Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. SenEvason

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  2. MisterBond

    I was going to say something similar, but I didn't want to stoop to his level
  3. uhlan

    No, I have to disagree...

    I'm still going to use LA because it isn't the c4 that's the key to the class. It's the ability to get to places others can't and to attack unconventionally via the jet-pack.

    People will still use the Infiltrator as well as the resources to that class don't keep it from performing it's primary function... stealth.
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  4. Gambitual

    Only quoting to receive your attention, I have nothing to say about this specific quote.

    This is what the devs want. They WANT resources to be limited in the way that they are for you. They WANT you to not be able to pull a tank after playing infantry using infantry consumables. This is their game and they are entitled to put this system in, especially considering the majority of posters in this thread, myself included, are in favor. You play their game. While that gives you some say in how things should be developed (less so if you are F2P), you have to understand that the devs are taking this game in a certain direction.

    And while you may ignore me, this system reinforces specialization. Is it hard specialization like in WoW or similar games? No. But you are now forced to choose between using your resources on infantry consumables or MAXes or tanks or sunderers or aircraft.

    As for your tower defense argument, yeah you kind of specialized your defense into rocket towers. Now you have to wait for some arbitrary amount of time to specialize further by using more rocket towers or give your defense some flexibility by switching to something different like rapid-fire arrow towers. However, logic is flawed here as we're using the apparently subjective definition of specialization, an MMOFPS, and tower defense games all in one argument.
  5. Aegie

    Really, the pairing of C4 with the Jetpack is the strongest thing about LA.

    What places are you referring to? Other than trees there really are not that many places that are LA exclusive and only a fraction of those are places even worth being in the first place.

    Let alone that the strength of being ^ instead of > must be weighed against the strengths of the other classes like infinite healing/rezzing/repairing/rockets/shield/cloak/radar darts/ammo/infinite rocket turrets/ etc.

    LA, IMO, is probably still the class that is the most fun (at least for me) but it has never been on par with the other classes and the data has born this out time and time again.

    The only positive thing for LA about this change (since really it is just a nerf that hits them most strongly) is that maybe now that C4 is more precious the LA can actually get some love and not be so lackluster. I doubt it because it is a class with an ability that still requires skill to be effective, unlike the push-button power other classes have.
  6. Degenatron

    Step 1: People complain about a lack of strategy.
    Step 2: Introduce Scarcity - a key tenant of any strategy game.
    Step 3: People **** themselves because they had no idea what they were actually asking for.

    Congratulations Forumside, for living down to my expectations each and every time.
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  7. Aegie

    The issue here is that it seems quite obvious that infantry consumables <<< vehicles/maxs (force multipliers).

    C4 may be strong in certain situations but is the potential of a few bricks of C4 ~= the potential of an MBT, ESF, Liberator, Sunderer, Galaxy, MAX? Hardly.

    And C4 is far from the only infantry consumable.

    So now throwing a few flash bangs, or smoke bombs, or EMPs = the potential of a vehicle? That makes me laugh.

    I think it is going to be funny to see how this plays out, maybe I am wrong but I see some back peddling coming.

    Honestly, all this means to me is that I will never throw another flash bang (they were always mediocre at best) or smoke (pointless but even more so now, just use the UBGL) or likely any grenade. I might still use C4 from time to time (I never spammed it to begin with) but I doubt it because everything I think I see a good use for it I will think "yes, but is the possibility that it is not wasted greater than what I could do with my [insert well certed vehicle here]" and the answer will always be "nope, not by a long shot".
  8. Nexus545

    I'm sure the point is to reinforce going for continent locks and to manage your resources better. I don't see the problem. If someone can't afford C4 or keep pulling tanks because they spent all their resources that is the way it should be.
  9. DrButtes

    You earn 250 resources every 5 minutes as a free player. With the 3 resource system on a contested continent you would be lucky to earn 75+ of each resource every 5 minutes. Stop all your whiny crying post MisterBond.
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  10. DrButtes

    Also LOL if you can't pull a tank and keep it alive for over 5 minutes. Do have zero situational awareness?
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  11. Aegie

    A good point, but the problem is that this scarcity only applies to specific items.

    Engineers still have free infinite infinite-ammo rocket turrets, HAs still have free infinite ammo rockets.

    True, there is a cost for vehicles and we would hope this may make them more precious except that, once pulled, they can resupply ammo indefinitely. Moreover, making certain things, like vehicles, more expensive just means that it will be that much more difficult/expensive/unlikely to counter the people who have highly certed vehicles and a fair amount of skill. Of course, the latter is not that big of an issue but I do think it will result in a greater proportion of vehicles being ace and being more difficult to counter.
  12. Nexus545

    Another thing is that it encourages thoughtful play. No more trying to rush a Sunderer behind that rock over by the enemy base through fire or risking a few kills for your tank. Yeah you can pull another faster but you could waste all your nanites.
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  13. Revanmug

    Actually, the new ressource system is a massive nerf to people playing different role (aka using all the previous ressources) and to main infantry since you can't stockpile anymore. Also, the ressource gain per XP has been remove creating one of the most massive nerf to anyone that can actually play this game.

