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  1. Hajakizol

    If the devs nerf something that was there for years maybe they never intended for it to be that way it was just left ofr more importatnt things. The age of thermal is over and the peasants rejoice.
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    YEARS and not working as intended lol? Seems like it would have been fixed in weeks or days. But it doesn't matter most have learned to continue the farm without thermal. I guess it was just a way of weeding out the lower level iqs in vehicle usage.
  6. willowstyle

    plz someone post a video of descent esf infantery farming without thermal on hot spot.
    since esf need constant v-thrust/roll moving and/or fast hit and run to prevent all those rocket/AA/Gun/Tank focusing on you you cant see anything without thermal, that was a good balance, they broke it.
  7. BrbImAFK

    Lazy dude is lazy.....

    30s on youtube gave me this, from last week. The music sucks, and it's a montage rather than uncut gameplay, but here you go...

    So, no.... thermals aren't necessary, they were a crutch, and an OP one at that. I have absolutely no problem reverting thermals to exactly how they were right as soon as we get decent, skill-based AA that is actually lethal to aircraft, as opposed to being a "deterrent" which doesn't even deter half the time.
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  8. zeroxpain

    as they ar now threat detection is almost useless i usally see tanks and other aircraft way before they com into the range of the threat detection
  9. willowstyle

    lucky guy on beginers busy on a hard menace in front and on a clear clean ground, maybe 1 or 2 guy shooting at him in this small pack.
    No AA/turrets/tank/rocket/skyguard to 1shot him when you usually do this type of approach.
    to identify target he need flat approach usually exposing you too much, cause as soon as you hard move your canon sight texture become blury and no moving infantery target not spoted are indistaguable from ground.
    Usually you do like him on really hot spot you are instant dead before detecting someone and cant escape safe (particularly without afterburner slot)
    usually in this type of situation you cant be so slow, you need to rush from sky or from behind/under structure (building/mountain) and hard slow on predicted target zone to send few shoot while v-thrusting/rolling before rushing away as soon you receive the 1st shoot.
    with thermal you could do this and shooting 1-2 sc in the most yellow mass and hoping some kills before rushing away at the 1st damages (cause of course the lag mechanism of this game in hard fight alert you from damage maybe 1sc too late, this is enough to nearly instant kill you without warning..)
    and this video point another pb, no max infantery poping at 100 meter (30 meter if you dont slow down from a crazy far distance exposing you too much time before begining to shoot) when they saw you from 1000m.

    all of this made the thermal balanced.

    i insist, since there are AA/turrets/tank/rocket/skyguard who see you coming from 1000m, since you need to rush while hard dodging supposed menace, stoping at 50 meter, identify your target in 1sc before shooting while 3sc if you are lucky and then fast hiding if you keep some afterburner, thermal was balanced.
    But since there are more infantery to cry on esf farmer compared to esf pilot, they sanctioned the minority.
    injustice, unbalance.

    if there were no spoting limitation and you could see/spot infantery from 1000m , maybe this could be balanced.
    i agree with you when you say they could buff AA without removing thermal. (but they prefered nerf AA turret to useless 500m, crazy stupid devs...)
    sry for english.
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    I Vote NO :
    Yeah I miss being able to farm that big bright white silhouette of an easy kill. I've spammed countless piles of enemies by farming with lawl pods, Marauders and Kobalts.
    It's a farm assisting device. With use of a bit more skill and determination, the same affect can be done without thermals.

    Old Thermals = OP Crutch