Broken freaking Game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SikVvVidiT, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. SikVvVidiT

    1.Still don't get any ISO for alert's (bug still not fixed) I could give a damn less about that new currency.. I NEVER ASKED FOR IT, AND DON'T WANT IT! What I need is to be able to advance my implants levels!

    2. point control status still comes and goes from my display (bug still not fixed)

    3. hit detection is a freaking mess..

    4. Various times I am not about to deploy my motion sensor.. It's red, no matter what I do it stays that way... Change class, still red, switch to the other motion sensor and back, still red... This bug has been around for a while now...

    Oh but we have something NONE of us asked for.. Flying freaking battleships...

    I know, I know, leave we don't care. But you should, because some of us actually pay the bills around here and don't play for free on steam...

    Well that's about to change.
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  2. Wayde-Corfynn

    1: is fixed! played yesterday from 19-23 two alterts ( amerisch an hossin i think ) and as reward became Certs, Iso and A7
    2: dont have this problem
    3+4: i dont play infiltrator

    EDIT: Playing on Miller GMT+1
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  3. TRspy007

    it's been fixed on every server
  4. That_One_Kane_Guy

    No one asked for a rant thread from an entitled whiner either, but we can't all get what we want.

    Wow! Who are you who knows so much? Wait, whats this...
    Easy Tex, you bought a video game membership. A shareholder that does not make you.
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  5. SikVvVidiT

    Doesn't appear like anyone care what you think fanboi or dev or both.

    Your game you love has massive issues, once corona dies down and new games get released and these silly battleships wear on people and they get sick of bugs that don't get fixed like spawning without grenades, or red out sensor/darts, you know bugs that have been around for ages. I'm thinking your free 2 play mess of a game will die a slow death again
    Then again it is Free 2 play, so a lot of us will stop supporting and just play for free when we need a MMOFPS fix, Tex.

    This game is like Walmart, only reason why you are still hanging around is because you have no competition...But one day that will change, and then the Walmart of MMOFPS's will become the Kmart of them.
  6. NotziMad

    it"s not a charity..

    you don't support McDonald's when you buy a Big Mac

    You support the local homeless, you support feed the hungry, hell you support your favourite sport team.

    If you"re a unhappy customer, maybe speaking to other customers isn't the most productive, I mean, if there was a fly in my Big Mac, I would contact McDonald's?

    Does that make sense?
  7. FLHuk

    Welcome back :)
  8. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Somehow, by calling someone out for being a self-important, entitled *** I am now either a fanboy or a game developer. Fascinating.

    I'm terribly sorry, I was under the impression that you were just leaving. Did you require emotional support to help come to grips with the fact that nobody cares or will you be able to figure it out on your own?
  9. Grandizer

    While the OP may have gone off on a tangent a little, the game is broken more now than ever. We can't even talk in game and are asked not to use Outfit to keep it open for leaders. I don't want to run Discord on the side and most people aren't using it when they join platoons. There are serious issues going on in emerald that affects the QOL of this game to where it's aggravating.

    DBG is going to ride this Bastion update out which I don't see it even making my game experience any better, it's only for cert padding if you're one of the lucky 9 people to get a gunner seat or want to fly and protect for 30 minutes or you can sit and go for the ride and collect assist certs.

    I'm not a lifer as most people here have played a long long time but in 11 months of play, I never saw this game this bad.

    I don't know why they don't remove it, do a roll back and then work on it from there. They don't have the manpower to sort out the code bugs and server issues at the same time. Just my opinion.

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