    Of course, with the removal of CD, it is a massive buff to anymore that like spamming 1 type of vehicle/MAX.

    Expect to see more MAX and vehicle camping your spawn as people realise they can just stick to them. C4 and AV nade will be less common since you can't stockpile them. Result? The spam hasn't been fix. That system did jack ****.
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  14. Degenatron

    Scarcity is critical to strategy. The problem before was that there was no repercussions of bad gameplay. I was just as guilty as anyone. I'm not a pilot, so I would grab a Reaver, zoom over to the front line and abandon it. That's a bad choice now.

    We have these really cool vehicles called "Sunderers" that no one uses for transporting troops. Or if they do, it's like 4 guys in a squad and the thing is locked for everyone else. Now maybe people will actually USE these things for their intended purpose instead of just burning a flash to get from point A to B.

    You want to drive a tank? Great, but you better take care of it. It'll be a while before you can grab another. And by "awhile", I mean "nine WHOLE minutes if you have ZERO nanites" (whooptie-friggin-doo). If you can't last nine minutes in a tank, you don't need to be driving one.

    People around here need to get a grip and knock it off with this Chicken Little "The sky is falling!" crap.
  15. Degenatron

    Engineers who use AV turrets these days are suicidal. With the range limit and the reduced hitbox of the turret, they are sniper bait. HAs are more likely to be carrying AA rockets these days because of the Lib-Spam which means dumb-firing at ground vehicles - and that's good gameplay IMO.

    Thinning out the vehicle spam and ensuring those you do see are good drivers is a good thing. It makes them like a mini-boss on the battlefield.
  16. Shinrah

    You know who gets hurt the most by this patch? The people that DO ADAPT. Adapting means pulling that sundy if no one lese does, it means pulling that Burster MAX when no one else cares about AA, it means C4´ing that AI tank that farms the lemmings who don´t even look around for whats killing them. It means pulling the appropriate counters to any given situation, wether thats infantry + explosives, tanks, max, aircraft whatever.

    This new system seriously restricts players who adapt according to the situation. It forces you into one role and doesn´t even hand you a prayer book to use when you realize 95% of your fellow players don´t bother to switch away from their HA to do whats needed.
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  17. DrButtes

    How exactly does it force you into one role? Resources come in fast, you are not stuck in anything. Worst case scenario you pull a tank and drop your resources to 0 in which case you will have to wait a couple minutes before pulling another tank, just like how it was in the old system if you depleted all your vehicle resources.
  18. Paragon Exile

    There's nothing that brightens up my day like watching an OP with a bad opinion get torn to shreds.

    This is a classic case of whining about what you requested specifically, tough luck :3
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  19. Aegie

    I disagree. I think higher cost for some explosives while others remain free and spammable just means more people migrate to the free and spammable explosives.

    There is even less incentive to play LA so there is greater emphasis on the other assault class (HA) that comes with many more class exclusives, is tankier, and can spam OHK explosives all day long.

    If there are fewer vehicles there will be fewer dedicated AV RLs as well- at the very least there would be a greater incentive to carry the Annihilator since it can be dumbfired as well.

    Like I said, people who spammed explosives before did so for a reason- that reason still exists but now only specific types of explosives are spammable, hence those spammable explosives will be spammed with greater frequency.

    I can say for a fact that I will be a lot less likely to use flash bangs, smoke grenades, concussion grenades, frag grenades, and probably even revive grenades. Now, when I see a hardened target as a LA I will be much more likely to either avoid the target altogether, pull a vehicle or MAX myself, or (the cheap trick) just switch to HA and spam my free rockets.

    At least for me then, the end result will, one way or the other, be an increase in vehicle/MAX explosives spam or HA explosive spam. Since once you have a vehicle/MAX or HA there is no cost associated with your explosives there is no disincentive to spam them, you get more explosive spam.
  20. Degenatron

    "Hey look! I'm going to use the words 'Pay 2 Win', even though I have no idea what they mean!"

    I'm running a sub and I'm running a Heroic Resource Boost. Does that mean that if I see you on the battlefield, you won't be able to kill me? Do I have a more powerful gun? Stronger armor? Do I run faster or shoot more accurately because of my boosts? In fact, do I have access to ANYTHING you yourself don't have access to? Is there a pay-wall for you?


    Why not? Because this isn't Pay 2 Win. You can kill me just as easy as anyone else. So maybe you should stop using words until you know what they mean.
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