Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

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  1. ThePropain

    This was kind of like the Implant system, before it came out.
    Everyone (including me, TBH) thought it was going totally destroy the game, Awareness was thought to break everything.
    We all were thinking, "WTF are you doing SOE????"

    They went with it live anyway, and look how it turned out. It wasn't bad after all. Far from that...

    Same with this resource system, people thought it's P2W and would break the game, yet look what we have.

    We seriously are whining too much. :p
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  2. Captain Kid

    It's been two days now.

    They somehow managed to make vehicle spam even worse.
    Congratulations that is quit a feat.
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  3. Degenatron

    This isn't a semantic argument at all.

    Does having more resources give you more grenades and C4 to throw at the enemy? No, it doesn't.

    I have the same loadout restrictions as anyone else. And this is where your line of BS runs thin. You literally act like a subbed member can stand outside of a doorway and throw grenades one after another. Like we get an endless supply in our pocket to just chunk and chunk and chunk. And that is dishonest, and it's the sort of distortion of the truth that would make a potential player turn away. Paying members don't get anything extra in their loadouts. If I want another grenade, I have to either DIE or run all the way back to a terminal to get another one. Just one, unless of course I want to give up my Nanoweave, which by the way is an option totally available to non-paying members too.

    Does that give you an advantage over someone who can't do that? No, it doesn't.

    Just because I have a grenade in my pocket doesn't mean that I'm going to use it, or use it well. I could just as easily die with that thing in my pocket. Or I could throw it and not hit a thing. So no, just having it is NOT an automatic advantage. I don't get any passive gain from it.

    "In the fight" is The Litmus Test for Pay 2 Win. If it doesn't help you IN THE FIGHT, then it's not Pay 2 Win. That's why I keep coming back to that - because it's the truth.

    Subs don't get to do anything that non-subs don't. We all use the same weapons, same armor, same vehicles.

    You wanna talk about what's fair? Fine, let's talk about fair: I put a f*cking roof over your godda*mned head and you don't do sh*t. How's THAT for fair? I pay the f*cking rent around here, why don't you? Where's the fairness in that? You just show up and act you're doing me a f*cking favor? How about this: If you don't like it, you can hit the f*cking bricks. THAT's what's "fair". I pay the bills around here. Money talks and bullsh*t walks. And that goes to any mooch who wants to tell me they are being treated "unfairly". Get off the couch and get a job you lazy motherf*cker. Yea, that's right, your dad just showed up to talk about "What fair is".
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  4. TraatAdmiral

    "I pay money, so I should be better than F2P players." Uh huh. That's a great argument.
  5. Degenatron

    No, the paraphrase is "If you are riding for free, you don't have right to complain about what's on the radio. You can suffer through it, or you can get out of the car."

    I think I've made it quite clear, repeatedly, that I don't think I'm getting an advantage that makes me 'better than F2P players."
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  6. Degenatron

    Wow! Every AV grenade grants you 30 kills? That's amazing! I've never bothered to use AV grenades. I had no idea all I had to do was throw an AV grenade and I'd get an instant 30 kills! So you just throw one anywhere and when it pops, you get 30 free kills? That's seems a bit OP to me. I'm surprised I don't see more people spamming them everywhere. No wonder people think this is P2W! I mean, if you can just buy kills like that, and all you care about is an arbitrary kill board, then yea, that's TOTALLY P2W!


    Yes, those are exactly examples of P2W. They would be "buying power that cannot be attained by normal gameplay." In Planetside, no weapon meets that description. You can attain any weapon, armor, or tool by normal gameplay.

    You can't obtain a large enough amount? We're both capped at the same level. I can't stockpile any more than you can.

    I've got one thousand two hundred and forty one hours of game time logged. Telling me "I'm not experienced enough" is elitist <hogwash>. It's where people who <pad their stats> run to when they don't have a valid argument.

    My experience with grenades? I throw them rarely and with great care. They are far too unpredictable in their consequences to just go tossing them everywhere. I prefer the UBGL as an engineer in support situations because the detonation on impact and the clearer firing arc make them much more predictable. But then...what do I know right? I could be spamming hand grenades as fast as I can pull resources, grief be <ignored>, because kill-streaking is all that REALLY matters, AMIRITE?

