[Suggestion] Bubbles, Spitfires, Implants drops and membership

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  1. Warbreaker

    The most annoying issues I see and possible solutions:

    Bubbles: I don't play as a medic, I play as Engineer -I don't care about spitfires, I will talk about it on my next section-, HA and MAX mainly, I find bubbles has downgraded the level of play for medics where all you see is a stupid Christmas party decoration with bubbles everywhere which is team game play breaking, useless and not healthy for our computers (waste of CPU cycles, energy and a FPS killer)

    Medics have come to a point where they are not medics any more, remember this is a MMO-FPS, remember your role as a medic, to heal, and if you die because you don't have self/AOE heal ability, you are useless to your squad, and more of an annoyance looking constantly for places to place your stupid bubble, be a medic, act as one.

    The most annoying thing about the bubbles is the fact that combined with mass fights the game is unplayable, bubbles + smoke + NV = unplayable, smoke and NV are tactical choices, bubbles are just annoyance and big noise to fights.

    Suggestion for Bubbles: Make it an ability like AOE heal, that instead of a player glowing green when receiving AOE heals, make it glow blue-ish, an ability which has a cool down and you have to use it constantly just like AOE heal, not a deployable thing.

    Spitfires: I call them Automatic Friendly Fire Torrets, makes the engineers more stupid, these things don't help, add more noise to massive fights again wasting CPU energy (Not the bills SOE pays but mine, if you have ever seen how many watts PS2 consumes by wasting CPU and GPU cycles on your computer, I recommend you to find out, I couldn't play BF3 nor BF4 for more than a month or two before been bored but I can tell you they know how to use CPU resources properly and make intelligent decision for gameplay and classes)

    Suggestion for Spitfires: Remove them, they don't make any sense, I honestly don't have a suggestion for engineer, you could allow repair tool to un-repair enemy vehicles like MAXes, terminals and vehicles in General, anything that fires on this game needs to be done by a human, automatic torrets, jeez, give me a break, un-repair copying from BF? Yes, is it fun to have it, hell yes.

    Implants: As a member I feel frustrated to have to pay for implants after you decided you wanted to squeeze more from my pocket, if you are a member, do you also have to be a gambler? Guess what SOE, instead of making me pay, I'm cancelling my membership right NOW, see if that works for you, that hypocritical message of "thank you for supporting the game", yes, I would support the game if the decisions were sane, correct and intelligent, not the crap that I'm lately paying for.

    Happy new year,

    [Miller] [GOON] Warbreak3r
  2. FieldMarshall

    Inb4 combat medic and dont play on toaster.
  3. Warbreaker

    My "toaster" is an i5 4th gen with 16GB RAM, GTX 780 3GB GDDR5, SSD, liquid cooling and 144Hz monitor...
  4. z1967

    I wish I could do some selective rendering for some objects like medic bubbles. Eg. "Toggle Medic bubble rendering" sort of thing in the options. Along with some other stuff like high LoD bullets, shells, and rockets.
  5. Warbreaker

    Bubbles should be an ability just like AOE heal or HA shield, not a farming tool, SOE wants money right? Auto farming tools are bad for their pockets.
  6. Onhil

    But bubbles increases keeps my SPH from going down or rather slowly increases it.

    Okay sure the bubbles are a CPU and GPU bottleneck and take my frps from 80 to 30 instantly in large fights in buildings. which in itself is the reason I only look for enemy vs enemy 96+ battles because then I can snipe them from a long distance and my fps stays at 70.
    AOE shield medic? In my opinion not a fun idea

    Removing spitfires I'm all for that. not only is it annoying and does team damage all the time, but it ruins the Light Assault's only benefit height.
  7. FateJH

    The real problem is that the Spitfire turret, as it stands, can only step on the toes of the Infiltrator's detection equipment.

    On one hand, it is good that they have to be babied, since that keeps the importance of the user-driven activity. In the end, if the turret by itself is incapable of killing a player by itself (that wording is intentional), the only thing it can do is assist actual players in the fight against enemies through fortification.

