Bring this back for just a day...

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  1. JibbaJabba

    Let's here those ideas.

    What thing would you like rolled back for just a day? Is there a map change? A nerf that needs undone? Many things were awful and changed for a good reason so we wouldn't want them back permanently. What would you like to see for just a day?

    Couple things that come to mind for me (these are brutal):
    • The *Original* Crown.
    • FULL continent locks prior to the lattice (ie, own everything except the enemy warpgates)
    • AMS Galaxies from the Beta.
    • The single shield generator *inside* the Techplant up near the balcony.
    • The unNerfed Liberator of infantry suffering
    • The unNerfed VS Lasher, and NC Hacksaws.
    • The ungodly screen shake from heavy explosions.
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  2. Pikachu

    Unnerf things. :D Flash fury! Phoenix fury!
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  3. Yessme

    the old alert System, with capeture biolap or tech or amp, that was much fun
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  4. Towie

    Original Prowler HEAT was an infantry decimating machine.

    Original Magrider mobility - you literally could get to the top of mountains.

    Original Vanguard shield - it really did mean I-Win.

    All crazily OP but perfectly balanced in an asymmetrical sense, don't you think ;)
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  5. JibbaJabba

    Yep. As horribly imbalanced as it was, we still managed to have fun too.
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  6. JobiWan

    Original Gatekeeper.
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  7. Campagne

    Pre-nerf harasser.

    Probably one of the most fun things I've ever done in PS2 and the only real time the NC harasser was truly dangerous.
  8. Pikachu

    NC harasser? You don't mean TR? Fury killed with 1 hit or 2 splash hits yet people used marauder because it had even higher splash dps.
  9. AllRoundGoodGuy

    +1 for the old crown
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  10. JibbaJabba

    The old crown is probably the thing I long for most. It was almost a continent unto itself. The whole continent would be locked by one faction except that one territory right smack in the middle..... a frothing hell of 4 digit cert gain and single digit FPS.
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    The old UBGLs (Underbarrel Grenade Launchers). Those f.ckers hit harder back in the day than Vanguard HESH does today, LOL.
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  12. Campagne

    Nope! I mean the good ol' NC staple Halberd harasser, back when the platform was super OP and could realistically kill anything else. :p
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  13. pnkdth

    Back to the pre-nerf(pre-pre-nerf? Can't keep track anymore) shotgun days when Infils could use them. It was exactly as stupid broken as it sounds. This was in beta though just as they put shotguns into the game. Fun times regardless. :D
  14. OgreMarkX

    Oh yes it was. It was waaaay OP. It was my first Auraxium and is still the weapon I got the most kills with (T5s TR wep). Plop, plop plop, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill. kill.

    A much deserved nerf on that one.
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  15. melioa

    the Striker, as it is useless now.
  16. Kdog559

    Bring back the old DEV's.
  17. LtBomber1

    -I miss the old crown!
    Man that days, when you log in and saw that your fraction managed to hold it another day... WHY did they cahnge that :-(

    Now it is a semi good attachment (RNG) on a semi usefull gun (worse starter gun). Give it far more damage back (not 1hk), but no reserve ammo.

    -I still dont like lattice!
    Sure it does create fights, but at what price? Strategy / Force splitting is almost gone, freedom is more restricted (less sandbox) and you can not skip or work around bases that are hard to take, giving stale fights. It is not Esamir's fault, it is lattice that makes it bad.

    -AOE Shredder Lib was fun.
    (on the dealing end, not the reciving one).

    -Old alerts, facility alerts.
    In combination with no lattice major factilities multi continental alerts were an absolut blast for gameplay.

    -Continetal lock.
    More freedom gone, even less sandbox. Why force people to play where they dont like? Now with one continet open only i find myself logging out far more.

    -VP removed.
    This is a tricky one: I like construction, and at the moment it is worthless. However, the VP system was also not in a good place.

    No words, just tears

    -Old saron/ppa
    Old saron was fitting the mag perfectly! Pop out of cover, shoot, back. PPA was hardly OP, but it was easy to use for spamming and scaled too well, a mistake that was reintroduced for gatekeeper (Dont they learn)

    Playing with it was fun, you turned into a glass cannon (only about 2k HP), but deal good damage, and had to evade. It was not OP as people called it on its own. Its OPness came again from the fact that it scaled that good: Max moved at the same speed as infanty, making MAX crushs deadly. Also no one cared if a MAX was lost, you got rezzed anyway.

    -Resource revamp
    Terretory was important back then, Having three kind of recources was very nice. Fighting in a base with said recources refilled them, as did time. Bad side: It created snowballing, but hey, you could go to another continent....

    -Weak Infanty
    Really, Infanty was worth s h it back then, but it was still important to capture bases (needed to stay on the point for faster capture). THAT was combined arms!

    -Redeploy for every base.
    Steel rain!!! (Also steerable pods!)

    I dont know why they are decreasing , but they are!

    Note: As time passed on, the game developed, it had to. On some of my points i know that they changed for good, but i do still miss them. On the other hand we have some nice new features :)
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  18. Lucidius134

    PRelaunch tech plants. I remember holding out for a whole night in the southern Amerish one right before the servers went offline for launch. Players were just finding out how to reliably attack them with shield breaker sundies.

    As off as sounds, early beta VS Velocities? Everything travelled way slower for the no drop benefit
    Now vs are like the defacto ALL RANGE MODE faction. Their lower Velocities, Especially for av and dedicated energy weapons brought their engagement ranges much closer to NC and TR.

    Old school Saron was essentially the closest to a ps2 mbt setup in ps2

    Make small outposts only have flash and or sinderer terminals. Make MBTs tech plant only

    Vs shotty slugs having no drop

    VS having faction colors again instead of this dark purple camo
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  19. Lucidius134

    Infiltrator Shotgun is a CURSED concept

    Would be interested seeing it re added temporarily now that they have smgs which are kind of just better now anyways

    Back when shotgun Infilwas a thing shotguns were also op. They got nerfed in the same patch or week or two.

    They would have likely been fine after?
  20. No0T

    You forgot the spiker without charge time in the alternate fire mode we had in the test server... Otherwise I would be in.