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  1. Pikachu

    Video game sci-fi warfare -> WW2 equipment with space paint and ww2 style warfare and some convenient techno magic added. :) Then lethality scaled down, exponentially for vehicles.
  2. ColonelChingles

    I disagree. In some respects, PS2 tanks are worse than WWI tanks. When it comes to muzzle velocity, for example, even the first cannon-armed WWI tank fired faster shells than what PS2 tank can work out.

    See, why can't we have awesome things? Instead all we have to work with is this garbage that leaves anyone who knows anything about tanks embarrassed to even include PS2's tank in the same category.

    Except for C4, anti-materiel rifles, small-calibre "rocket rifles", and pretty much everything else infantry can carry. Those are scaled up in terms of damage done to tanks.

    Oh, and let's not forget the crossbow that can penetrate tank armour. Seriously. This game is so ridiculously biased in favour of infantry that I don't see how anyone can be proud to be a PS2 rifleman. It's just too easy.
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  3. Pikachu

    People don't like much things more powerful than assault rifle. When infantry need bigger stuff to combat vehicles these weapons get special damage rules.

    What people really want in games, stuff that doesn't constantly get complaints usually boils down to this:
    ■ Big pistols, more damage than assault rifle but same magazine 'size' as regular pistols.
    ■ Assault rifles
    ■ Dumbfire low velocity rocket launchers that deals reduced damage against infantry.
    ■ Some fast moving vehicle armed with light machine gun or rocket launcher with reduced damage against infantry.
    ■ APC with light machine gun but not having to use it, teleport and redeploy everywhere.
    ■ Environment that is >95% Earth like and it's either in a desert or urban place. Noon, clear sky, no aerosols. The ground is flat and filled with chest high walls.
    ■ 1-2x scopes.
    ■ Frag hand grenades, with indicator.

    Examples of stuff people don't want:
    ■ Snipers
    ■ Shotguns
    ■ Vehicles that have vehicle firepower
    ■ Mines
    ■ Aircraft
    ■ Logistics
  4. ColonelChingles

    I would add that casual, incompetent players don't want a proper, combined arms game where different units are appropriately balanced and have to rely on teamwork to maximize combat effectiveness.
  5. Insignus

    I want logistics.



    No seriously, I actually like logistical problems.
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  6. Haquim

    But infantry DOES HAVE thermals.
    Its been some time since I used it, but I think it was called IRNV - infrared nighvision
  7. Dragora

    Personally I think the Thermal nerf was the last nail in the coffin for me. While I was never very good at it, especially against other ESFs who never seem to miss a single shot, supporting a large fight from the air with my ESF was one of the things that kept me coming back to this game. Now that's over, I've resolved to never spend another dime on this game until they changed it back, and I find I have no real desire to log in anymore just to play the infantry game which seems to favor the laggiest players from Korea.
  8. Vinson

    I primarily play HA and medic & infantry. I also put a lot of sundies down. Until now, the effort and group sometimes needed to take out armour seemed reasonable. I have been asotnished to see LA get rocket rifles, and the host of changes being patched in.

    Feels like people that cant play PS2 are dumbing it down to get more players.

    Instead, you should be building out capture objectives, the 2025 plan, and better training for players.

    You owe me over 1000 verts for nurfing thermals to uselessness. My opinion of this game and company is dropping like a rock with every patch.

    See this with arrogant devs over and over. Daybreak is trying to make money, but going about it in all the wrong ways. Death of this game could be imminent. This makes me sad.
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  9. Shadowdev

    The Thermal sight I bought was helpful, however this (Tactical whatever) garbage down grade makes the sight option almost worthless.
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  10. Eternaloptimist

    In my experience air tends to dominate small battles and sucks donkey balls in big battles - especially esfs. Why? well I guess there are more Planetmans toting some kind of AA weapon in a big fight and it generally takes more than one or two to kill a flyer before it can escape. Even concentrated fire from primaries is a threat in large quantities. Simple really.

    The question is why would anyone do that? Esfs mixing it with large numbers of ground pounders makes about as much sense as infils going head to head with other classes in a big fight.

    In fact, I quite like that infil analogy - lurk around the edges, swoop in and pick off an inattentive or isolated target now and then before pressing the F Off button on the side of your boot and getting the hell out. Still not going to make much of an impact though.
  11. Demigan

    Two things to note here:
    1: Tanks are actually powerful, and in the vein of why they are powerful just look at their cost. Compared to a full-scale MBT of 2,5 million or more dollars (for a cheaper real-life MBT), these PS2 MBT's are around 175 dollars and can damage any armor regardless of thickness or projectile size. This has to do with using deconstruction nanites in the projectiles that will turn anything to dust on contact. Any army commander will oh-so-gladly take these "dumbed down" tanks for all the abilities those tanks have for that cheap cheap price: Just like infantry being free and quick to repair? Check. Just like infantry being quick to replace? Check. Just like infantry being nigh impossible to incapacitate? Check. Just like infantry free and infinite energy/fuel? Check. Extremely lowering the stragetic importance of losing a tank on the battlefield? Check. The ability to swarm and destroy areal-life MBT? Check. Hell, even the very shells of a full-scale MBT are around 9 times more costly than one PS2 MBT. Yes, you can bleed your enemies resources dry just by pulling MBT's and having your enemy shoot real-life projectiles at it even if those projectiles OHK you!
    And all those advantages have only a few disadvantages. Your tank isn't up to par against C4 (which shouldn't be surprising, Auraxium C4 is as powerful as normal C4 and Aurax C4 basically creates a miniature portal to space). Infantry AV weapons can damage you, again not surprising as these weapons also carry nanites in them that slowly turn your tank to dust. You don't have all the fancy scopes and multiple weapon systems, but for the measly price of 175 dollars you should be happy that your tank can actually drive and withstand small-arms fire, let alone be capable of sporting two weapon systems with a relatively high rate of fire.