    My experience with maxes? I generally hit them with the Hawk or Crow because that's what I carry. I'll run my dual Hacksaw or dual Buster in a pinch, but not as a habit. I prefer running with my HA because it has the most front line flexibility. I guess I could just stay in my max all of the time, seek out biolab fights, and then I'd get amazing kill streaks for TEH W1NZ! And I would totally do that if I enjoyed pushing numbers up on a spreadsheet more than actually playing the game in a meaningful way.

    My experience with Med Kits? I don't actually use them. Why? Because Restore Kits cost fewer res points. Lol, U mad bro? My engagement style is more of a "medium range push, get cover, heal, push" meathod where I generally support the "runners" who drive in with SMGs. I hang back in the second wave a pick off any flankers with my Anchor because it gives me a comparable accuracy and power as the VS's Flare. Or, if I'm on defense, I'll pick a bottleneck, pull back 50m from it, and defend that angle. Both tactics afford me the ability to limit engagements, egress when needed, and use res kits, instead of instant heal med kits.

    Please, be my guest. I'm proud of my stats. I play the game like it was meant to be played, not like a death-matching stats <padder>.

    A "pay wall" means that you don't get access to an item without paying. For example, "There is a pay wall between players and the Indar Grassland Camo" is a completely true statement. You cannot have Indar Grassland Camo without spending real world money. "There is a pay wall between players and AV Nades" is a FALSE statement, because all players have access to those grenades, regardless of their subscription level. "There is a pay wall between players and THE AMOUNT of AV grenades they can have." This is also a FALSE statement. Paying members and free members both have the same ability to equip the same number of grenades on any given identical loadout. I am not going to be carrying any more grenades than any other soldier on the field - that's a fact.

    So, this leaves two possibilities: Either you didn't know what "pay wall" meant and you were just <uneducated on the subject>. Or, you know EXACTLY what a pay wall is and you are <not being as forthright as you should be> to further your agenda. Which is it?

    I use the phrase "med kit" like people use the phrase "Kleenex". I use "Restore Kits" and people use "facial tissues". Sue me, I grew up on Doom where they were ALL call "med kits".

    I'm sure my definition and your definition of "decent at the game" are two very different things. I'll say this: there a millions different ways to boost your stats. Obviously, from my stats, I don't do that. So you go <pad your stats> so you can think you're something special. I've got zero time for players here to play deathmatch. This is an objective based shooter. You're in the wrong game.

    Editor's Note: I have gone back and edited my original text so that it complies with all of the rules of these forums - these edits are <denoted as such>. I apologize if my previous wording was offensive. However, I suspect it was not the wording you objected to, but the fact that you lacked any rebuttal.
  7. Revanmug

    I wont even bother with the rest since these 2 bits here explain the situation.

    1- You never use AV nades, explaining your terribly awful lack of experiences and non understanding of their power (nor do you use any grenades plain and simple).
    2- You don't have any kind of knowledge of the difference of a medical kit from a Resto kit. Medical kit (that you don't use) give you the possibility to tank damage while the second is entirely useless, even more with the resto implants.

    Conclusion, how can you even debate when you have no idea what you are talking about? A clear case of the cluless player that believe to be intelligent but is sadly missing the point. No matter what you came up with, nothing will change that.

    Of course it is. The new system is just a nerf to multi purpose and infantry consummable stacking players. People that generally pull only 1 type of vehicle just receive a massive buff because all ressource got put in 1, ressource gen. was increase to counter the ressource reduction and timers were remove!

    Result? Spamming is even more easy! So long as you don't often change vehicle. This mean more MAX and more Tank. The Air gameplay probably won't change much as the majority have no interest in it and now that they don't have any air ressource to spend it on...
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  8. Degenatron

    Since you know I'm right.

    That's the REAL answer. That's why you chose to report my post instead of answering it the first time. And that's why you'd rather turn this into a critique of my play-style instead a debate about the game mechanics at hand.

    That's fine. I'll just take your side-stepping of the debate as an admittance that you really have nothing more to contribute.
  9. Revanmug

    You are cute. The reality is that you are just a bad player and you don't seem to realise it.

    You are exactly the kind of player that I love fighting ingame as they have no clue on how to use tool given to them. better yet, you refuse to use them for who know why. It's no wonder that the massive F2P nerf for these tools completly elude you.

    As for why I won't argue after pointing out that you never used ANY grenades or even a single medical kit in your entire PS2 life while arguing they are not power up...

