Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

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  1. Degenatron

    By all mean, allow me. This time, I'll be sure to keep it civil, so you won't be distracted by my tone. I apologize for allowing you to make lose my cool. I have to remember I'm not always talking to adults, and therefore can't express myself in the words I would actually use IRL.

    So, since people around here like analogies and hypotheticals so much, I'll use one of my own:

    Suppose you live with your mother and father. Let's say you contribute nothing to rent, electrics, water, or groceries. Now let's say one day mom brings home the groceries and yay!, there's ice cream! Now, over the next couple of days you notice that while you only got two bowls of ice cream, dad got four AND he got The Last Bowl.

    Now, do you have any right to tell your dad it's not fair that he got most of the ice cream?

    As an adult male who is the sole bread-winner of my house, and has raised two kids - I bet you can guess what my answer is. In fact, I already gave it to you once - in almost the exact tone I'd tell a teenage son who'd have the audacity to lecture me on what's fair in my house.

    As for your "paying for an advantage" remarks, I have yet to see any argument that actually supports that assertion. What it REALLY boils down to is that free players MAY have to occasionally change their play-style for a very short period. And I mean VERY short. Now, you obviously have a problem with that, but not so much of a problem that you'd be willing to pay money to fix it.
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  2. TraatAdmiral


    This thread is going nowhere fast. To be frank, I think everything you're saying is crap. You clearly think the same about what I'm saying. Neither of us is willing to be convinced by argument or reason. That being the case, in the interest of extricating myself from an increasingly tiresome conversation with some amount of dignity remaining, I concede defeat. The argument is yours. Have fun with it.
  3. Morchai

    I watch people playing under the current resource system and ... they are having fun and stuff. Fun has no place in Planetside 2, and is clearly overpowered. Fun needs a nerf.
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  4. Gambitual

    Sorry, for the delay, but I have to respond due to your... offensive stance.

    They locked resource gain and stopped the ability to stockpile to help balance the game. Yes, I agree that now, money equals more resources. No, you have no way to earn more resources by yourself. You could be the best player in the game, but a BR1 with spare money will generate more resources. However, before, money also equaled more resources. A crappy player with crappy XP gain and crappy resources gain could still buff his resource gain with money. A godmode player with godmode XP gain and godmode resource gain could buff his resource gain to Lovecraftian space horror levels with money.

    Nothing changed, except now the pro players don't get a straight benefit to resources for playing well.

    I do know the power of MAX crashes and AV grenades. Last night, the TR had around 5 MAXes at Saurva Overflow Depot. I was able to kill 2 or 3 through a combination of baiting, peeking, AV grenades, and rockets.

    Opinions are almost always incapable of being right or wrong. It MAY be approaching P2W territory, but even now it isn't IN that territory. Things are, for the most part, the same or better because of this change.

    Some people like to argue for the sake of arguing. Some people hate P2W on principle. Again, even if the new resource system is P2W, I am not going to spend my time on the forums complaining and moaning to those who would listen and maybe even the devs to the anguish of all involved including myself. I would realize that I can't do much about it but either quit or get back into the game and play as best as I can with what I have. Which for me has always been resources>0.
  5. Who Garou

    Planetside 2 has been P2W ever since I started playing it.
    As far as I can tell it was always P2W.
    When you can pay real-world-moneyfor goods that other people have to work to earn in the game, they are paying-to-win.

    We only really get 2 rewards by playing Planetside 2; enjoying the game and getting new gear.
    While I agree that you don't need to pay to enjoy the game, the "getting new gear" is P2W.

    People are going to argue this all day until they are blue in the face.
    Those that know that the PS2 is P2W are unlikely to change their mind.
    Those that support money-grabs over and beyond P2W tactics are unlikely to change their minds either.

    In the end, each side has to deal with it as it is.
    As consumers we can chose to put money into the game (or into SOE's hands at all). In fact, they will still let you play without putting any money into the game, because if there aren't enough players in the game the those that are willing to play will have no one to play with and will stop putting their money into the game.

    So if you really want to make a point to SOE:: you just don't stop giving them money; you have to stop playing their games as well. (and I do mean games plural).
    It is unlikely that any faction of players will stop they Market Place money-grab, but there have been instances in other games where players have talked down the price-point by debating it in a games forums. DCUO is a very good example of this.

    We know that players discussing things in forums do have an impact on the game in multiple ways.
    I no way am saying that you can force SOE to do anything they don't want to do, but they know far well (better than Microsoft) that making players happy is a monetary win in the end.
  6. Zorro

    I actually like the resource pack because it balances vehicles, encourages specialization, and limits use of infantry consumables. The only thing I would change is having a more dynamic resource rate based on territory, but I am sure that is coming sooner or later.
  7. entrailsgalore

    It's not Pay to win if you can win without paying. Planetside 2 is Pay to Skip. Buying SC let's you catch up to Vet players who have been playing since beta. Paying doesn't give you anymore of an edge over other players who have played for free for a year and have unlocked everything with certs. It is also not a guarantee that you will simply win by just paying for SC. You will still die as much as anyone else. Pay to win means that unless you pay, you will lose. An example, was how Allods Online's online store was for the first year it was released. Pay to skip is different from pay to win.
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  8. Theghostwad

    I'm amazed how SOE can consistently break things that didn't need fixing...
  9. DramaticExit

    Uh... I've found less need for a resource boost since the update. I have no idea what you're talking about.
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  10. Rodinvac

    Likewise: before I always ran out of infantry resources (since I used them a lot) which was made worse since as a general rule I don't care where I fight as long as I'm having fun, and often I would end up fighting in bases that gave Mechanized or Aerospace resources.
    Now, with the current system, as long as I don't chain-pull expensive stuff, I never have to worry about running out of resources or to pick and choose fights in bases that do give the resource that I want.
  11. Pumpkim

    I like the new resource system. It allows me to fight in vehicles in a vehicle centric game. Go figure.
  12. Zhakathoom

    As you can see from the posts in this thread the post you quoted was before the resource rev hit live.
    I'll admit I was wrong in thinking boosters would be needed. In fact I agree with you that I've not needed to offer resources a single thought since the patch.

    And that's a problem in it self right there.. Why at all have a resource system if it has no impact on the game what so ever?

    - Z
  13. DramaticExit

    Pretty much. I did have a few thoughts about resource systems a while back. There is an idea for resources contained in the link in my sig about lattice/hex stuff.

    But honestly, I don't know what would work. The previous system for resources and the current one both fail to do what they're supposed to do, in completely different ways.
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  14. Zhakathoom

    I agree. :)

    - Z
  15. Gorganov

    Look at it this way. Free to play is basically an extended trial that never runs out, with limitations of course. You can always subscribe to improve your experience! Crazy, right?!?!