    2: If you look at the list, most of the weapons and things that players do not like are weapons and abilities that give you the feeling that you can't protect yourself against it.
    In many games people think aircraft are A OK, and they are. There's usually a bunch of weapons and abilities available to counter them, if not allow the player to kill the pilot with relative ease, and the aircraft are limited. It becomes a problem when the average player in the average kit won't be able to do anything to protect himself and can only sit there waiting for death.
    Also I don't know if you missed the memo but snipers are revered holy icons in 99% of the FPS games. OHK skill is the only skill for these players. Other skills such as being able to surprise-attack your opponent are horrendous crimes as it's not "fair", and you should funnel yourself into the exact playstyle of these players and get farmed which for some reason many people actually comply to.
  12. sovietwarbear NL

    ESf nerf oke so thy go more A2A then farm all day long A2G but how hell i go to use Zepher on lib or Ai gun on valk
  13. zeroxpain

    having a threat detection that dosnt see heavies and burst mexes as threats and giving us range to see tanks but nerfing the weapon that might have a small chance of taking it out breaker rockets only tickle armor so we have to kill soft sqirshy sheep
  14. Demigan

    These "tank tickling" weapons out-DPS the Vanguard and Lightning AP weapons. Also consider that it's easier to hit your target with these no shell drop weapons of high accuracy and that your target is practically incapable of escaping your crosshairs with the exception of the Harasser, not to mention the ability to avoid almost all forms of retaliation, and you can quickly see how these weapons are OP as hell.
    Even when used against infantry these rocketpods outperform just about anything on the ground. HE shells for instance can in practical combat only kill one guy at a time with a full hit. In the meantime rocketpods don't need full hits, virtually only need the skill to spot the enemy, can kill small groups of infantry at a time and can do so in one run without the infantry having any real chance of escaping or surviving unless the cover is litterally less than 0,5 seconds away, while you can happily survive for several rounds and reloads against an HE tank if you are lucky or if the skill of the HE spammer isn't that great.

    And that underlined thing there is the big fat truth isn't it? These easy-mode weapons were perfect. They had the DPS to deal with vehicles, the massive ease-of-use that barely warranted any more skill than "aim in the general direction" just to get a kill, and they had these scopes that made it impossible to miss seeing any enemy.

    Now many players will argue stuff like "but that G2A will scare you away in no time!". Well first of all you don't need any time at all to crush some infantry with these weapons, and second of all if you have a problem with current G2A suggest a solution then. And for you dumb ***** who think "nerf all G2A weapons" is a solution, only an idea that makes G2A weapons viable while also fun to have while being engaged by them is a solution. This means using the full scale of aircraft maneuverability to dodge G2A fire (and adding some extra maneuverability abilities for cruising-speed aircraft to pull off), this means creating G2A weapons that can actually kill, but require skill to do so. Skillful G2A weapons will also instantly solve the problem with range, as greater range increases the skill required to hit, making it harder to lock down an area while still keeping G2A weapons lethal if you get in their area of control.
  15. freeAmerish

    Seems their is something that you hate more than tanks.
  16. EViLMinD

    I've got hundreds... (likely) thousands of hours using guns equipped with thermals. I often solo Ants and Harassers (because the average NC is a horrible gunner), so highlighted infantry markers were vital to my success/survival. Or... so I assumed. Since the thermals change, things have been fine. The farm is still alive. I just rely more on scout/proxy radar. A lot more.

    DBGs change makes things harder, sure, but I do think it is fair. Thermals are still viable. They were too effective versus infantry. Now they are better versus vehs. Not all bad.

    This change to thermals, combined with the heavy nerf to the fury and bulldog, does make finding skilled gunners even more important though. That really sucks. But, I can adapt. Have to.

    Suggestion: DBG should let all unlocked optics be accessible. Instead of the owner picking just one optic, let the gunner cycle through what's been unlocked. Pick the one that suits the moment. Can't see how that would be op.
  17. Mightykitten

    If they bring back thermals then they need something to counter it
    or have a short ranged version only
  18. Demigan

    Did you ever notice the threads I made detailing my idea's to give tanks things like C4 protection on mineguard, co-ax guns for tanks, upgraded HE and HEAT canons to set them better apart from AP guns, upgrades to AI canons and a whole bunch of other upgrades?

    Because you are a dumb **** who thinks I'm trying to create infantryside despite a million-and-one things I've said on these forums saying otherwise? Because you can only argue with me if I'm "in their camp vs my camp"? Because you can't understand the philosophy of "make sure both infantry and tanks are fun to play"? Because all you think off is "omg I paid resources, now I shouldn't require any skill at all to curbstomp anything in my sight!"?

    Use your brain, if you have one you stupid fornication.
  19. freeAmerish

    Sure someone must be the dumbest of the dumb. Protecting this ridiculous nerf is Infantryside at its best.
    What do you think, how many will quit and how many will join the game bcause of the latest nerfs?
  20. Demigan

    Something about a kettle and seeing black here you filthy hypocrite?

    You blame me for protecting infantryside, while you are protecting anything even remotely tied to vehicles "cus vehicles". In the meantime I'm protecting anything that will promote better and more enjoyable gameplay for as many players as possible, while trying to break down the walls between infantry and vehicles so no one feels left out. Changing Thermals was a part of that.