    On the other hand, they don't actually help take heat off of allies by being helpful, despite what I just said. It remains just as easy to ignore the turret and deal with the turret placer before ever having to pay attention to the turret, especially when most every small arm in the game out-DPSes it. As mentioned, it overlaps Infiltrator duties, and even has an active alert method for informing of nearby threats that can be observed from the turret's position, as opposed to the subtle minimap effect of Recon Darts and the Motion Sensor that may detect players on the floors above or below. Moreover, an Infiltrator's tools are finite in duration, which causes Infiltrator detection to reveal that this is an active Infiltrator nearby (!), while the turret can have been left for hours since it was placed, making it harder to guess whether an active Engineer is nearby. Being an overglorified long-term 50m LoS detection device that kill steals, if it is lucky, but can be walked up to and knifed to death in all other conditions, is a rotten place to be. Especially if your ally is an Infiltrator.

    It can have place in the game's environment, but it's hard to justify where it is now.
  8. Warbreaker

    I would remove them both but I'm afraid SC has been spent by some people already, they are both game breaking and more like "automatic farming tools", and it is contradictory to what SOE wants and also shows how stupid is SOE sales department, give them farming tools (bubble and spitfires) and upset paying customer by reducing implant drops, that's at least the effect it had on me, I cancelled my subscription and my decision will remain until SOE decides to change things (which I'm aware might never happen), I'm not against of "I want your money", but I like to see the price/value reflected on where "I give my money to".

    Coming back to the subject, if they are farming tool, they are against SOE solely purpose which is to make money, hence, they should be converted to "human" abilities, AOE shield heal and "insert good idea" for engineers.
  9. FateJH

    I forgot to ask this in my post but exactly how are the Medic Regeneration Shield (a support bubble that can't outheal DPS) and a turret that can't even kill one enemy on its own "farming tools?"
  10. Warbreaker

    Because there is no human iteration there to give you XP, hence it is a farming tool, a bot or anything that gives you passive certs, oh wait, SOE, bring back passive certs, see my point? Ammo pack is a necessary exception.
  11. Foxirus

    What.. Why would you want those glorious bubbles that make your enemies GLOW to be deactivated? Its practically highlighting and make your enemies shielding light up like a christmas tree.
  12. Warbreaker

    Because when you are in an organized squad and 3 or 4 medic farmers, I won't call them medic any more since they don't deserve such title, from now on, "THE FARMERS"

    So, when the 3 or 4 farmers come to our room which we have under control, they decide to put bubbles on US, why, we kill the bubble, they comeback again and place it, we kill them, they comeback and make the situation worse, so when the enemy comes, guess, we are still arguing with the stupid farmers about their stupid bubbles and the visual damage it does combined with smoke and NV.

    But they can't understand what organized play means, they are just farming and I give a rat *** about farmers, they can all go and party together I don't give a rat ***, but when they come and damage our squads organized play and bitter our few hours of gameplay then we have a problem, and I'm not adding more sentences because I can go on and on with this.
  13. z1967

    I'm ok with them glowing but not when like 10 shields are clipping each other and managing to kill my FPS (and on my new i5 too :(). I would love to be able to de-render them for better performance and stuff.
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  14. hostilechild

    Bah, the dam bubbles and turret are hardly worth the EXP they generate.

    If your really in organized squads then some medics should have aoe heal and others the bubble. (bubble regens shields)!! both together are great and your HA are back in the fight faster or even the non HA that like to be cannon fodder.

    I see 0 impact from the bubbles and turrets on my fps. Maybe you should change particle settings or something.

    My biggest fps impact and annoyance in the game is lolpods and coyote spam from farther off then ESF are rendering lately. And the explosions then lower fps for a split second.

