Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Alizona

    They can do whatever they want to... it's their game.

    As for me, I will likely continue to run on my own two feet to get to where I need to go instead of pulling a vehicle that I really don't need. It just takes more time to run instead of drive or fly... and time is the most abundant resource for me, personally. I have a lot more time to spend than money or SC.
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  2. libbmaster

    Or you could have spoken up before the changes went live.

    But you didn't so we go our way.

    This lays the foundation for the NTU system, a core gameplay mechanic from PS1 that added many extra layers of depth and strategy to the game.

    Most importantly, it gave advantages to underpoped factions.
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  3. JesNC

    I'm not telling you to do anything. I'm merely asking you to try to adapt.

    I doubt you ever tried the new system on PTS and I sincerely believe this thread is nothing but a preemptive whinefest.
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  4. Heretic

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  5. MisterBond

    A 10 year old child programming in basic can make a script in 1 minute saying

    -If populations even, each population gets 50 resources
    -If populations uneven by A%, underpopulated faction gets +A% more resources per tick, overpopulated population gets -A% less resources per tick

    Math em hard!
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  6. MisterBond

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  7. Heretic

    Your post pretty much said that you were angry you couldn't chain pull vehicles as much any more. I.E less HE farming etc.
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  8. MisterBond

    Here's the deal, I never did chain pull vehicles.

    I play about 95% of my game time as infantryside, meaning I'm constantly pulling grenades, medkits whatever to win.

    But when I needed to I could race back to a vehicle station and deploy a tank/galaxy/sunderer etc whatever if we needed one badly in order to help our offensive.

    Now I can't do that period, either I never throw grenades, use medkits etc or I just give up pulling vehicles period.

    The new system sucks, all there is to it.
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  9. doombro

    Are you such an inexperienced player that you find yourself throwing grenades or using medkits every single minute? Because you'll be getting enough resources to do just that.

    And if you pull a vehicle, all the costs are covered in 9 minutes tops.
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  10. FateJH

    No. From the original thread, under the topic System Overview, the exact words used are "Removal of XP generating resources." We determined that includes, if there are other mechanisms in the game, getting resources for killing things. The basic idea is to avoid are positive feedback loops which lead to spammability - pulling a MAX in an Infantry resource BioLab defense, for example, and recouping the cost using reckless kills rather than judicious MAX survivability.
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  11. MisterBond

    "Durrr da only reason you hate da new system cuz yew SUCK! Ya dats it!"

    Nice ad hominem attack.
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  12. doombro

    Nice strawman.

    See? I too can throw around terms that make me seem smarter than I actually am.

    And let's completely ignore the part where I informed you that you would essentially have access to more grenades than you're reasonably going to throw.
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  13. Inex

    Don't worry, I'm here to help!

    You're confusing the old res every 5 minute system with the new res every 1 minute system (maybe on purpose, but there's probably others making the same mistake - let's help them. :)).

    In the old system, you'd get enough res for C4 (100 Inf) every 5 min or so. A grenade (45 inf) was every 2.5 min, roughly. If you were getting pushed out of the continent, these could get even longer. Occasionally you'd be in a Biolab that gives Inf as a bonus (wave hello Allatum! :D ) and Inf would flow free... but usually not.

    In the new system, you get 50 res per minute at a fixed rate (at least until phase 2 of the revamp). That means you get a non-HE grenade every 30 seconds, normal grenades every minute and the big boom stuff every 90 seconds. For every C4 you used to be able to get, now you'll have 3! Explosives will flow like they never did before (Except in Allatum... wave sadly Allatum :().

    As long as you can survive 60 seconds, you'll be able to throw a grenade every spawn. But if you ration yourself a bit, you can bring your explosive spam back down to pre-revamp levels, and save some of those nanites for the very big boom items - MBTs and Liberators.

    So those of you who don't track what's going on in the test server (yet somehow still frequent the forums... :eek:), MisterBond doesn't actually have any idea what he's talking about. The new system is better for nearly everybody.
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  14. MisterBond

    The hell? What false quotation?

    "Are you such an inexperienced player that you find yourself throwing grenades or using medkits every minute? That's all its going to cost you."

    How else is this supposed to be interpreted? You clearly said the reason I hate the new system is because I am a bad player and I'm using all my resources to stay alive as infantry, that is clearly what you said.

    There is no false quotation here, and there is a strawman though so you get a cookie, but the main point still stands.

    Is there some other way I'm supposed to be taking "Are you such an inexperienced player?" Is there some magical context of these words that is not obvious?
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  15. Shatters

    You forget to mention how the new resource system also gives 60 resources/minute=300 resource/5 minutes.

    The new resource system basically means that you can specialize into a single class/vehicle better then before, but cycling trough ESF-->MBT-->MAX-->ESF is punished.

    Except is isnt that easy 99.9% of the time. But if you were a real developer you would know that i quess.
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  16. doombro

    I didn't say you were a bad player, I just said that the system would only inconvenience you if you were a bad player.

    It's you that came to the conclusion that you were a bad player, not me.

    And quoting me with things I didn't actually say is misquoting me. It's not rocket science.
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  17. r4zor

    See it this way:

    You got ~50 resources every four minutes contributing to the Air, Ground and Infantry pool.

    You get 50 nanites every minute contributing to one resource pool (with partly reduced costs -> e.g. Sunderer, Harasser, Flash)

    For someone who is mainly infantry, this will be beneficial since he will no longer accumulate unused resources (Air & Ground)
    For someone who is mainly a tanker, this will be beneficial since he will no longer accumulate unused resources (Air & Infantry)
    For someone who is mainly in aircraft, this will be beneficial since he will no longer accumulate unused resources (Ground & Infantry)

    You also get basically (on average) 33% more resource (due to the change from 4 min to 1 min) than before.
    Buying a transport vehicle will now be cheaper for you as well (200 Nanites Sunderer, 50 Nanites Flash etc).

    This is all beneficial in that it promotes mixed arms instead of just spamming one Tank/Max/ESF after the other. And for most people the high resource income will rather quickly allow to pull a new vehicle even if you died in your first.
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  18. MisterBond

    Quit trying, accept the fact you tried to imply the only reason I don't like the new system is cause I'm a bad player.
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  19. Sghignifiss

    I'm not even going to read all this. I stopped reading near after the title. You, sir, are wrong.
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  20. Alizona

    But under the old system, I had a routine that worked. I'd use as many C4's as I needed to, without worry. At the end of my session, I'd go to the continent that offered the most resource points to refill my C4 back to "40 each/750 points", and I'd play on that continent until I had maxxed my supply... and then I'd leave the game.

    Under the new system, who knows... I didn't play on the test server. At least I won't have to switch continents anymore to implement my strategy. I hope it's a better system and not a worse one!
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