Buff Battlerifles?

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  1. E66h34d

    I am relatively new to the game, and love pretty much all of it.
    But there is one thing that really bugs me: 99% of the infantry rifles are full auto.
    And i really don't like that "hold down the trigger"-playstyle.
    That is why the first thing I bought was the Warden and I played it almost exclusively (I got the got the 200 certs medal before hitting level 38)
    I even prefer it over the godsaw on my heavy. It may be weaker ( no, it IS weaker) but i like the skill cap it offers.
    It just feels more rewarding to kill an enemy with just 3-4 aimed shots rather than that silly strafe, spray and pray.

    So basically what I am asking for:
    Give the existing Battlerifles a little more power (IE slightly higher RoF and maybe raise the high distance damage to still kill the target with 2 headshots)
    Or maybe add a new, neutral, Battlerifle which is a little more class restricted, more expensive and stronger than the current ones.

    So what do you guys think? Are the Battlerifles in a good place right now? Would you like them buffed? Nerfed? Or do you just don't care because they are not really viable at the moment?
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  2. Latrodectus

    Use a Baron with slugs.
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  3. ShadowBlack2014

    I agree. This game needs to promote controlled, well-aimed shots over CQB spray and pray.

    Sadly right now there's no reason to buy the Warden. It's just the a Saw locked to semi-auto.
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  4. Govedo13

    Go for vandal you would be amused.It is battlerifle on steroids.
  5. E66h34d

    @Latrodectus: Meh, to low velocity and awkward reload time.

    @Govedo13: Damn vandal is strong. To bad it is Infiltrator only. I really dislike Infiltrators cowardly play style.

    @ShadowBlack: Ok, the Warden may be weak, but it is not THAT weak ;D.
  6. Pikachu

    Vandal is what battle rifles should be. 334 damage.
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  7. LT_Latency

    In this game stick to close range weapons.

    Long range weapons aren't worth except for the bolt action cause most of your enemies can get to cover before you can kill them
  8. Phyr

    It's only cowardly if you play that way.
  9. E66h34d

    @Phyr Ok.. I'll bite: How exactly do you use the infiltrator abilities of turning invis and placing mines in a not cowardly way?
  10. FillyFluttershy

    I'm always in a favor for buffing battle rifles. I made a thread about BR buffs a while back and several requests have happened since then. They raised the velocity 100 m/s, opened it to Medic (I'm liking that a lot) and made the Eidolon's velocity buff only 70 m/s to give TR and NC a slight comp for VS having no drop.

    I definitely agree on the head shots bit. I hate getting two heads shots on someone and they are still kicking. I think it's actually possible for a heavy to sustain 3 head shots with his shield + nanoweave and have health to spare. At max damage drop off a normal foot soldier with nanoweave 4 or 5 could take 2 heads shots and a body shot and survive.

    ((225 x 2) x 2) + 225 = 1125 damage. Nanoweave 4 effectively provides 1150, Nanoweave 5 1200. [Right?]

    This has happened to me a time or two and is very frustrating. It could take two head shots and two body shots, or 6 to the body to kill, and that's if you aren't fighting a heavy with his shield up....

    I have not tried the Vandal but if it's good I might give it a spin.
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  11. ShadowViper

    I'm currently using the amr-66, and i love it. It's been a blast to use and quite effective.
  12. IamDH

    Everything comes with a cost. Infiltrators have the lowest HP and its best to flank using the cloak (which is only reliable in the hands of skilled players imo)

    If you want to play manly, i suggest you go head-on with people and not drop mines. However, i do find your need for "manly" pretty silly. I advise you to do what you find the funnest, not the manliest
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  13. MasonSTL

    use battle hardened implant with the battle riffles, it is actually a realy amazing improvment as , to me at least, the flinch is more of a problem with them.
  14. M2_Bradley

    I thought it'd make a nice battle rifle,too.But the spread if you spam is just ridiculous.
    give Vandal to LA pls...And if not,give something like the M1 Carbine.
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  15. Ravenorth

    Semi-automatics could actually be in pretty good place right now, but nanoweave still screws over them by increasing their ttk about 33%-100% depending on range, which is just ridiculous. For automatic weapons few more bullets hardly mean nothing, but for semi-autos its a death sentence as they already have much slower ttk than automatic weapons.

    Really hoping to see a fix for this someday.
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  16. Tentakewls

    BR need to be removed/turned into Semi auto scout rifles. I used to like the Eidolon and still use it now and then but once I used the Vandal I realized how weak the Eidolon really is. Add Overshied and Nanoweave and there's very little reason to use it. I think they should change HVA to also ignore nanoweave, because long range combat in this game feels pretty pointless with anything that's not a bolt action.
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  17. eldarfalcongravtank

    i cant believe they keep buffing battlerifles over and over again (remember, battlerifles were in a much worse state at release) and they are STILL USELESS!!:mad: what are you afraid of, SOE? buff the battlerifles to make them competitive, how hard can it be....

    because semi-auto battlerifles are outclassed even by mid-longrange carbines right now. they have horrible horizontal recoil, horrible velocity, horrible ads accuracy and horrible damage. go take a look at Battlefield games and see how they did their battlerifles. cant believe i have to tell SOE how gun balance should look like. though they would know better
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  18. Skooma Lord

    I think they should make them like actual battle rifles. They should have at least a burst fire mode and do more damage. If not they should be able to shoot faster with less recoil.

    The Battle Rifles should of been like the T.R.A.P. M1 (The T.R. Empire Specific Sniper Rifle) in my opinion.
  19. SpruceMoose

    shots fired
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  20. Sagabyte

    BR's don't need buffs. They need more.