Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Lucerin_SolTech

    Makes no sense. No timer? Pull another.
  2. Lucerin_SolTech

    Oh my god, you lost 2 tanks to be able to not pull an air asset instantly.. What's the most you're waiting to get killed again, 3 minutes?
  3. ThePropain

    After 5 hours of toying with the new system, I can conclude that this is not that bad.
    The people on the first few pages that are b****hing about this being P2W and what not, have obviously not played it on live yet.

    You have a max of 750 nanites. Without any boosts, the regeneration is 50 nanites a minute, regardless of territory.
    A sunderer costs 200 Nanites. So in roughly 4 minutes, you would earn all those Nanites back already.
    4 Minutes goes by really fast in a game like this. In that time my next sundy would already be ready.

    Another example, C4. Costs 75 resources to restock.
    If I throw 2 C4, that's 150 Nanites. In roughly 3 minutes I would've made all that back. That's not long at all.

    If you ever become resource deprived, you are stupidly letting your vehicle get killed too quickly (You really shouldn't deserve another vehicle), and/or you are spamming too much C4.

    It's not like if I lost my sundy, I wouldn't be able to throw anymore C4. Again, if that ever happens, you are letting your vehicle get killed too quickly.

    So right now SOE practically gave us freedom to pull as many things as we want, without being bogged down by that pesky Acquisition Timer.
    Sure yeah, it can cause spamming and zerging, but keep in mind this is only Phase 1 of the resource revamp, Phase 2 and 3 is where you have the strategic depth of NTUs (base power) and ANTs. Look around on the first page of the Resource Revamp roadmap thread, Malorn talks a lot about it.
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  4. AceOfSpades801

    Someone tell me this is an idea that they are trying out temporarily.

    <goes to find a puppy to kick>
  5. Zhakathoom

    Obviously not, since the patch wasn't live servers on the first few pages. Hence it's mostly speculations (bar the odd PTR experience.). But people are entitled to both speculations and opinions. Right?
    After 5 hours of toying with the system you obviously do have first hand experience and as such you coming here to put down the "P2W crybois" and their speculations with your hindsight-wisdom only makes you look bad.
    Though of course even you are entitled to have your opinion. :)

    - Z
  6. Govedo13

    MisterBond I admire your passion, clear mind and solid arguments.

    Look the FateDH guy for him vehicle restricted by resources( bought with real money) and timers(both with in-game collected experience) is MORE PTW then vehicles restricted by resources (bought with real money) ONLY..
    The so much hated acquisition timer was the only thing that prevented PTW usage of force multipliers called vehicles.

    You cannot simply argue with people that claim that spawning 1 thing faster is not nerf compared with the ability to spawn 3 things at the same time.
    With the old resource system I was able to spawn lets say 1 tank 1 galaxy for my squad and then take a MAX and if all of this is dead 1 min later I still can use some of my 40/40 stockpiles of granates, mines and med kits, it is direct nerf an it is not even comparable.

    Also on top of this **** the base control an strategic platoon leading does not mean anything now because it does not matter if you have the whole map or nothing- you get the same resources- the game is dumped down to counter strike level. Winning means nothing, taking important +30 resources AMP/Tech/Biolab base means nothing now.

    Sadly most of the participants here are just kids or people that have no common sense and basic logic. It is pointless to argue with such people.
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  7. SpartanZero

    I like the revamp on resources, I don't like the fact they did away with the inventory storage for consumables.

    I understand the argument vs tank mines/c4 spam via stockpiled inventory. My response is you shouldn't be driving your vehicles carelessly in a warzone to begin with, there is a reason for implants to spot mines/c4, there is a reason all vehicles can take mine guard.

    PS1 was far worse, an albeit more strategic when it came to vehicle mines. Every player could deploy up to 20, or was it 30.. so a 6 man team could actually create a zone of denial for land based vehicles to provide a flank protection, or a way to slow down advancing vehicle columns. Stop playing quakestyle COD an start thinking outside your blinders for once.

    We all may be virtual pawns in the larger scheme of things, but at least have some sense to the larger picture of what it takes to win a battle. It's not all about ww2 red army tactics.
  8. DashTech

    The new system works. Thumbs up from me.

    Before, if I fancied a tank game, it was a tricky business - I needed to be sure that I was going to play long enough that I can recoup my resources before quitting (as there is nothing worse than starting a game and can't pull anything). I'd then pull out and get taken out looking for a fight. Right, well, that's at least five minutes for the timer and resource to become available to try again - what do to in the mean time? Something I don't want to play. Or, run out of time? Still gotta sit around before I close the game.

