Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. DQCraze

    I like the new system but, stuck vehicles are even more costly now. Can we get an out? Being bumped off the road by a friendly and getting stuck just plain sucks., or inadvertently nose diving into a ditch, or any number of ways we get stuck or clipped into the landscape.
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  2. NC supporter

    I approve of the new resource system as I can spam my TR max all day long.
  3. GreenCZ

    Screw this, why Sony has the Test servers...

    This is like play StarCraft without Zerg, Protoss and Terran which are merged into one race called Hyprids. Reducing tactics and fun because everyone has a same race.
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  4. Pootisman

    I was highly sceptical about the resource consolidaton too. It sounds like a huge nerf to resource income on paper, but in practice its not that bad. You get a steady stream of resources, if you dont spam grenades/C4 it is enough.

    The new system also fixes the biggest problem of population imbalance, the resource disadvantage. The underpopulated faction with little to no territory can finally spawn more than 1 tank every 2h.
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  5. Who Garou

    After spending a lot of time to make sure that I had a fairly balanced stockpile of infantry goods, they have all been yanked from under me with a new system that doesn't allow stockpiling of goods at all.
    I'm not sure of the point of what I'm looking at.

    if what you are saying is true, they pretty much just crippled this game and made it more weapon-shot oriented.
    I'm an indirect-fire player and really counted on the metered infantry supplies in order to get the job done.

    I kept my eyes on the infantry resources and, as I said before, stock piled as I was able.
    So resource management has been greatly altered. It's only your exploitation of resources at the time and not management over the long term that makes any difference.

    I'm guessing that I'm supposed to lock all my items on to automatic resupply, but I really don't understand what the heck is going on.
    Like most SOE games there is a horrible lack of documentation - and completely non-accessible in-game. It's really quite pitiful from a game design point of view.

    I agree whole-heartedly that they need to return to the old system ....
    ...and I don't believe that I was returned any certs (let alone all the certs) that I had spent on acquisition timers for MAXes and or vehicles.
    I see they didn't bother to change the timer for the squad spawn beacons as of this time. It doesn't make me feel like risking losing CERTs to buy them down.

    EDIT - and it looks like I only have 1 AV mine. If all my stored up gear was going to be reduced to the minimum carry capacity then I would have thought I would have at least be granted the max amount of that minimum amount that I could carry.
    IE if I had 40 AP mines and they were reduced to 2. I would expect to have 3 AV mines (if I unlocked both Eng AV mine CERT levels) regardless of now many I had before the change.
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  6. nukularZ

    This so called revamp was about as cheap and lazy as one could get. And as consequence it seems like we can spam vehicles and maxes all day long. But I'll reserve further judgement until I actually play for a bit longer.
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  7. volth

    But the CL update was good anyway :)
  8. Ownasaurusrex

    This resource update let's specialized players chain pull what they want.

    If you don't like it, I will find you and murder you you stupid naive dumb dumb primitive shorts.

    Your opinions should be silenced
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  9. MasterCheef

    i hated it before i played it. Biggest change to my gameplay is that i think twice about using an ESF as a disposable transport.

    Other than that, i like not having to manage stockpiles. I feel more comfortable pulling a Max, since i dont need to save resources to stockpile.
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  10. MisterBond

    I voiced my concerns over this on the test server, but everyone said "Relax, they'll fine tune it"

    Then I checked the patch notes cause the server went down and oh look, its the exact same as it was on the test server, so I voiced my concerns before the servers were up.

    Best of all, I said this over almost a day ago earlier in this thread, so please continue to hyperbole if you want to, I'll be laughing all the while.
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  11. Vortok

    If I read things right, we now get +50 nanites a minute. Previously it wasn't uncommon for a given resource type to be getting around +50 every five minutes. Sometimes a bit more if your empire is doing well on a continent, and often far less if you were getting hammered.

    Basically the only people I can see complaining 1: People that played musical chairs with their resource pool because they could get away with being very risky/suicidal with their vehicles/MAX and 2: People that spammed the hell out of their consumable stockpile and then restocked it later when the fighting died down.

    So basically, it nerfed spammers a little bit while allowing people that focus on one area -way- more resource regen to work with. Why is this a complaint? Sub/boosts for resources has been around since launch so I'm not buying the sudden P2W complaints when tons of people have gotten by just fine as F2P (and there's paying people on all three empires).
  12. void666

    As infantry i've been throwing grenades and c4 like it's candy and nanites keep coming.
    Didn't try pulling max or vehicles though. But as pure infantry so far so good.
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  13. FBVanu

    I'm gonna draw some heat here.. but... I LOVE this new system.
    It is fantastic, as a tanker and engineer..

    I don't need to change load outs on a lightning, I can just spawn another..
    Ran into too much air on Esamir, back to Warpgate, spawned a Skyguard
    i had two vehicles next to each other.. (can any other player take the old one?)

    It only takes 7 minutes to get the resources back for a brand new Lightning spawn. FANTASTIC!!

