[Suggestion] Buff Healing Grenades

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  1. Gundem

    Seriously, these grenades suck. It's no wonder the Res Grenades are far more used.

    I suggest we add a variety of buffs to Healing Grenades, turning them into a more support-oriented grenade, with perhaps even offensive buffs to deter opponents.

    Suggestions off the top of my head :

    Allied players inside the cloud of nanites are made more resistant to EMP's, Conc's and Flashbangs
    Increase the rate of healing till it becomes a factor to consider in a firefight
    Improve radius and duration
    Add resistance to weapons while inside the field
    Increase the recharge rate of abilities inside the field

    Then maybe we can have negative effects on enemies:

    When inside the field, all healing sources are halved in effectiveness
    Radar and doritoes are obscured/removed
    Constant DoT inside the field, not as strong as the healing but enough to make players think twice before rushing in
    Shield Regen is disabled or significantly hampered 'Without' ASC.

    While I'd love some combination of these, all of them combined would clearly be vastly overpowered.

    Specific advantages of causing negative effects on enemies would be that .ini ****ters would be severely punished by the strong deterring nature of the newly buffed grenades, as Healing Grenade effects are linked to your Particle Effects setting.

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  2. Metalsheep

    I think that they really just need a longer duration and wider healing radius. They are fairly effective but they are also one and done, its harder to know when to toss your only healing grenade and be effective than it is to just wait and toss a rez grenade.

    They could also possibly put the healing grenades on a cool down or have them be multi use per grenade slot. Like x3 and then x6 and x9 as you have a larger and larger bandoleer.

    Mix the heal grenade with the heal aura and your team is briefly very hard to kill.
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  3. Demigan

    Well except for the things that should obviously belong to the smoke grenade (Radar and doritoes are obscured/removed, Constant DoT inside the field, not as strong as the healing but enough to make players think twice before rushing in, Shield Regen is disabled or significantly hampered 'Without' ASC) I'm all for it.

    Although here's an idea: Make both smoke grenades and healing grenades decrease resistances to weapons, both for vehicles and infantry. In the case of healing grenades they will only lower the resistances of hostiles, in the case of smoke grenades it will not discriminate between friend or foe.
    That way they aren't really dangerous by themselves, but are still powerful. It also punishes players who deactivate smoke in the .ini files since they won't know why they are receiving increased damage or have their spotting dorito's removes.
    Imagine throwing a healing grenade towards a vehicle, then having some HA's fire rockets to get that juicy kill.
  4. Nalothisal

    I found that in the right circumstances that spamming these puppies give a more physiological boost in terms of if you are tossing these constantly at a door that people keep dying in, it can help their pychie be a bit more assertive and more risk tacking cause they are getting healed.
  5. Taemien

    Make them restore shields too. They cost nanites.. make them worth the cost. And double the duration, or even triple.

    Rez grenades are still better.. they rez.. everything after all. But at least the heal grenades would compliment them.
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  6. Archard

    I'd be happiest if they didn't blind me when used. I can't see a thing once someone starts throwing them down.
  7. Stigma

    Agreed, healing grenades need work.

    I suggest we take a look at the following:
    - Make the grenades sticky so that they can be positioned with precision. Currently not controllable enough for a support tool.
    - Somewhat larger AOE
    - Much longer duration, I'm thinking like at least a full minute, maybe more. It needs at least this much to be worthwhile in a point hold.
    - Can overheal while inside AOE, to maybe ca +200 or +300 additional HP? (drains off slowly after leaving AOE)

    The idea is that with traits like these and a much longer duration they could a very powerful help in a point-hold situation and similar.
    What I don't agree with is the ideas above that involve adding all sorts of abilities to them that are outside of the medic's theme/role.

    Also keep in mind that as fairly useless as heal grenades are, they aren't nearly the most useless grenade in the game. Compared to decoy grenades (do people even know what I'm talking about?) the heal grenades are downright OP. We should fix both is my point essentially.

    In general I also feel that a way to help medics out would be to nerf medkits. In fact, remove medkits (instant) altogether. It makes no sense that a cheap consumable outperforms the class specialized at healing. Leave restoration-kits but make them slower. These should not regen fast enough to actually be helpful while getting shot at - they should be a suboptimal way to get back to full health eventually when medics aren't available. There is a reason most experienced medics don't bother to try to heal people (ie. they only res) and that's because pretty much everyone can and will just pop medkits and heal themselves before you can even start using your heal-tool, making the whole thing a waste of time.

  8. Taemien

    Decoy's were removed and certs refunded.

    Thus making them more useful than heal grenades.. the certs can be spent elsewhere :D
  9. Kristan

    Additional Shield recharge. That's all it needs.
  10. EPIC389

    Give healing grenades as an option for medic guns with UB grenade launcher.

    Another thing I would like to note with the medic is that a maxed out medtool, rezs people faster than it heals them. Does that make any sense?
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