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  1. PlanetBound

    LOL. You are making a joke.
  2. FirePhox

    *** thermals and *** the aholes who abused them for so long.

    Probably drove so many people away from this game.
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  3. Klabauter8

    It's pretty rude that they don't even refund the certs for this. And the real farmers (ie Libertardors) will be able to farm regardless of thermals or not.
  4. zeroxpain

    1 It was working as intented to soften up large swarts of infrentry that press ahead without aircover

    2 Probably making that up
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  5. Eternaloptimist

    Devs may well tweak thermals at a later date - Wrel implied as much.

    In the meantime, as I only play infantry I've never had the luxury of a farming aid that I know of. So IDK what I'd be missing, or how I'd feel about it if they took it away.

    I did get some early success with NV sight on my primary but soon found the limited range at which it worked (and my less than perfect aiming) brought Its own disadvantages, so I dropped it in favour of 2x combat sight.
  6. Tehnomaagik

    There are flares, so they cant hit "unconditionally" as far as I understand.
  7. zeroxpain

  8. LaughingDead

    It's not fearmongering. It's simply they did x and they didn't do y when they said they would do y, I am simply stating that assuming they will do x but say they will do y in return will not always yield y.
  9. DemonicTreerat

    No more easy mode clear-scope cheat for you. Time to learn to locate targets and spot them just like everyone else.
    Hey maybe if you worried less about farming infantry and more on killing the Sunderer they're spawning from you could actually contribute to the fight instead of being another dead weight no body.

    Oh right. Pilot. Doesn't give a rats rear about his side winning since he'll just blame everyone else. All he cares about is making his epeen look bigger.
  10. QQmore

    Sure is a lot of vitriol going towards pilots on here. It makes me wonder, if farming is so easy from the air then why aren't you mouth breathing infantry mans in the air farming since it's so darn easy?! Oh, I know why, because you're all scrubs that cry every time you die.

    You will die a lot in Planetside 2. Guess what kills more people than anything in this game? Small arms. Maybe it should be nerfed.

    Go look up the stats spergs and you will find that A2G weapons account for a very small % of total deaths.

    For the record, I gave up flying a long time ago when it was clear the devs of this game hated it. It's too bad too because this game has some really fun flight mechanics. Oh well, glad I auraxed my airhammer before it's 5th nerf. Back to farming sunderers with my SAS-R. OMG CLOAK OP PLS NERF
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  11. Beppe

    Now A2G is useless... banshee m30 and ppa are useless (Give me back cert!!). This **** update ruined so much the varied gameplay.
    I blame dat **** **** infantry because they know only play Infantry and cry when die by A2G (I say to these people learn to fly instead crying).
    Planetside is awesome because offers so much type of gamplay and you are free to play as you want. Now is unbalanced because infantry have so much G2A and plane dont have nothing for defend. This game is seriously unbalanced and the gameplay has been compromised ... so I say:

  12. zeroxpain

    the salt is over 9000 maybe you shoud spend som time looking up instent of down you wont get farmed like the sheep you ar
  13. Demigan

    Aaand when was that again? During SOE right? Hasnt the New development team shown its prowess in generating content? Sure there are a lot of misses between them, but theres just as much complaints just because you cant satisfy everyone.

    So yes, it is fearmongering. "that old team that we had once promised x and y but only did x! So the New team is going to do it again!"
    Ofcourse you simultaneously ignore that if they HAD done y as well that the game had suffered for it immensely, and that it was all the reason not to do y despite the promise.
  14. FateJH

    In my case, it's that if I think something is unfair, I avoid trying to reciprocate. I don't believe there is anything gained by risking making other players feel the same way I do.

    Seeing as it involves flying, however, there are other considerations too.
    Like that it involves what I find the least enjoyable part of the many ways I could play this game.
  15. Bombtruck

    Totally support bringing back Thermals.
    It was available and equal to all factions, why nerf it?
    While I'm driving around, looking for "Threats" using "Threat detection".....looking for mines or a distant tank.......I've never ran over so many of my own faction!
    It is also bugged, I have seen a few enemy infantry with thermals just as if it had never been nerfed. Only a very few, like 1 a day. I am presuming it is to do with load-out choice. I also see some folks still with Halloween masks on. Probably same bug.
    Without Thermals in Air or ground vehicles, we have to rely on known zones where enemy always park sundy's etc. And we also rely on good Q spotting, then from distance, take out the grid square. To get close enough to see them by eye, means tank is C4'd or ESF is taken out very quickly with ordinary weapons.
  16. adamts01

    Arma 3, air is awesome, and there are never enough good pilots.
  17. BxRuce

    Create an anti-thermal suit for the infantry that they can cert up and bring back thermal detection. (Idea from Cilaru that I support)
  18. Tar

  19. Demigan

    "because theres one weapon functioning almost as it should, all the weapons in the category are fine!"

    Terrible. Argument.
  20. willowstyle

    there are so much ******* menace against esf with no cover for them with a poor afterburner nerfed until the death, and now they remove thermal...
    lol this game, it became completly *****, they hate so much esf :(