    **It is however complete bull-**** that chargers and implants drop about 1/10 of what they use too. Even playing as engineer/medic they are still very infrequent, go HA/LA and you might see 1 or 2 in a 2hr play time. Guess they need to make the money someplace.
  15. Warbreaker

    The way they glow ATM make them a health hazard, my eyes are so irritated when I play Planetside 2 after so much cluttered glowing fights added to the game, I hope they get into legal issues for such careless cluttered glowing scenarios, it seems to me the person at SOE that picks the colours for the game and designed such bubble is a 9 years old girl TBH.

    I'm a Software Developer and of course I spend many hours at a computer and I can tell you what can kill your eyes and what not, and of course, I have to use glasses, and that even with anti-glare glasses I specifically use for my extended hours at the computer.
  16. MasonSTL

    I like the bubbles, the are a good way to herd the blueberry's were you want them to go and they are great for holding a room. I haven't had any performance problems with them since they where released.
    And I have an:
    • Asus sabertooth x58
    • GTX770
    • i7 960 OC @ 3.8 ghz
    • 6gb RAM DDR3
    • water cooled motherboard & CPU (NZXT kraken x41)
    It actually kind of amazes me how many performance problems people have with better rigs than mine, especially crashing.
  17. Warbreaker

    I don't have specifically performance issues, I have graphical annoyance, it hurts my eyes, it makes me feel like I'm starring at a Xmas tree for extended hours even if the fight lasts few minutes, have you seen the fights in Miller? 48+, 96+, rooms filled with such pathetic bubbles and smoke where NV is needed to kill the enemy, and then, ok, our organized squads have hell of a good medics, in fact I can openly say that I don't need the help of random medics, we play in groups, we play organized, what bothers me is the visual annoyance of it, it is overwhelming on big fights and most of those farmers are only watching that their bubbles stay up.

    They are so annoying because of the level of farming that they even cross the line of fire constantly just to maintain their stupid bubble, the level of stupidity that such bubble has cause is worse than the level of stupidity of poor people living on benefits wanting an iPhone and actually paying hundreds of dollars for it when they are living from the wellfare, that's how things are ATM.
  18. FateJH

    I'm sorry. As a dedicated Engineer, I have to put my foot down on this one: the ammo pack can not be a necessary exception.

    Iif the definition of "farming tool" for you is "gives [the player] certs [without constant user attention to an activity]" then the ammunition drop is the quintessential example of such a farming tool. It is no different from the Medic Regeneration Shield in regards to its basic functional implmentation but arguably provides more experience to the user. The Spitfire, meanwhile, is no different from defensive mines - anti-tank or anti-personnel - and it is far less likely to reward the user with any experience despite lasting longer than "one pop" per placement. I've already compared it to the Infiltrator's utilities and would like to add three things: 1) the Spitfire turret does not reward for targets detected; 2) the Infiltrator's tools do not stack on the Infiltrator's own actions but leeches off the actions of allies, whether ot not they have actively used the recon information the tools have provided; and, 3) the Spitfire still provides less assist experience than the recon tool. The ammo drop even has shades of points 1 (you can not refuse my ammo) and 2 (you can not help but use ammo). I'm practically an in-game drug dealer.

    In short, all of the things I have mentioned, the utilities of various classes, are better "farming tools" than the Spitfire or the Medic Regeneration Shield. The Engineer ammo drop, above all of them, can be the most rewarding "[cert] farming tool" of the lot. No exceptions. They all must draw ire.
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  19. Warbreaker

    @FajeJH, I can agree with your points but what about the visual annoyance of such things and their graphical impact on average gamer's computers? Again, try a busy day in Miller and see it by yourself, trust me you will get annoyed by it and the unnecessary attention given to them instead of doing what one's class should do, besides daka daka of course.
  20. WTSherman

    What I'm wondering is why he seems to think I can't heal if I have the shield bubble equipped.

    That's what M1 on the healing tool is for. :eek: And if I need to heal myself I finally have a use for Triage.

    Edit: They could stand to be less bright and more transparent though, so they're easier to shoot through.