Buff Battlerifles?

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  1. Leftconsin

    I keep trying to use the AMR-66 but I can't get anywhere with it. Maybe I'm just terrible at this game. With the way they are now I'm thinking you need an infantry accuracy above 33% to just get kills with them AND 40% to actually succeed with them.
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  2. DxAdder

    The SABR is what the Battler Rife should be like.
  3. FateJH

    Battle Rifles need one of three things:
    1. Smaller cone of fire thus that they can be hipfired with some kind of reliability
    2. Higher max damage, comparative to the semi-automatic Scout Rifle, and either:
      1. Further range damage drop-off
      2. No damage drop-off at range (flat damage model)
    3. Damage is not obstructed by personal armors, save for:
      1. Resist Shield
      2. Nano-Cloak
    Two of the above at once may be too much; but, only testing could confirm that. The third option, even I admit, is weird since that no other weapon in game currently behaves in this manner. Some have also suggested giving them burst-fire modes of some specifications.
  4. Tentakewls

    Also, I don't really see a reason for anyone on the NC to use a BR, the Gauss Saw is more accurate than the BR, and while it takes one more body shot at max range to get a kill, they both take 3 headshots, which are easier to get with the Gauss Saw since it has a 0.0 base accuracy. All of this while still retaining a full auto mode. Same goes for the Reaper.
  5. RHINO_Mk.II

    Battle rifles could use smaller CoF bloom: it's stupid that a semi auto weapon loses accuracy faster over time than automatics with higher damage output. They also need to deal full damage out to 20-30m, unlike the 10m range on carbines. Higher bullet velocity wouldn't hurt either.
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  6. Heyitsrobbie1984

    still has a heavy drop though so ong distance shooting is useless
  7. DevDevBooday

    Does anyone else keep reading the title of the thread as 'Buff Butterflies'?
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  8. NikkoJT

    All of this. I have the Warden and I love it but it's such a pain to actually use in combat. This would almost certainly fix it.
  9. Regpuppy

    It's because it's a desperately needed change. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of

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  10. Codex561

    I think they just need a damage buff all around, 334 dmg anybody?
  11. Trudriban

    Either they should take a safe and simple route (334 damage model, maybe undo some previous buffs in return) or do something a little more radical (I'm thinking no headshot multipliers for full autos, 1.5 for burst, and 2 or even maybe 3 for semi auto) to make us stray away from more bland bullet hoses.
  12. Takoita

    I can't seem to make AMR-66 work even in VR with completely immoblie targets - the aim simply jumps around too much with scopes one would actually want to use the weapon with (3.4x, 4x). And firing slower with the mediocre bullet velocity and damage per shot is really not an option.

    It's like everything that's not close range or not a bolt-action sniper rifle got the nerfbat before the game was even released. (Yes, auto scouts included. I've seen people claiming to like them and make killing montages with them, but even if they managed to get results with them the fact those guns are just gimped proto-carbines still remains.)
  13. E66h34d

    Wow, thanks for all the support. I guess it is safe to say that BR indeed needs buffs and the community is all for it. Though I have to say some of you seem to take it a bit to far. Buffing every BR damage up to the vandal would be insane.
    Buffs that i would welcome and i think everyone can sign because they wouldn't make BR op in any way would be:

    RoF: 333 -> 350 (nothing to major, not even 10% increase, just a little something for those cqcs)
    Muzzle velocity: 600 ->650 (again nothing major, just further emphasize on the long range support role)
    Ammunition: 25/125 (this one might be huger than the first glance might suggest. together with the RoF-buff this would really help out cqc-situations)
    Damage: min 250 (However you change the damage number exactly, just make it so it never drops below 250 for the 2 HS kills. Again, i don't want vandal levels of damage, just don't make me have to shoot another bullet after landing two headshots)

    -The RoF buff in combination with the Damage buff might be to much. In that case scratch the RoF buff and go for the damage one.
    -As you may have noted, i did not touch the hipfire accuracy. And that is for a good reason. This is supposed to be a Battlerifle
    and not a "primary Pistol". It should feel clunky in CQC.
    -If you don't agree with the increased magazine size, at least give us one or two more mags. (as in make the ammunition 20/160)
  14. Govedo13

    You cannot have the cake and eat it. Vandal should stay infiltrator only. Battlerifles are crappy sidegrade that would change the focus of the classes a way too much if they are really good.
    If you enjoy this playstlye get vandal and play infiltrator.
    Engies with unlimited ammo, Heavy snipers with shield and RLs and LA rooftop snipers is broken.
  15. Xrkr

    Agreed with the exception of the part about LA sniping, as LAs can't use BRs. They can, however, use the Baron, which I hear is at least decent with slugs.
  16. OddChelsea

    The Baron's velocity is bugged. It has the exact same drop and spread as the 300 m/s empire specific semi autos. I tested it by firing at targets in VR with all sights/scopes and measuring the drop and generally how fast it got there.
  17. Dalek

    Idea of the day:

    Remove semi-automatic sniper rifles and replace with battle rifles.
    Buff battle rifle damage to 400 damage per shot.

    Competitive alternative to bolt actions as no infiltrator should be using a semi automatic sniper rifle if they are worth their salt.
  18. Xebov

    The game doesnt have proper support for accurate weapons that are not spray and pray. I used the Eidolon for some time and then switched over to Slug Shotguns and the Pulsar C. Im currently using a Slug Baron. Sadly the projectile speed is currently buggy and i hope they fix this soon. I preffer the Slug Shotguns ove rthe BRs, Slug Shotguns need 2 HS at any range and need less hits to kill a target, wich normaly results in targets being less likely to seek cover.

    What i see as problems with the BRs:
    - the TTK is 50-100% higher compared to normal full auto guns
    - flinching has a much higher effect on this weapon since every shot counts
    - the RoF is way to high, for maximum RoF you need to click 5.5 times per second, the problem is the same on some pistols, resulting in some players using macros if they need to get the max RoF (in my eyes RoF beyond 250 (4.2 clicks/second) are unrealistic)
    - the CoF is garbage, the Aim accuracy is better on some Auto weapons and the Hip accuracy is completely useless

    A possible solution to change the gun:
    - lower the RoF to something around 250
    - increase the Dmg to a level we get close to the TTK of other guns
    - to compensate for the higher dmg, lower the HS multiplicator to 1.5
    - increase the accuracy, especially the one for Hip firing

    I think a lower RoF would benfit some palyers as they need to klick alot less and the higher dmg on the other hand would need less hits needed to kill someone. The more hits are needed to kill someone the more likely it gets that this player jumps back into cover. The modification to the HS multiplicator would make it possible to get more dmg and still get a 2 HS kill at any range (wich should be a goal). The main problem on those changes would be that the gun would get close to Semi-Auto Snipers and Scout Rifles, wich may be the main reason why the BRs never got realy buffed.

    I can suggest anyone to try out Slug Shotguns. They are less effective at range and need some training, but they feel way more like BRs should feel.

    Nanoweave 5 gives you 20% dmg reduction wich elads to an effective HP of 1250. Nanoweave also doesnt count towards Headshots.

    The projectile speed of the Baron is currently buggy and has only 300m/s instead of 400m/s. I hope they fix this soon.
  19. Arsonix