Buff default TR and VS MAX weapons.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Paperlamp, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Paperlamp

    Been using the MAX on my NC, and even with the stock scattercannon and falcon I generally get around a 4-5 KD with this thing(my K/D is 2.7, so I'm nearly doubling my performance as an infantry when I get in a MAX) at least. More if defending and I can return to terminals to get repairs. You can snipe infantry with the falcon while the shotgun lets you take them on in close, on top of having a melee that seems to one shot them. It's reasonably versatile and I even manage to get some tank and sunderer kills with it.

    With my TR and VS stock MAX I'm lucky to get much other than assists. Also, maybe I'm wrong here, but I could swear engis repair MAXes on NC way more than on TR/VS. NC players seem to value them more and I think rightly so - not to excuse engineers who ignore MAXes in need.
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  2. EvilKoala

    Its pretty awful when it takes longer to kill an infantryman with a giant walking mech suit with chainguns for arms than it does as a light assault with a pistol..

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  3. Purg

    I think the TR and VS MAX could do with a CoF reduction, a RoF increase or both.

    There are a number of very good MAX players who can snot infantry from decent ranges but the majority simply can't. Last night I had one TR MAX consistently killing me beyond 30m before I could even react as an HA with his Mercies whereas I was able to best quite a few others in his squad that were running MAX suits without too much trouble.
  4. jdono67894

    Max units should be feared, thats why they have a timer.
    The TR max should have 100 rounds in each mercy and be able to empty those in 8-10 seconds
    The VS max should be able to fly like the LA and have some sort of lightsaber since he has actual hands.
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  5. Paperlamp

    Flight on a MAX would give it too much mobility, which is meant to be its main weakness. It'd be like...pre-nerf Magriders kind of.

    Also the Mercies are good, the Hacksaws are just too good probably. I haven't played with them personally but in my experience vs. them as TR/VS infantry, they're the scariest thing indoors by far. I can duck around a corner and run away or lay mines or c4 or whatever vs. a TR or VS, but an NC Hacksaw MAX seems like you have no time to escape it just gibs you near instantly.

    Not that the falcon can't do that, but it has to be aimed more carefully, reloaded each shot, and flak armor can save you from it.

    Still, I think there's a bigger disparity between the stock MAXes than ones with upgraded weaponry.
  6. Olek

    I think the TR Mercy should be on par with the TR T7 Mini-Chaingun, the way they have balanced the "chainguns" is to look at a MAX with two AI weapons and compare them to one weapon from the other classes.
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  7. Dusty Lens

    I'm going to be selfish here. Also one dimensional. Hopefully concise. Lord help me for sounding like a whining ****.

    I don't really care for NC MAX threads throwing out there that other suits need to be buffed to be brought up to them. It smacks of the same topics spawned by a dozen Mag pilots who feared a hammer over the horizon. Suggesting that "other comparable units" be brought up to the task of challenging you, but not at the cost of being able to harvest sweet sweet infantry, is bothersome.

    I do not like being an experience balloon for shotgun MAX suits. Their ability to implement area denial is extremely robust. Overwhelmingly so. To the point where the idea of "fight" is replaced with "woohoo, warm bodies".

    I do not care for the idea of that style of play being applied to every suit. A MAX as squad support requires something of an umbilical cord to operate and as such is perfectly right to act as a force multiplier. But the degree of magnification shouldn't overshadow the potential of other roles to such a degree that they're considered to be in the way.

    In short. If the concern is that the other two races lack a certain overwhelming advantage, come down to them, not them to you, at the cost of everyone else.

    Edit: I do not hate MAX suits. I do not resent being killed by them. I feel that Hacksaws and their various friends are overly potent in their current form. My post is simply one of wishing to avoid other weapons being made similarly potent as a means of circumventing addressing their advantage against meatbags and other MAX units.

    Edit again: I feel dirty.
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  8. jdono67894

    Tanks and infantry are different you cant always compare them.

    The Vanu/TR max units are easy to kill, as a heavy I can normally take at least 50% of their life away before they down me.
    The Max units should be powerful.
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  9. HadesR

    No buff's .. if want all Max's to perform the same then lower them to all be the same not buff them so any problem then becomes tripled
  10. Dreadnaught Wrex

    TR MAX weapons should be more like the mini gatling gun. Also, if you get two chainguns and a engineer pup then running at TR MAX isnt terrible.
  11. Dusty Lens

    Vanu suits can be pretty hit or miss. Some people seem to really know what they're doing and absolutely **** in them. But I'm not sure what dual mercy suits you're fighting that suggest they be considered "easy". That or we have wildly different definitions of easy.
  12. Paperlamp

    Personally, I agree about the Hacksaws. The Mercies don't need a buff, the VS' might need a bit of one to be on par with Mercies.

