Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. MisterBond

    If you go out and kill stuff, you got far more resources a minutes.

    Killing at least 3 people a minute even as a F2P player I was near max resources at all times, plus 40 nades/mines/C4 etc constantly stocked.

    Now? Good luck.
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  2. Kasai

    What it seems to me wasn't necessarily to prevent spamming or to reduce the amount of consumables that can be used on a consistent basis, but rather to prevent stockpiling and short term overuse of resources. The way it stands now, if you have the 40 stockpiled C4, you drop 2 c4, die, respawn and repeat that every 30 seconds for long enough that whatever problem you were trying to c4 is most likely destroyed. Failing that, after buying your 7-8 additional C4 you can pull a MBT, a lightning, a lib and then a ESF. You can do all of this literally without ever worrying about resources. Choosing to use these consumables should be a conscious decision, not something that you are able to spam constantly because you have a huge stockpile saved up.

    Not to mention the fact that gaining resources regardless of territory control definitely adds a lot of situations where you will have significantly more resources available than before. It's not too uncommon to only be receiving 50-70 resources of a given type per 5 minute period. Even combining the gains of the current resources (lets say +80 per 5 minute of each) you'll still be better off with the new system, especially if you look at it as compared to a winning faction on that given contenent.

    I'm all for the changes. It promotes thoughtful action and deliberate use of resources rather than stockpiling and then pulling 5 different vehicles and 20 c4 from nowhere.
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  3. JesNC

    First off, infantry rockets don't kill tanks - unless you were caught wide open with your pants down.

    And if you feel "forced" to use infantry consumables instead of pulling vehicles you made your choice, I'm sorry.
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  4. MisterBond

    So go post on whatever thread you want to post about it there then, or talk about the resource revamp there then.

    Going "No don't post in this thread go post in other threads!" I equate you to a 10 year old child who is upset he's not getting all the attention.

    If you want to talk about the topic here, feel free, otherwise if you're just going to gripe about this topic go somewhere else.
  5. MisterBond

    Says you, I can aim rockets quite well, even decimator ESF's

    And your statement makes no sense, if I "Feel" forced? What does this mean? I feel forced to spend resources on a grenade to throw into a room has just added a minute to me getting a vehicle? That I have to make the decision constantly that I'd be better off dying in the game rather than keeping my butt alive because I don't have any resources?

    This system rewards P2W players to a scope far beyond normal, all SOE is doing is driving the F2P player away completely, but hey, if you want to play on servers populated with 100 P2W players max feel free to do so.
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  6. TomoB

    I hope that at least I'll get extra resources by killing enemies etc. like I did before, sounds boring if it's always the same 50/min.
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  7. Shinrah

    Specialization would´ve been a good course of action at launch. But like I mentioned they decided to rather nerf the lethality of VHC´s and consumeables for 2 years than reduce their amount. Now they suddenly nerf the amount but ignore the fact that they have been nerfing them for years? That´s stupid. It´s especially stupid for any new player or f2p player.

    Infantryside has won another huge victory. It´s way too easy to destroy VHC´s to limit their numbers further. And SOE did everything to make em flimsy. They can´t just come in now and make em expensive to pull aswell.

    Also explosives are way too expensive now. Previously you could buy em with a resource that was basically an explosive resource. Unless you were a dedicated MAX player infantry resources = explosive resources.

    If you consider how often grenades are having no effect, or are thrown precautionary and what they cost now. Or how many C4 packs and AT / AI mines just never trigger or get blown up before they are useful? Not sure it´s worth spending resources on them if you need those for other stuff aswell.

    Not to mention that even the tiny bit of tactical depth that might have been there due to different territories awarding different resources has also been vanquished. During the Miller / Woodman serversmash Miller did take resource distribution into account and tried to ensure sufficient air resources were maintained to keep air superiority on their side. This is also no longer a point of concern for any outfit or any alert. I´m not saying it was a major factor for most people, but it was at least a tiny bit of meta for _some_.
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  8. JesNC

    A decimatored ESF is pretty much the definition of "being caught wide open with your pants down".

    And no, you'd not be better of dying - you'd be better off playing conservatively and letting your fellow infantry grunts handle the grenade spam.

    Because you have to choose whether to play infantry- or vehicle-centric.

    Give the new system a shot for a couple of days. You'll eventually get a grasp on the concept.

    They're not more expensive, quite the contrary actually. The frequency in how often you can pull any vehicle will be noticably increased.
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  9. RomulusX

    All this whining, and you aren't even 100% sure of yourself. Rustled jimmies, you have.
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  10. Haquim

    AFAIK you don't get resources for combat action with the new system.

    Could somebody please enlighten me how this thread came to be? It seems the servers are still down for maintenance, so it can hardly be players being disgruntled with their first experience of the system....
    And honestly, I can't take people seriously who see the notes in the update forums and suddenly start complaining about something that has been in this form for several weeks on PTS and roadmap.

    Play it first. In my (limited through PTS population) experience you generally get more resources, although you can't stockpile them anymore, so save for the fiercest of fights where you want to spam 20 AV grenades in one minute you'll be fine. Except, of course, if you somehow manage to need all the old resources at once. But I don't know any plans to let ESFs drop C4.

    PS: On a sidenote - if you actually focus your investments on a spefic aspect of the game this is a significant powerboost. Even without the timer. Who the hell has the +225 mech-res tick thats needed to spawn a MBT every 9 minutes without almost locking the continent? Especially dedicated ESF pilots - if memory serves ESFs are 250 nanites now. That is one ESF every 5 min - even less for members/boosters.
    Get your skyguards out - its raining certs!
    PPS: Actually leave your skyguards at home - let some newbies enjoy their now very cheap toy and learn to fly. We need more pilots that can do more than lolpod infantery.
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  11. MisterBond

    "A decimatored ESF is pretty much the definition of "being caught wide open with your pants down".

