[Suggestion] Bring back travel mode!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Cryptek, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Cryptek

    I used to use the TR MAX icon as well, despite being a dedicated VS (because it's the best looking MAX forum icon) But apparently some people have trouble understanding that your forum icon might very well not be your faction allegiance.
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  2. Skadi

    The fact my forum icon may not represent all my factions, mindblowing...

    Leave it to the PS2 community to use your avatar against you
  3. DoctorXqY

    For anyone who is frustrated over the Travel mode, and other things, appearing in a non-working manner on the test server, there's a very good explanation. When they are testing new features on their closed test servers, they may have 2-5 new features that are activated at a time. As the features go from dev test servers (the buggiest ones, just throwing **** out) to the stable closed test servers (still buggy, but the test players can still work on them) they have different builds. When an update is pushed to the public test, they have to manually remove all of the features from the build that they aren't ready for the PTS players to play with yet. The Travel Mode is probably being worked on, but it's not near the top of their list of priorities. They're really quite busy. On the other hand, I don't believe that the Stalker cloaking will be implemented, as I think it is too potent as a cloak, although I may be wrong, and TM was scrapped, and Stalker is being worked on, or they're both scrapped. We won't know until the features go live, although with another (admittedly small) max update coming in July, you might finally get your travel mode.
  4. Cryptek

    I'm less frustrated about it appearing and not working, I'm frustrated about how tight lipped they are about saying 'yes, MAXes will get travel mode now that we've removed their ability to instant action or squad deploy, making them entirely reliant on someone else to drive them around, which essentially has the effect of taking away your ability to chose which battlefield you want to go to'

    also July has gone and past, still no travel mode :-(
  5. PlayerOneSVK

    no ! Why ? Vehicles in PS1 got some shields....
  6. Sneakier

    "Incoming MAX units!"
  7. oherror

    Yes and yes its not like they stop for us anyway. I usually have to blast them with a few fracture shots to the back to get them to stop. Don't know why they didn't have a limit from PS1 anyway. actually never mind i do the dumbing down issues,
  8. thePankakeManne


    This would be a highly welcomed trait. I've had to run five kilometers in a MAX suit (several times) because no one wants me to ride in their bus. :eek:
  9. oherror

    Same though now i tend to shoot fractures at stupid sundy drivers till they stop....sometimes they die when they leave behind 3 maxes with fractures.....which i feel better about. Being left behind really pisses me off sometimes.
  10. thePankakeManne

    Indeed, it's annoying, but it can also lead to funny conversations afterwards.

    I considered starting an outfit of MAX marathon runners afterwards. :D
  11. SarahM

    A lot of great points have been made for the addition of a travel mode.

    I, for one, am in support of this idea.
  12. Babbylon

  13. AngusPrime

    Call me the necromancer because I call this beautiful idea back to life with the power of bump, this needs to happen.
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  14. Dakkaface

    Man, I leave for over a year and come back, still no MAX travel mode. Disappointing.