof or something, help a medic to a rooftop to res a fallen soldier. Solo use would be questionable

    Spit balling I know but there isn't a lot that we can get that would fit our class that wouldnt be to OP while we have our C4.

    I knows its personal preference but my thoughts have always been either for some kind of EMP device to help base defence or fix Flash nades so they work or maybe a Flash mine that guarantees a blinded foe(s) when triggered, we need indicators like the doritos to show who is effected and who isn't, no partial blindness, full or nothing.
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