[Suggestion] Bubbles, Spitfires, Implants drops and membership

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  1. Warbreaker

    If you really want to keep your shield regen field aka "stupid Xmas bubble", fine, make so that it is transparent completely and that cannot be deployed one close to another, say 10m radio, just like deployed Sundy radio.

    Edit: If one medic want to kill your bubble to place his, not my problem, I don't really care.
  2. Foxirus

    Thats funny. You calling a medic who greatly benefits the team farming and yet your entire outfit is pretty much troll farmers. Black kettle is black.
  3. Warbreaker

    GOON Miller isn't GOON of Eve, get your facts right, we are sick and tired of clarifying that out. Or whatever The GOONs they are called, I haven't ever played Eve in my life.
  4. FateJH

    I'm not sure that whole wavey affect is doing anything for anyone either.
  5. Foxirus

    Oh I don't play Eve, I am saying simply what I have seen ingame. But hey, You all chose that name knowing full well who it would be associated with. Reap what you sow.
  6. Warbreaker

    What have you seen in-game? Please be specific, troll farmers? Please explain, I'm willing to clarify your perception of us, instead of ignoring your "helpful" comment.
  7. AgainstP2W

    The darn medic shield-regen bubble hurts my eyes too...
  8. Foxirus

    I have seen Goons running farming setups for ESF's running in decently sized groups. I just find it funny you are trying to call a medic, A class who heals shields and revives you a farmer when your own outfit runs regular lolpodbanshee squads. If I knew that oneday I would be telling a Goon member what they can't see in their faction, I would have recorded a video of a squad of goons running mossy farm loadouts.

    You need not bother trying to clarify what your outfit is. I already know what it is and have seen plain enough on the receiving end how it functions. You even said it yourself. You teamkill medics who try to help you repair your shields and help you because you feel they are farming. You and your outfit of trolls will get no respect from me. Incase you forgot, allow me to quote it for you.

    I am kinda surprised you Goon lackeys have not committed mass suicide in game, With all the farming and whatnot you all do.
  9. Warbreaker

    I thought it was only doing that to me, I seriously think the colour designer is a 9 years old girl, so glowee, I can't play as much as I used to before, it kills my eyes and the side effect is, your eyes are dead and you still have energy, so you go to bed and can't sleep which is bad, very bad, at least for people like me that has to wake up early everyday to go to work.
  10. JustBoo

    I use NV scopes a lot. In a dark room, using the NV scope, those bubbles totally over-saturate my vision in the scope to the point I can't tell who is friend or who is foe. Additionally, I use the silhouettes of players to tell who is who, those are all muddled now too. NC and Vanu both have pointy headed toons that look the same as a silhouette. SOE are truly special... special needs.

    Using NV, all fights are night fights. :)
  11. Foxirus

    The only one getting off topic here is you. In all my posts I kept it about the medic in where you are wanting to degrade one of the most useful classes in the game because you have a poor understanding of what farming is. I would suggest you look into such things before attacking the medics because they do their job a certain way and even resorting to killing your own teammates because they are trying to keep you alive. Great job on reaching that level of low, you are truly a credit to the TR.

    The medic is one of the most valuable assets to combat. Don't get mad when someone comes in and knocks you off your little totem pole for trying to dog the class because you think its "Farming".
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  12. Silkensmooth

    I agree spitfire turrets are stupid. they ruin flanking maneuvers.

    I dont want to have to fight npcs, thats just dumb.
  13. Warbreaker

    First you come and talk **** about my outfit, 2nd you misread the whole thread and criticise me instead of my arguments, ok, I said "I kill medics" but it was an expression, I don't TK players unless and that only if I feel like retaliating they TK me, totem pole, I'm criticising the stupid bubble and the attention whoring it demands from a class that shouldn't be worrying about bubbles and stupid things just for an achievement, specially one thing so game breaking as such stupid Xmas trees all over.

    I will say this publicly, I DO NOT care of what TR or random medics do, as long as their actions don't interfere with MY game experience, and I will repeat for you part of my initial post and what I didn't say: We have trained medics, one or two of our medics are probably between the top 5 of the whole server if not whole PS2, so, do you think we such talents we have do I care about random medics? The answer is no, and again, what I do care is about noise and interference, this is not a community sharing for me, I don't give a rat *** about the community, all I know is, I pay for membership, I belong to an outfit that does organized things and I play with them, when random medics come and place their bubble around us, they are interfering with our game play, when an engineer places his Automatic Friendly Fire Turret behind us and it hits one us, it is interfering with our game play, so, I consider that farming, do you as random want to help us? Sure, welcome, AOE heal us, use your medic tool on us, stay away from the line of fire, etc etc.

