Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. dsty

    The main issue is i do not trust soe every time they patch they break something else the old system was fine
  2. r4zor

    Actually it (the old system) wasn't fine, see my posts above :p It allowed excessive spamming of grenades and overuse of force multipliers leading to several problems.
  3. Scudmungus

    Seen a lot a great infantry players taking names - and most of them have relied heavily on Medikits.

    I've also been hearing a lot of complaints - fear, really - that such kits won't be as accessible.

    Of course, the same can be applied to a vehicle/grenade type/any other resource.

    It's not a new fear/complaint - some folks find a certain something that they then choose to define a playstyle around - which in itself isn't a crime/a problem.

    However, not being prepared to adapt - or simply reacting with fear before engaging with change?

    ...well, thankfully some folks stick to whining in real life.

    As a fair few folks have made clear - focusing on a role (which doesn't mean being forced to ignore all others) will still provide great returns. Of course, it does imply a certain quality of choice that we must all learn to practice.
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  4. Astealoth

    Play the update before posting alarmist garbage. They made resources tick every 60 seconds instead of every 5 minutes. And now you always get your resource tick full power no matter where you are. You have a solid 5 times the resources at your disposal now. Demanding the old system back is just asking to be nerfed. You can chain spawn everything now as long as you aren't dying on the spawn platform.
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  5. MisterBond

    I played on the test server, it sucked there, it sucks now, I voiced my concerns, but didn't pressure the issue that much because they said they were "Tuning it"

    And by "Tuning it" they meant "Kept it exactly the way it was on test server"

    Its hilarious only forumside is defending this, even 4chan and reddit thinks this is insane.
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  6. quatin

    1. The act of specializing or the process of becoming specialized.
    2. Biology
    a. Adaptation, as of an organ or organism, to a specific function or environment.
    b. A character, feature, or organism resulting from such adaptation.

    Just because you made up your own criteria for what is effective "specialization", does not make it the standard of specialization.

    This resource revamp is specialization. You can't spam vehicle and infantry resources at the same time. Ergo, specialization. This is not some ludicrously narrow specialization effect, but it is more limiting than the previous resource system where you can never play infantry and cycle through vehicles.
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  7. MisterBond

    The resource revamp is resource management. If you're playing a tower defense game and you use up all your resources setting up rocket towers, are you specialized in rocket towers or did you just spend all your resources on rocket towers?
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  8. Alizona

    Well, I got 750 nanites and then I saw my Scythe cost me 350 - almost half. That really made me nervous.

    But I flew around a bit, repaired a few turrets, and looked at my TAB screen... nanites were already back to 750!

    So my initial impression was... wow, that's a LOT of points... but my next impression was... well that isn't so bad.

    I'll give it some time, unfortunately I don't have time today to keep playing and keep testing the new stuff out. Have fun y'all.
  9. RobotNinja

    New Nanite system explained:

  10. Sghignifiss

    Everyone gain 50 nanites per minute, what would you expect? It takes 7 minutes to have back your full resources after a scythe. All these pages of complains are from people that cannot keep alive their toys for more than 5 minutes.
  11. Faark

    Well, as mentioned earlier had the old system 3 gameplay effects:
    - It made Tanks/Air/Max/C4&Co valuable
    - It made players (especially new ones) switch roles instead of always playing Tank/Air/Max
    - It made controlled areas matter

    The last one isn't that important anymore due to continent locking. The second is just gone and the first one is either p2w or doesn't matter anymore, depending on how they balance those prices. Yes the old system had a bunch of issues and definitively needed a revamp, but this dumbed down version doesn't improve gameplay in any way.
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  12. MisterBond

    So you flew around and did nothing and got all your resource points back.

    The issue is people who are actively fighting non-stop will find themselves out of resources constantly.
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  13. DK22

    I think his problem is they are 'forcing' a play style on him. and I think I would agree.
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  14. MisterBond

    If they just took out the cert timers and raised the resource cost on Libs etc to like 600+ we would have had zero problems with the old system.

    But ya know, gotta get people to sub somehow, P2W!
  15. MisterBond

    I love how everyone assumes other things other than the issue at hand, its quite hilarious.
  16. RyanGUK

    Hahaha oh man, have you even played the new resource system on PTS? It's great. I prefer it to the old one and I honestly haven't noticed any problems with not being able to spawn something unless I've been really careless in spamming.

    @Above post MisterBond, there is no issue. You are creating an issue. There is no issue.
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  17. uhlan

    Well, something had to be done about Planetsiege 2.

    This resource revamp is a step toward that goal.

    It will also moderate the use of force multipliers.

    It may also cause people to play more than their prefered play style and adopt one that suits the combat at hand.

    If your LA doesn't have enough c4 to spam, well, maybe that person might be more likely to change to a medic and revive that dead max on the floor. Or maybe go further to repair it... things like that.

    I'm not counting on that last one, but there's always hope.

    This game is supposed to be one where the highlight is the ability to switch out to any class to perform actions for the good of the faction.

    Even with all the resource changes, it won't affect my game much as I have always changed my class as the situation warranted and never ran out of anything in particular.
  18. MisterBond

    Because you can't use resources that well, everyone is just going to stick with three classes for combat

    HA for rockets

    Engineer for ammo

    Medics for revives. Hell, you're probably going to see 6x the medics now just so people don't lose fights.
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  19. Surfwreck

    Yeah I played this on PTS too for a week and you can basically spawn anything you want about every 5 minutes. It's really not as bad as people are making it sound. Especially if you have membership the times are even lower.

    On PTS with a 7 day boost on a FTP character I had to wait about 3 minutes at the most to pull a MAX.
  20. Tyrant103

    Why didn't you say something before? Is that because you supported it along with everyone else that jumped on the idea that suddenly decided it doesn't work? Like an idiot? Typical forumside.
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