[Broken] SLI and Windows 10

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bleak, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Bleak

    I have looked around the net and have found no workarounds or fixes for SLI and Planetside 2 on windows 10 apart from thread(#1). Workaround * reverting to a windows 8 desktop driver.
    1. https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/windows-10-sli-scaleform-insanity.233689/
    2. https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...acting-on-sli-setups-using-windows-10.230954/
    1. http://imgur.com/kxVBRLi,lP8aSZ7#0
    2. http://imgur.com/kxVBRLi,lP8aSZ7#1
    Hardware Aorus X5, i7 5700HQ, 1866 DDR3, Sli 965m
    Notebook Driver may not work the same as its desktop counterpart with this workaround, nor is reverting to a previous driver and calling it fixed a resolution to this problem.
    I am aware that this may be a problem on Nvidia's part and am posting on the appropriate forums there also.
    Please Assist me in reporting and resolving this problem, thank you.
  2. StarzSpirit

    Hi, Bleak, just to let you know, the Windows 8.1 driver does work, but it is slightly unstable and might revert your SLi configuration randomly, but aside from that it works, but it's not really worth it to run SLi in Planetside 2, at least not right now. The slowdown you receive from having SLi enabled is absurd. With one GTX 680, I get an average of 100 FPS while flying around in a mosquito, but with SLi enabled, I average around 40 FPS. The user interface generated in the cockpit of the mosquito, and the UI in general doesn't play well at all with any multi-gpu nVidia techniques. I haven't heard anything from the AMD/ATi users out there, but I would assume they're also having issues too. Anyways, what I recommend right now is, wipe your drivers with DDU, and install nVidia's latest WHQL, or try out their development drivers, or even TWeaKFoRCe's modified development drivers. After you've selected your choice of drivers, just keep switching between SLi on and off depending on what game you're playing. It's really annoying right now, but until DBG actually puts in an effort to make SLi work better with their games(Planetside 2, and H1Z1) we're just gonna have to keep finding workarounds.
  3. Lord_Mogul

    From the beginning the game had issues with multi GPU configs (SLI and Crossfire)

    Not that more than one GPU is needed in this game until you go for really high resolutions (like 4k) or multi-monitor-setups (FOV on those is an issue on its own)

    Also Windows 10 is new so there might be some stuff to sort out in the first weeks/months.

    For the driver issue: there was a line of nVidia drivers (around the 320-340 versions) that gave very short blackscreens and hiccups every few seconds.

    So give them soem time to sort this stuff out.