[Suggestion] Buff base building, we need love

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  1. Ledess31

    I find this comment on steam with many likes, and I totally agree with him:

    "Also another thing worth mentioning is the construction system where players can build their own bases outside the facility dead zones. I want to say that right now the constructions are too weak to be useful, I often find out that a single tank has taken out all the turrets and the modules and even some walls faster than I have built them. Base building takes effort and time and can be boring when going to mine cortium. The reward is little compared to just shooting people and getting kills. The other day I built a base on top of a mountain in Hossin so tanks can not solo kill my base while I am away, it was a good spot and did work BUT, there was this 1 liberator who solo killed my turrets even if I had the repair module and the AI module for them all. I had to manually go use the anti-vehicle turret which is not even meant for air and it did better than the supposed ''anti-air'' turret. Also the anti-personnel turret did more damage to the liberator than the sorry anti-air turret."

    + the flail bugged and useless in 70% of the map, actually, build a base is totally useless (you can orbital strike much easier with right click), but I don't know why I continue to build again and again, because I still love this :(
    Please... we need love
  2. Glenndal

    Construction looks a little like a mechanic that has a lot of potential, but isn't getting priority for additional cleanup. Having never done it myself, I can say it impacts me in the following ways:
    Enemy/allied orbital strikes.
    Creating a no-fly zone for solo flying light aircraft.
    Veeeery occasionally one will have a well-placed spawn point.
    ANTs exist I guess.

    I'd like to see it in a place where there's a few small bases on each map that are mostly just a capture point(s) and terrain, and you get to build a base around them, but with things as fragile as they currently are, I don't see that working at all. The whole system would need a lot of tweaking and testing. Basically an overhaul.

    As a system for a game that wants to be competitive, its probably too customizable as is. It seems really easy to put your base in an easy to kill spot and waste an hour of time. There seems to be good places for a base that last long enough to get orbitals off, but like I said, I haven't paid too much attention to it yet. My gut reaction is that open endedness is great for minecraft, but difficult to balance here because of how highly variable it is.

    Something that would fit much better in the game, is the ability to customize facilities you currently hold. Give facilities three customization slots with abilities powered by cortium, and like 16 modules or something that you can build for the slots that automate turrets/temporarily Citadel Shield the base/ etc. You have outfits claim up to like 3 bases on the map, and they get to set the abilities for those bases until they flip (and set up a simple system for swapping claims as people need, but mostly fcfs). That too though is a whole additional system that they would need to dedicate time to, but in theory it would be easier to handle long term because they have much more control over what it does.

    For now I'm happy to think of bases as a way of generating Orbitals that is kind of interesting. I certainly wouldn't say no to some quality of life improvements either.
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  3. TRspy007

    I agree constructions is pretty useless right now. It's a bunch of high health objects that can be an absolute death trap for infantry and an immovable fortress that can resist entire armor columns when build right (not as a solo player ofc).

    I'd like to see it bring more to the game than just routers and infantry deathtraps, it would be nice if it could be used to enhance existing bases or challenge a zerg instead of being things we can choose to avoid, or take hours and tons of ammo completely destroying once we've killed the spawn tube.

    You actually do generate more xp mining and resupplying cortium than killing someone if I remember correctly. Although in certain areas the frequency of mining/resupplying is more of a pain than farming infantry in bases.

    As for the AA.....well other players and I have complained about the invincibility of air for a while to no avail. Well, here's the dev's response in the last update: the tactical sky-shield, that can 'defend from air attacks' WITHOUT PROTECTING FROM AIR VEHICLE FIRE!

    Or take the bastion as another example. The devs have expressed long enough that AA is meant only to try to "deter air", and not actually kill it/prevent it from killing you. Keep shooting at air with decis/ap lightnings or your other turrets, and forget trying to do anything other than farm AA ribbons with the "dedicated AA weapons".

    And you could try to put a skyshield module at your base, air can still shoot under it, but it might deter a few dudes?
  4. Liewec123

    1. Remove orbital strike from the game entirely.
    It ruins lattice fights and makes construction pointless, in other words it sucks for everyone.
    It was added as a way of dealing with enemy hive bases, but when hives were removed
    Some idiot decided to allow this nonsense to be used on lattice bases,
    And recently I suspect that same youtuber idiot decided to give people pocket OS.
    So they can ruin base fights and delete player made bases without any effort...
    GET OS GONE. Delete all traces of the files and spit on its memory.

    2. Remove "No Construction Zones" and instead make construction conform to "No Deploy Zones" instead.
    The "NCZ"s are an artifact of the past, when construction was all about hives, but now that hives are gone,
    a base in the middle of nowhere serves no purpose, so let's allow construction to be used close to lattice bases.
    Attackers can set up better spawns than a sunderer and defenders can set up fortifications!
    Sick of the vehicles camping at Indar Comm Array? Build walls!

    3. Make "No Deploy Zones" better.
    With the change at 2. The devs should change the silly big circular "NDZ"s into smaller squares
    that actually reflect the bases they're at.
    They should go over every base in the game and replace the lazy "one size fits all" circle NDZ with sensible NDZs.
    Bases like Briggs Laboratories on indar currently have us leaving sundies out in the open
    because the stupid lazy circle NDZ leaves nowhere good.