    With the previous system I wouldn't ever pull a sundy unless I was damn sure that it would survive a long time - and looking at the map most of the time this was also the case. It was only safe to move as a zerg.

    Last night everything changed. If my squad needed a sundy, I'd pull it. If I lost it, it was no great loss as I'd still be able to pull whatever it was I wanted after a few minutes. When I got across the battlefield in my tank, I didn't spend the next ten minutes trying to find a spamming point, I just got out and forgot about it - as by the time the infantry fight was over, I'd be able to pull another if required.

    And the critical point is this works across the board, so whilst my sundy is dead, my squad mate has the ability to do this. And whilst the enemy can pull a second magrider to pester me pretty quick, my squad can also counter that now and aren't left up to luck to whether we have the resource or not.

    The game is meeting the opponents head on now, not scraping together whatever precious resource is spare. Please don't complain, I don't want to go back to the frustration and boredom of before!
  9. Colakold

    we had some great battles at EU-prime time on Woodman. everybody tried to hold the line and to push if possible. i had no feeling of negative resource effects yesterday.
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  10. Frostiken

    lol, keep waiting.
  11. Sandpants

    I like the new resource system.

    Even though its half baked, it's introducing a new pace to the game.
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  12. volth

    I like this new system.
    And now membership is worth it.
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  13. Nurath

    The only problem is champ that the flow of battle often dictates what role you take at any given time, and it's foolish to specialise when the realities of a fight dictate being adaptable.
    it's basically saying, chose a role regardless of the situation and be prepared to eat lead and die a lot because the game would rather you stick to one unsuitable role than be able to switch out and come back properly geared in another for the fight at hand.

    I mostly play engineer but it doesn't mean I don't switch out when circumstances dictate it.

    Bad idea. It'll frustrate players and drive them away.
  14. Nurath

    For the billionth and last time, the problem with spawn room camping is:

    1. Bases that are badly designed and do not exclude vehicles from the spawn area.

    2. Idiots who sit in the spawn of a lost base rather than utilize the most basic of common sense and redeploy.

    Nerfing vehicles and infantry explosives into the ground WILL NOT get rid of losers sitting in a lost base out-numbered and thus gunned getting their losers selves constantly killed and camped.

    I'm tired of this catering to people so dense they can't even fathom utilizing the most simplest of mechanics called the redeploy button.

    "You should go **** yourself and be completely useless in a big battle on the off-chance your platoon/outfit leader decides that a tank rush is needed to break the siege, in the meantime enjoy dying a ton, dumb-nut."

    Literally the worst logic ever.
  15. DQCraze

    How much is a Sundy?
  16. Teshrrar

    I liked the new resource system, makes you plan ahead. Just once I had not enough point to spawn a vehicle, and that was a tank after a mosquito and a sundy in less than 3 minutes in Esamir while NC was trying cap the biolab. I changed my objective, run to def a position for a few minutes and I had points again for another mosquito.

    I noted which the only moment you don't have points is when you spam things because you can't keep them up for at least 5 minutes.

    But I didn't saw the bases Nanites. I was gaining points all time. Wasn't the Nanites supposed to empty?
  17. DQCraze

    Member resource boost you can spam and switch all day long.
  18. Crator

    That's the best part imo. No more need to micromanage resources. With all one resource pool now, I no longer feel I have to hold back with use of vehicles and consumables anymore. *Removing the acquisition timer helped to encourage me to pull more vehicles now too. Now I KNOW I will be able to pull a vehicles because all I have to do is look to see how many resources I have from my single resource pool.

    I still hold back quite a bit because I typically only use engineering consumables or vehicles. With the rate that I use them I rarely see my resource pool go under 500 anymore. Mind you, I play a support role (Engineer or AMS driver) a lot so more down time than someone who is constantly attacking with consumables and vehicles...
  19. Nurath

    That's P2W and I never reward a game dev when they are blatantly taking the mickey.
    (And yes gimping anyone but subscribers from being able to fight effectively due to lack of resources is P2W.)

    And already paid over £40 to this game before I am called a froob.
    Difference was pre-patch the game was arguably P4C (Pay for Convenience).

    I don't play P2W games and if this is how PS2 is going I am out.
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  20. r4zor

    The nanite resource boost is the very same one we had ingame for years with the traditonal resource boost. Why complain now and not back then?
    Also non-subscribers are not gimped unless they spam grenades, c4 and vehicles without thinking.