  10. Ash87

    ...why would you never use AV nades? They tear maxes up like mad.
  11. Degenatron

    Quote the post where I said they aren't a power-up. You can't. Because you know I never said that.

    See you now are trying to change my side of the argument to give yourself a win condition. But I'm not going to let you get away with that.

    Again, you'd rather talk about individual play-styles instead of debate the topic at hand, and I suspect it's because you see you have no ground to gain On-Topic. I could have easily played the same card by saying "A sniper that sits at the edge of combat taking pots shots really has nothing to complain about." But see, that's not germane to the topic at hand.

    And since you were so quick to knee-jerk report my post because of my rule violations, maybe I should remind you of the rules as they were cited to me:

    So if you're going to be so sensitive about the rules, maybe you should follow them yourself. You shouldn't have opened that can of worms if you weren't ready to eat some worm soup yourself.
  12. TraatAdmiral

    That makes a lot of sense, actually. Someone who's never used one wouldn't understand that medkits are the difference between winning and losing an infantry fight in a way that restoration kits really aren't. The ability to go head to head with somebody, pop a medkit, and do it again is important for somebody playing aggressively. Not having to worry about doing that more than once a minute and burning all your resources is a big deal.
  13. volth

    They should have added one resource for infantry and one for vehicles. If you have a membership + boost its no big problem but for free to play players its a big problem.
  14. MorganM

    You don't get it... that's not what he's saying... what hes saying is all these moochers keep whining about fairness, not having a freak'n clue what their talking about, as if they have some entilment to stuff they aren't paying for. He's saying these leeches need to stop lecturing about fairness, stop whining about things that aren't actually broken, stop throwing up false assumptions, sit down, and shut up for once.
  15. SirKnight

    Whineside2 out to destroy more of the game. This patch is fine, I've never seen consumables and Vehicles used more since this patch was released. If you guys are running out of resources with this patch, you must be doing something wrong...

    If you anyone complains about "no point for capping territories" there never was a reason to cap territories in the first place. This patch is fine and I hope that the Devs don't let the few loud whiners on the forums change the entire game for the thousands of others who are content about the change.

    - Emerald
  16. MorganM

    That's not what he's saying... at all. Read it again and try harder.
  17. Lamat

    You guys have kind of went off topic. But as for membership benefits, they have to give something worth spending money on, while not giving something that can't be used by a free player. In this case, you can use all the same gear without spending a dime. I don't think the current resource gain advantage is out of line. This game needs money to sustain it.
  18. lothbrook

    And the game is better than its ever been because of it.
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  19. TraatAdmiral

    Was saying that once just not satisfying enough for you...? But tell me, then, what he's saying. Because what I see, both in his post and yours, is that we "moochers" and "leeches" don't deserve a say in these things because we haven't paid money. We need to "sit down and shut up", as you put it. I find it difficult to treat a profanity-laden rant about how you deserve to have an advantage because you've bought one as anything more than a joke given that it's supposedly meant to say that there's no P2W in Planetside. When someone says in one post that they don't have an unfair advantage because they've paid, and then in the next that, because I haven't paid, I shouldn't be talking about their unfair advantage, I'm going to assume that I'm speaking to an idiot. Tell me I'm wrong.
  20. Degenatron

    Oh, no - I understand perfectly well. It's just not my style of play.

    Nothing is stopping you from carrying four Med Kits just like before so you CAN "go head to head with somebody, pop a medkit, and do it again".

    Did it occur to you that maybe that's the point? That maybe the devs in fact WANT us thinking about when and how often we use types of resources? There's a strong argument to be made the "personal medical applicators" of ANY type devalue the role of the medic, foster a soloist game style, and degrade team-play aspects of the game. But that is a topic for another thread. The point is, you still have that option, you just can't do it all of the time without thought. And neither could I, if I were so inclined. The only difference is that I get more options over time - which is a perk of being a paying member. The drawback of being a non-paying member is that you MAY have to lay off of your preferred style of play, and do something else for a few minutes. I find it hard to believe that players of such great skill would have any problem doing that, and being very successful at it.

    Furthermore, the whole point is to introduce scarcity into the game. Something a few players are obviously struggling with, but is never-the-less a key component to strategic depth. Perhaps you'll care more about capturing Amerish now that it will make your Med Kits cost 25 Nanites instead of 50, since they are so integral to your style of play.