    But I don't think the scattercannon/falcon set up is anywhere near the dual hacksaw set up - it feels reasonably powerful but still very limited by reload times and of course mobility, while the VS and TR stock I'm not even sure competes with a standard infantry.
  13. SmellyBoots

    buying the left quasar has been by far one of the best buys of this game. Infantry just die in front of my guns and If I get about 20 meters out from an NC max I can kill him if he doesnt rush me

    but the range does suck balls cant really hit anying beyond 40 - 50 meters
  14. CaligoIllioneus

    This is the thing. Whenever a thread pops up about NC Hacksaw/Scatmax imbalance, it's always said by those that defend the NC MAXes in their current form that these weapons are only useful in the short range, and this puts them at a disadvantage with other MAXes and infantry. Well, even TR and VS MAXes have ****** accuracy at range, so NC MAXes are crazy powerful in the only area that matters for this class, CQC. A kind of exception for this is the dual Mercy TR MAX.

    I think VS and TR MAXes should be given more accuracy at range and a bit more damage...also, I think NC MAXes should be left like they are against infantry (after all, this class should be feared, instead of being the equivalent of a BR 5 normal infantry player with an unusual amount of HP, like VS and TR MAXes), but they should do less damage to other MAXes. It's silly that they can kill TR and VS MAXes at the drop of a hat in CQC.
  15. Olek

    The Mercies are rubbish, you take out a TR MAX, if you even play them, fix a single Mercy to your arm and go out for some fun, you will see for yourself that any LMG or carbine kills in a lot less time.

    The Mercy does 1014 damage per second.
    The cosmos does 938 damage per second.

    The T9 Carv does 1430 damage per second
    The NC6 Gauss Saw: 1660 damage per second.
    The VS Flare LMG: 1605 damage per second.
    The TR T7 Mini-Chaingun: 1906 damage per second.

    This is the point I am trying to make, why are the TR & VS MAX weapons inferior to infantry weapons? is it because we "can" equip two? it shouldn't be like that, why should it be penalised for an all anti infantry loadout at the expense of having no other anti tank or AA ability, Most of the infantry can take on both infantry and armor, yet the MAX gets locked into being in only one role to be effective.
    The only thing that makes a TR or VS MAX any good is that we have more hitpoints than infantry, that's all.
    The NC MAX has a rep, the TR and VS MAX are bonus experience.
  16. Stew360

    HOPE this is a BAD JOKE for god sake

    CYCLER and QUASAR instagib anything at most range they outperform any scat maxs in 98 % of the entire battleground

    VS and TR maxs are good at outpost figth , tower figth , landscape figth , hill figths , etc..etc..

    NC maxs are good at licking walls standing near a doorway waiting for kills to come at them , its a SHOTGUN WEAPONS whats do you expect ?

    Yes its op at short range ITS A SHOTGUN FOR GOD SAKE

    you know whats a shotguns is ?

    Yes ?

    Its like i will ask to have a Buff on my Assault riffles since the VS nova shotguns instagib me at 1 metres less range ?

    Do you think its a good idea ? so i could deal as much damage as a shotguns but i will also have a 30 shot magazine whats about that ?

    Whats about thats ?

    Cycler as 60 shot per mag 120 total
    quasar as 40 shot per mag 80 total
    scatter as 6 or 7 shot per mag 12 to 14 total

    How much shot as a NOVAs ?
    How much shot as a Guauss riffles ?

    At the end only the overall infantry soldiers will suffer the most by been decimated by the Quasar and cycler wich they already do lol , i can kill a entire squad with a Vanilla Cycler maxs suits whiout reloading i can barely kill 2 to 3 MAX infantry if they are grouped with a fully upgraded scatter with 2000+ certs spend on it

    So yeah
  17. Lolki

    Indeed, and you'd think that since the TR/VS guns are cut down LMGs that the NC would be the same right? Nope.

    Hacksaw DPS = 4290

    Piston(auto shotty) DPS = 4290

    So basically the TR and VS MAX get half an LMG per arm whereas the NC MAX gets a full shotgun per arm.
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  18. Paperlamp

    I only have the stock MAX units on my chars. The Cycler is awful, but Mercies seem reasonably lethal from my experience facing them.

    I think they're inferior to infantry weapons because the TTK for infantry weapons is already so low, having two of them would be overpowered. Which is admittedly kind of the state of the Hacksaw. Strapping two Orions or Carvs to a MAX doesn't strike me as a particularly great idea. Er...well actually it's a great idea just probably not for balance.
  19. Zaik

    defaults are fine, the 1 cof weapons are more than fine.

    they need high damage/rof guns with terrible accuracy to match hacksaws, and NC needs a weapon that fights similarly to theirs.
    This is to balance the slow movement speed of the NC MAX and reload time on all scattercannons. It takes a minimum of 12 shots with the current versions of the scattercannons to kill another MAX at 5m, assuming the victim does not have kinetic armor at any level. As soon as it takes more than 14 shots to kill another MAX at 5m the NC MAX goes back to being useless garbage that nobody ever uses for any reason whatsoever.

    I still want to see how the flamethrowers perform before we drown the NC MAX in the ocean of tears coming from south indar. I didn't use them much(didn't use the MAX at all, really) back when scattercannons were literal garbage, but I don't think they did small arms damage, so they'll likely be an extremely effective counter vs. MAXes.
  20. CaligoIllioneus

    VS Lasher MAXes would be so fun to fight against. I'd give them that...

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