    These changes would make construction an important part of the game again,
    and 1. & 3. Would simply make the game infinetly better in general.
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  5. Ledess31

    I agree on the areas that should be reviewed.
    However if you remove the orbital strike, you completely remove the utility of making bases, it is the only armament really usable and threatening that they have. If an orbital strike is painful during a fight, then take a harasser or liberator and you can easily kill the base, unfortunately...
    Why tire of attacking a base if it is useless?
  6. LordKrelas

    You mean why remove the literal ability of an Random PMB, to nuke allies & enemies, forcing them into a one-sided meat-grinder against automated turrets, while the OSC user is a stalker hiding at the Lattice base that has no protection, nor capability in the slightest against Attacks let alone PMBs?
    Maybe so the PMBs aren't killing the ability to actually use lattice-bases, and aren't a "Well, I guess I better be an Aircraft or constantly attacking a PMB-brick-wall-of-fun, or I'll be randomly nuked & then forced into it"

    A PMB shouldn't need to force opponents into a one-sided meat-grinder.
    Nor should opponents be forced into said meat-grinder; Attacking PMBs is already very poor in rewards.
    Let alone if not a Pilot.

    If a PMB is benefiting actual Allies, rather than nuking allies \ enemies to force them into a grinder, they'd be attacked naturally.
    IE, naturally attacked as they are a strategic benefit, rather than "Oi, this be a gun I nuke people till they find me in my hole"
    Not everything needs to massacre the lattice, to be useful.
    Construction's Tools being 70% Defence-for-the-PMB-Only, or straight up "Kill Things at Long-range remotely", has not helped.
    As that basically just benefits the Builder - or nearly kills allies, and still only really benefits the Builder , near identical to a MBT, killing infantry in an Infantry-fighter; Just with their HESH shots having larger AOE, with less concern for Friendly-fire.

    Have the PMBs actually help allies.
    Not kill Enemies directly - not everything needs to be a gun that competes on the Kill counter.
  7. Quench

    Player constructed bases should supplement the other bases. Orbital strikes are the only thing that can really do this, which is very high profile. There should probably be low profile ways to provide benefits to nearby lattices. If normal bases can give buffs, such as health regen, why not have player constructed bases provide something like those within the lattice they are constructed in? It would make bases worth having around, even if they do get destroyed easily.
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  8. Demigan

    1: I think we should keep OS's but we could change their functioning so they act differently and arent such a pain. They could be smaller, faster charging and faster firing so it can help clear a heavily contested room/chokepoint and not inconvenience an entire base.

    2: NCZ's are there because of framerate issues. Building in bases would tank a lot of players their FPS so they decided not to do it.
    And that is ignoring the problems that would arise in many scenario's where a wall, anti-infantry tower, AV turret or similar would be overpowered. Just imagine trying to clear an AMP station tower while a skyshield burns all enemies.

    3: yes NDZ's need to be better and NCZ's as well.

    I think that PMB's focus should simply be altered. If people are going to fight there then the buildings and benefits should encourage to build fun engagements rather than attempting to build impregnable pits of doom.
    PMB's should also support the main game, and that would be easy! It could fullfill a part of the role redeploy has, it could offer local support powers such as scanning, fire support, tactical support such as a launcher that allows the laying down of large smokescreens, launching shieldwalls and (actually functioning) skyshields, spawn options, recon options, quick travel options etc. PMB's could also generate a large variety of items designed to modify a fight, like something that prevents capture of a point until the item is destroyed, power generation for special equipment (say a lightbridge) etc.

    A small-scale PMB system for inside bases would be great as well. Using cortium and nanites in the spawnroom/at the sunderer would allow players to build a variety of medium-sized equipment items to alter the base locally without tanking the game any more than current deployables like dildars and ammo packs do.
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  9. TRspy007

    Orbital strikes are memes and bring nothing to the play. Between the outfit and construction ones, they should be removed.

    The construction bases can then use the fail and the glaive (yes, I know these would need a lot of tweaks) to have some impact on certain areas of the fight. The glaive could be used as emps to deployables and routers, the flail used to disperse incoming armor columns.
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  10. Ledess31

    The only goal of the bases for the moment are the OS. 80% of the fights and the players are done in an NDZ. Take out the orbital strike and you ruin the fun of building a base.
    Most of the OS are due to the new update, the bases only rarely fire. I think you are wrong about the subject, that's not the question :/

    The turrets are rekt for any solo vehicle, and the flail and cannon emp are unusable because of their time travel, their visibility (big green smoke, you have time to see the smoke, go to make yourself a coffee, come back, press "w" for 2 seconds and avoid the shot) and the NCZ.
  11. Liewec123

    thats why i said to let construction be used close to lattice bases, so construction has a purpose beyond Orbital Fight Ruiners
    its the "construction" system, not the orbital strike system.
    it should be more than just a tool for idiots to ruin base fights.
  12. karlooo

    I think it would be cool if the Bastion would have it's heavy anti-tank guns removed and replaced with smaller auto cannons, and it's special weapon would be the Orbital Strike, which will fire down, have a cd and all that stuff.

    I had this idea for construction.
    It would be to make all turrets share the max number, including the Glaive IPC and the Glaive IPC would be reworked into a manually controlled multi purpose gun (Like the WW2 German 8.8 cm Flak) which can also damage the Bastion.
    As an example the player would be able to place 3 AV turrets/towers, or 2 AV towers and an AA tower, or even 3 Glaive IPC's.

    The OS and Flail should be removed.
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