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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Spartan 117, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Spartan 117

    - Charge occasionally snares MAX, reducing its movement speed by 80%+
    - Dead Zone still unaddressed. 0-5 meters shots commonly register 0 damage. Since beta...
    - On rare occasions MAX units will spawn with less than LA health. They will die at FULL HEALTH from 1-3 BULLETS. Not rockets, BULLETS.
    - MAX AA bursters will commonly bug out & do 0 damage to all sources. Switching loadout does nothing.

    If you have experienced any of these, please bump so we can raise awareness & get it fixed.
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  2. Spartan 117

  3. Tungsten

    Has the dead zone ever been addressed by staff? Just mentioned it in a tweet or something?
  4. Spartan 117

    As far as I know, they have never acknowledged the issue. I reported the bug back in beta, & have been actively trying to raise awareness on the forums & reddit for some time now. It seems that either players/SOE staff don't care, don't play MAX enough, or are ignoring the issue entirely.

    It makes sense that it has gone under the radar as it really only effects NC the most. While TR/VS are also impacted they are generally long range so they won't see it as frequently. Meanwhile, NC is restricted to CQC so we see it daily. Encountering more & more players who are aware of this & exploiting the sh*t out of it. Have infantry bunny hop humping me all the time & what should be instant death awards them free kills because my shots are registering 0 damage or blanks.
  5. Spartan 117

    Got home from work, first time hopping into a MAX this morning died to

    Instead of providing me with a boost to escape danger, it sealed my doom. How is this not getting more attention? Finding it hard to believe no other MAX users are up in arms about this.
  6. traum

    Hello, I'm not a real max user as the only upgrade of my max is the double AA, but I'm playing it quite often, as well as in 1AI, but I never experienced any of these bug.

    Just to say they are maybe not so common?
  7. Spartan 117

    Two of these do occur on rare occasions. Namely the AA burster bug & the shallow health spawn. The charge, dead zone I experience every day. The charge never occured prior to last update, so that is something new. I don't know what triggers it but the only common variables are - Taking small arms fire, attempt to use charge, become snared & die in all scenarios.

    Before anyone suggests the possibility of concussion grenades its not, but it mimics the effect almost exactly.
  8. Ender

    I finally figured out why this happens the other day. Or at least one of the reasons why, if you're strafing left or right when you activate it you will move like a turtle for the duration of the run. This caused me several deaths last night =\.
  9. Spartan 117

    That could very well be. Thanks for the additional information. Maybe we can narrow down the variables further & get this issue sorted out soon. I don't know if anyone has FRAPS or the time to conduct tests but the sure fire way to get something resolved quickly is to get video of it & post it on reddit. Usually gets hotfixed.
  10. Spartan 117

    Bumping to raise awareness. Had the charge bug happen to me a second time yesterday right before I went to bed.
  11. Spag

    Bumping a I am constantly affected by the 0 damage within 0-5m issue. Huge pain considering it makes my Hackmax which cost me 1400 SC and approximately 3000 certs so far completely worthless within half of its supposedly effective range.
  12. Spartan 117

    Going to add something else to the list. Its something I noticed before, but wasn't quite sure what was triggering it. Another charge bug

    - On rare occasions when using charge you will take fall damage. In all instances I took 1 to 6 bars of health of fall damage when charging over terrain with small height variations. Such as stairs etc. I have even died INSIDE spawn room in a biolab when charging in & it says "Suicide".

    Please fix all of the above
  13. Crocobutt

    Deadzone? I've been killed by many of those guys at point blank, doubt there's a bug. The rest of OP's bugs I can't really speak for, don't really play MAX often.
  14. Darlith

    I get the AA bug fairly often, oddly sometimes it only happens on selected aircraft. So I'll shoot at 2 mossies for no damage then the third with take damage, then the next aircraft will take nothing. Also had it happen tonight on the tank/sundy flak turret.
  15. Iksniljiksul

    These all happen quite often, charge speed is new.
  16. Spartan 117

    Its inconsistent, but I assure you it effects all 3 empires. There was a TR MAX that made a video demonstrating it in great deal that I watched some time ago but I cannot find it. Basically for some odd reason, when firing at targets 0-5 meters shots will regularly do 1 of 2 things.

    1. Act as blanks & go right through the target
    2. Actually hit the target but inflict 0 damage
  17. Unholyheretic

    This, a thousand times this... NC MAX, shotgun happy with double hacksaws (or HAXORS to those of you on the receiving end) and you can't deal damage to an enemy at point blank range because??? And this is naturally made all the worse by the fact you'd have more luck killing someone by introducing them to the chocolate selection at your local supermarket than MAX punching them!
  18. Hordak

    I def noticed the deadzone one. People often ask how to counter hacksaw max (works with any) All you have to do is hug them and shoot.
  19. quicKsanD

    When in groups of 3 or more burster maxes bug out all the time. the flak either hits and doesn't do damage or the hit doesn't register at all.
  20. Spartan 117

    First time hopping into a MAX today. Died again to the charge bug. I honestly cannot believe this is not all over Reddit/Forums...
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