    Even dusted off my TR Prowler, even with laying mines .. all my resources back in minutes..
    I LOVE this new system.

    I play a lot on the losing side, love it when we are warpgated and trying to get out, so many targets.
    But until today, that meant 12 resource points, every 5 minutes! you lose an MBT and it is a long
    cold walk back and waiting and waiting and waiting.. can't warp to another continent, locked,
    waiting in line.. etc.. it was very painful to lose a tank.

    But now, OH BOY.. watch out.. by the time I drove to the nearest base I already had 120
    resource points back, and I didn't even fire the first shot yet... THANK YOU SOE.
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  14. LT_Latency

    I think you get resources a little to fast.

    The only way I can actually use mine up is by spamming nades close to the spawn 4 at a time.
  15. Jachim

    What expectations or considerations? What is the point of countering his argument with 'Well this is what SOE wants so that's how it is deal with it." as that's basically all you're saying here.

    I as well get a general air of push for more revenue. Server merges and the like, it's expensive to run a team as big as Planetside 2's team is, without milking people more and more. They added implants and the stupidly expensive boosters, they've now changed it so that you cannot pull air while waiting for armor points, or let me save up a bunch on my items as an infantry player while I'm running my tank... less flexibility. They can spin it however they want, but it's pretty clear they are trying to drive revenue.

    It's getting tiresome. You can only milk your player base so much before they just give up.
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  16. WarmasterRaptor

    This thread is still going on? :rolleyes:

    Did you complainers really went in game? :mad:

    Switching from a fight to another, I asked in yell chat how people felt about it and EVERYBODY who responded was positively satisfied.:eek: (Now I regret not taking screenshots):oops:

    Doomsayers being doomsayers, enough preaching for the week and wait in silence now. ;)
    If the apocalypse you complain about turns out to be true, we'll be waiting for you to say you were right.:cool:

    But I know it'll never happen.:p
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  17. MasterCheef

    It actually seems better than the stockpile system. No inventory management, and i'm still throwing grenades as often as i used to.
  18. Lamat

    Let the repair tool reclaim the resources from your own vehicle. Right click to deconstruct (your own) vehicle. Maybe takes 30 seconds and get 80% of the cost back.
  19. Who Garou

    After the initial shock of having all my gear missing that I had meticulously squirreled way, the new system doesn't seem all bad from least an infantryman's point of view.
    I have everything set to auto-resupply (no ill-effects from it for doing so yet).
    it seems pretty easy to get to 750. Once at 750 it seems easy to be able to stay there even with short-lived clones utilizing what gear they have with them.
    I guess I'm only going to be pulling one clone with one class/load-out at the time.

    I haven't had time to experiment with vehicle acquisition in the mix.
    I don't tend to spawn tanks so we'll see how that goes once I finally get around to it.

    Not sure about all this timer situation either though. I haven't experimented with the timers yet.

    It was a drastic change, but other than the shock it doesn't seem as bad as the initial shock.
  20. FateJH

    What I am saying is that this is not P2W. The essense of the rules that have applied previously still apply currently. You can say you don't like it, and that's fine, but you need a reason that isn't as shallow as using the P2W bogeyman. In fact, if you believe this system is P2W, then the system we migrated from was immensely P2W. We had Boosts and Subscriptions before like we had Boosts and Subscriptions now. Before, however, we also had cyclical mechanics that created multiple layers of self-feeding returns on investments and the inconveniences of the previous model made being pushed into a corner even more the slaughtfest. Some of that has been stripped away:
    • We've removed what resource benefits people received through properly utilizing the force multipliers they purchased with resources.
      • Buying a tank in a Mechanized resource zone and killing enemies with it does not give you back more mechanized resources that you would earn normally.
    • Everyone now earns a flat sum and steamrolling a continent no longer starves the enemies into oblivion, a spiral of "our resource gain keeps being wrecked."
      • The more inconvenienced (less territory-holding) side gets so many fewer resources that they can't even afford a mobile spawn point within a reasonable amount of time.
      • They can more readily meet the enemy forces with similar forces when they get shoved down the lattice lane and the two sides engage again.
    • Down the road in these updates, people will be able sabotage each other's resource income through subterfuge and sabotage and this will work both ways.
      • Larger groups will also suffer greater upkeep costs. There is a proposed method to get around upkeep fatigue but it, again, only works on a personal level rather than a game world level within the resource revamp.
    • People who earn more through force multipliers no longer are capable of reducing their cooldowns faster than people less effective at utilizing those same force multipliers.
      • There is no Acquisition Timer so a person really good at tanking can't decrease the amount of raw time they would have to wait to get another tank using the certs they earned by killing people in the tank.
    • And, like I have been arguing, this change does not automatically make a bad player into a good one.
      • It does give a bad player more chances to pull tanks and figure out how to get good at something.
    As long as my F2P rockets destroy your P2W tank and I can still pull my own F2P tank ... my position goes without saying.

    So, what was your beef with this new system again?