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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Corezer, May 24, 2015.

  1. Corezer

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  2. Leivve

    Nothing save the grenades are actual buffs. They are "Fix your ****!" demands.

    But your right, LA grenades should have a more direct means to disable your opponents.
  3. MarkAntony

    I would like some more cover on rooftops. Would make LA vs LA play more interesting.
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  4. FunBotan

    Totally agree with the main statement.
  5. SupaFlea

    Id settle for a squad useful tool and better flash nades that give me some kind of indication on which enemies have been hit by it.
  6. K2k4

    Flash nades were much better when they didn't need los. Unfortunately this was a bit annoying too.

    The problem with smoke & flash nades is they are both reliant on obscuring your opponent's vision. This naively means that if your opponent has their settings on low they can laugh off your nade and remain unobscured. People love to exploit things that are game features so you cannot rely on your grenades succeeding at their purpose. Therefore do not equip them.
  7. Corezer

    it could be viewed that way, but I say more that it points to LA needing a buff than "you need to fix every wall to be unscalable and spawn beacons to drop you directly on point so you cant get on a roof with a becon on the ground, buff our grenades and nerf y axis sensitivity"
  8. Dirge

    I have no problem with other classes on rooftops. We are not entitled to our own magical little world.

    Grenades need a buff, and we need a personal tool and a teamwork tool. How about something that boosts jetpack speed by 30% for personal? Simple and useful. No idea about the teamwork tool. Maybe a dart that you can shoot on to stuff in order to halve lock on times and spot the thing for 30 seconds?
  9. Skiptrace

    Yes, we are entitled to it.

    We need access to all of the grenades save Healing, Revive, and possibly Sticky. So that would give us Frag, EMP, Concussion, Smoke, Flash and AV.

    We are meant to be the "Explosives Expert". So our first Tool option could be AV C4 (I know C4 is meant to deal AV damage already, but it nerfs other classes C4 AV capabilities) you can carry 2 Sticky C4 and 2 Regular C4 at the same time, but AV C4 deals 75% less damage to Infantry but 35% more damage to Vehicles (Air, Ground and Deployables)

    We are also meant to be the "Scouter". So our other tool option is the Scouter Targeting Device or S-TD for short (Yes, I did intend that) It's like an Infiltrators Darts, but for Vehicles only. You hold it up, go into ADS, and hold Left Click for 6s- 3s depending on Rank (Rank 1 is 6s, rank 5 is 3s) and you will target the vehicle, Halving lockon timers, and putting it on the minimap for 10s - 45s depending on rank.
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  10. Dirge

    Why exactly?

    I thought Engi was the explosives guy.

  11. Skiptrace

    Engi and LA share the explosives role, with LA being the better option due to the fact that they can fly.
  12. Dirge

    The ability to fly to fly does not give us the title of explosives master. Just because one ability is synergetic with another does not validate the role.
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  13. Iridar51

    LA explosive types: 4 (C4, frag, UBGL, crossbow w/ exp. bolts).
    Engi explosive types: 8 (C4, frag, sticky, AV mines, AI mines, AV turret, UBGL, crossbow w/ exp. bolts) plus a class-specific suit slot to carry more explosives in utility slot.

    There's just no way LA is an explosive expert when compared to engineer.
  14. Silsila

    That said though.
    Adding a few more utility grenades to the LAs arsenal wouldn't hurt. EMP and Concusion primarily.
    I'd also like to see a second grenade slot added to the LA loadout to give LAs a bit more flexibility.

    I usually go as LA when I see two zergs fighting around a door, just to add some smoke or flashbangs so the attacking zerg can get a bit of momentum and break through the stalemate. But I always feel that I would need another LA by my side to provide the other grenade type just to make the whole tactic semi effective. And this is with grenade bandolier equiped.
    Shamelessly plugging an example video of this.

    This is at least how I employ LAs in our outfit. A quick, flanking soldier who support the main attack. So therefor I'd like to see the support options expanded for the class.

    But otherwise I don't agree with the original post. The LA is effective at what it does but tend to be brought low by faulty Level design. Roof tops where LAs tend to fight seldom have any form of level design thought added to them. It's just a flat roof.
  15. Liewec123

    i run on low (to deal with the horrible fog and bloom on maps like hossin) and flash nades still turn the screen pure white :)
  16. FlatironmanX

    Completely agree Corezer, light assaults are a bit under powered. When playing as a light assault, almost any class can fulfill the same role. Hit detection needs to be improved, and also if light assaults were unable to be spotted balance would be better. Other classes should also not be able to reach the same areas as light assault.
  17. Dirge

    I like the idea of being harder to spot, but absolutely no spotting seems a bit crazy. Just reduce the time spotted by 50%.
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  18. SarahM

    How about a marker? You shoot an enemy, dealing no damage, but they are lit up like a cristmas tree for some time, making it easier for your teammates to spot them.
  19. Iridar51

    It's called Q-spotting.
  20. SarahM

    Marker would be more visible and last longer than spotting.