    Except I've done it to ESF's flying by because I can lead a target.

    "And no, you'd not be better of dying - you'd be better off playing conservatively and letting your fellow infantry grunts handle the grenade spam."

    They're on the same resource limits as I am, how can they handle dying etc if they have no resources as well?

    "Because you have to choose whether to play infantry- or vehicle-centric"

    Why? Before it was flexible, I could react to the game situation as needed, if I needed to jump down and be infantry to win a fight, I switched to infantry, if I needed to rush and pull vehicles, I could do that as well.

    Now I can only do one or the other, I can't do both, this has severely limited my ability on the battlefield.

    I mean christ, might as well just make it like UT2K4/UT3/Battlefield and have vehicles pop out of dispensers.[/quote]
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  12. Titan6

    Why do you assume that tanks will stay in the state their in? If they're less spamable, then there's less zergs, and less spawn room shelling. They might get buffed because they're not longer able to out number infantry in certain fights.
  13. JesNC

    Wee, multi-quotes. S*** just got serious, yo. Numbers for better read-ability.

    1. Congrats, you're special. Definition still stands.

    2. Because they decided to use their resources on infantry consumables instead of pulling vehicles.

    3. spe·cial·i·za·tion

    [spesh-uh-luh-zey-shuh[IMG][IMG]n] Show IPA
    the act of specializing, or pursuing a particular line of study or work: Medical students with high student loans often feel driven into specialization.
    Biology . the adaptation of an organism or organ to a special function or environment: Basic biology suggests the selective pressures leading to convergent evolutionary specialization among desert-dwelling species.
    the act of being restricted to some specific, or the act of becoming specialized.
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  14. Akuzimo

    ...You get 50 Nanites per minute. 50. FIFTY. That's 250 Nanites every 5 minutes (which is what the old increment would be) and that's WITHOUT boosts. I rarely, even as a member, saw incomes of over 150 resources per 5 minute increments unless it was on a continent my current faction dominated on. It will take you 9 minutes to pull a 450 vehicle from 0. Compared to what it used to be with acquisition timers and lower resource income, it's a godsend to some people.

    It'll take you 15 minutes to get your resources back up to full. You'll be fine.
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  15. doombro

    Wow, great job complaining about a system before we've even toyed with it in live gameplay. Classic, forumside.

    That's fine, ya'll have fun whining. Meanwhile I'll be enjoying the pleasure of getting three times the resources I previously would while bathing in the thousands of certs I'm getting back from acquisition timers.
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  16. Shinrah

    How you figure that? I now have a pool of 750 resources to pull VHC´s from as opposed to a pool of 1500 resources. Depending on buffs and territory I got between 150-350 or so resources PER pool / 5min. So I had more resources to spent while also getting more resources back. I could pull an MBT and if some C4 fairy, AT mine, HA swarm or whatever ****** me up before I could do anything I still had the option of pull an aircraft.
    Not to mention I´m playing EVERYTHING, infantry, air, vhc´s. That also means I heavily used to buy into consumeables, Medkits,Grenades of various types, Mines, C4. If I just buy some stick of C4 or a couple of medkits for my LA I can´t pull VHC´s anytime soon.

    So how am I pulling more VHC`s than before? I can´t even influence my resource gain with kills anymore. If I was killing stuff left and right in the appropriate zone I could actively influence the amount of resources I would get. Normalized and SET amount means this is also no longer possible. I´m stuck at 50 per minute. This is BS and everyone who spends a couple of minutes to think about it knows it.
    Well, happy game to all the infantry only people who just feel bothered by anyone who plays the game for it´s other 2 components aswell.
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  17. Akuzimo

    Not gonna lie, looking for that multi-thousand certs I'll get from Timer refunds.
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  18. FateJH

    I don't want you to post in other threads. I want you be sound like an informed inquirer. Like I said, it's far too late, both in the implementation and in the discussion, to be outraged by the resource revamp with the starting point of many of the original arguments against the revamp and acting as if there has been no consideration of these points, by the developers or by the forums. We have been discussing and weighing proposals for two or three months. I encourage people to always use the Search function for pre-existing threads to make certain we haven't already answered the questions or inquiries you intend, and so we don't conflagrate issues in the usual Forumside way by making endless threads about the same things we've already talked about a dozen times preconditioning annoyance from the topic introduction.

    You have agreed to a position on how this is P2W (sorry for not quoting you directly, Zhakathoom) but neither you nor the position you agreed with expand on the details regarding how the proposed resources through transaction system will become absuive or how it is even unfairly balanced to begin with, especially in reagrds to how monetary for resources may already be implemented in the game. To allow for a more thorough debate, you need to be more specific. I can go on how how, after trying to "finance" some quick victories in a few Alerts back to back, day to day, people are going to realize how unsustainable trying for a consistent "buy resources" model is going to approach becoming. That may not be the thrust of your position and my counterpoint would be searching for an argument to counter. Can you elaborate on the perceived P2W complication you envision when agreeing with Zhakathoom?
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  19. JesNC

    Yes, it forces specialization. That's what it's supposed to do.

    It also forces an infantry player to not throw C4 and grenades around like candy if they also want to drive a vehicle in the next 5 minutes.

    But for a vehicle-centric player, even if he can just keep his ESF alive for 7 minutes he'll break even and even if he loses his craft right off the pad he can instantly pull another one when at full resources. Which sounds like a huge improvement to me tbh.
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  20. MisterBond

    So what you're saying is "Go play Arma" right?
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