    So you see, these were my points, so stop trying to bring my outfit or the way I think to this thread which is irrelevant and surely nobody cares about me being a selfish ***** "or groupish selfish *****", that is my personal business and mine only.
  14. Foxirus

    I didn't misread a damn thing. You typed everything out clear as day. You hate the medic bubble because you feel its "Farming" and ruining your game experience. You said you kill medics if they continuously place them. I pay for a membership too, But you don't see me going around acting like a self righteous *** who kills allies because they don't happen to suit my fighting style. When you kill your allies for helping the general fight of the game, it becomes their business.

    If you are going to try and fight the medic bubble, You better bring an argument that is more than you just saying "Oh its farming cause they don't have to stay around to have it work. It displeases me." That's not going to fly and I will be here to shoot it down every time. With that logic, You might as well say remove ammo packs, Ammo sundies, Repair sundies.. All these things repair and do stuff without you having to be around them. By your logic, Thats another form of "Farming".

    Boy... That sure sounds like an outfit of trolls to me.
  15. Warbreaker

    Facts are that medic bubbles are useless and annoying, facts are that spitfires does more damage than help and yet another automated farming tool, facts are SOE reduced greatly implant drops to sell them to us (specially if you are a member you should be upset about it), those are the facts, my personal opinion of random medics with bubbles that suck isn't relevant, bubbles are not a good in-game addition, they harm the game play and create visual annoyance and that's a fact, if you want to keep looping over and over through what I said or not it is your business and your time wasted, let's do us a favour: stop wasting my time and yours with your looping comments about troll outfit and myself, stop wasting your time and mine please, I beg you, it won't change the facts nor my way of thinking, I'm too old to change my mindset by some kid.
  16. TheAcidpiss

    if bubbles seem to effect your hardware performance, im quite sure there are graphics settings in game that can get rid of that problem for you...

    could be wrong.
  17. Warbreaker

    Miller is full with big fights and generally filled with smoke for tactical reasons which is OK, is fine, when you add 4 bubbles, smoke and night vision, it is a visual mess, I have no hardware problem, I spent €1500+ few months on a nice rig (i5K 4th gen, 16GB RAM, SSD, 144Hz Asus Monitor and GTX 780) so the least of my problems is hardware.

    What happens to a paint when you throw too many colours and shine stuff at it? It becomes a mess doesn't it?
  18. Warbreaker

    And to add to it, I like nice graphics, but it is come to a point where people that use glasses like me end up with the eyes hurt at the end of the game session which doesn't happen with other nice graphics like game, how long can you play PS2 continuously? How long can you play other games before feeling your eyes tired?
  19. nehylen

    I don't like the bubble at all either: it makes IRNV crap, it also feels bad on the eyes too when i have too much of that glimmering light. As for the fps, yes it's funny how it seems to shave off lots of fps even when there's a single bubble. Lately i remember getting inside one, there was no action at all (fight ended), and going in and out of it, the effect seemed to shave off around 10~15fps from my 85~95fps i had out of any influence from it.
    When there's smoke combined it really hurts the framerate, so i actively try to avoid them, and also feel that aoe heal+medigun do much better together (as myself mostly a medic/engineer player): quicker healing=less exposure. Also less a magnet to stray shots or grenades as it's easier (without IRNV) to distinguish enemy shapes within a bubble, even worse at night.

    Regarding the Spitfire, i've played a lot with it lately and while i was very skeptical at first, i've found great uses for it, and would rather count on it than on any hypothetical infiltrator! It's pretty easy to trick people into proxy mines or simply revealing their position with it. A good turret placement also helps a lot when defending a perimeter with a limited number of people, and with 2 turrets you can deny a lot of C4 fairies above a crucial sundy.
    The only thing i dislike about it is having to replenish it, though i have to admit in more crowded areas it does shoot in the back of friendlies, most probably due to lag (turret not knowing there's a friendly in-between). But i don't play much in crowded battles either way (zergside is not fun for me).
  20. FateJH

    Actually the Spitfire position and the bubbles position are just opinions, not facts. Facts would have numbers, statistics, experiments, replicability, validation conditions, something that actually establishes what is being said with a degree of veracity. You can argue, for example, that it is a fact that Spitfires are not killing people in great numbers; we have metrics to sort the details of that statement out. Excluding the phrase "I think" or "it's my opinion" doesn't change postulation to predication on its own. (The Implant change is a fact, confirmed by SOE itself, however; so that one is valid.)
    If the purpose of this thread was to establish an echo chamber rather than argue the positives and negatives of something, then I should have not even bothered to write my previous replies.

    In the end, the only point to which I can not refute is that the visual effect of the Medic Regeneration Shield bothers (irritates?) your eyes. They're not my eyes, so I can not say otherwise.

    Oh, and that team killing in neither camaraderie nor mistake is abhorrent. If you have parts not open for debate, then this is mine.
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