Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

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  1. TraatAdmiral

    So, paragraphs in order:
    1. No, I don't think so. Getting away and reloading/resupplying somewhere safe is great, but I don't think I should have to say that that isn't always possible. Especially in the kind of post-larger fight one on one scenario we're talking about, it's not at all uncommon to have an empty/half-empty magazine, and there's really nothing to be done about that.
    2. No, Player B and all his friends now get farmed by the guys who are still pulling tanks once they stop being able to pull vehicles to counter them. You've got a Vanguard as your avatar; you know how this works.
    3. No, of course not. We could wait in a spawnroom for our resources to recharge. That's way more fun and exactly the kind of gameplay we should be encouraging.
    4. That's true. This is only an issue in the slightly bigger picture. It doesn't change the first fight, or even the second--Player B could even pull another tank immediately, if I remember the costs correctly. But if everything stays even, eventually you end up with Player A having stuff and Player B not having stuff. That's the problem.
    5. I'm purposefully not using the term 'pay to win', because that's something whose specific definition can be argued over. The word I used was 'unfair', which is a bit more straightforward but no less meaningful. I would contend that, yes, that situation is still unfair. Some amount of unfairness is unavoidable in a game like this--somebody who's running NW5 will have an advantage over a new player. A key difference in my mind is that that's an issue that will correct itself with time, whereas this is an issue that corrects itself only through application of money. That's not a good thing.
    6. Well, I know of no better way to discuss this. I suppose we could spit curses, insult each others' parentage, and then duel with pistols, but this seems like less effort.
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  2. Captain Kid

    I play engineer.

    First they nerfed the underbarrel grenadelauncher.
    I actually used that thing to spam groups of enemies.

    Then they nerfed the AV mana turret.
    I think it's crap now I rather even use a buggy av lock on rocketlauncher.

    Now they nerfed my sticky grenades.
    Sometimes I do not use these for a long time. Sometimes I need a few dozen of them in a situation with large group of enemies in a tight space. I can not do that any more. 15 grenades, which is 4 lives with grenade bandolier 3 and that's it.

    I'm sorry but in any other online game you actually get MORE content when time goes by. In this game stuff is taken away from me.
    I'm fine with a nerf here and there but give something back in return.
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  3. daniel696

    I knew this would happen and this thread with 12 pages proves it, they need complete the resource revamp, remember this is part 1, the problem is, we will be playing with a resource system incomplete for how many months...? This is the question.
  4. daniel696

    I used to be an enginner like you, then I took a nerf in the knee. #TrueStory
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  5. volth

    "15 grenades, which is 4 lives with grenade bandolier 3 and that's it"
    It was the same before patch too.
    You got 15 grenades in stock and 4 of them you could use when playing after that you needed to go and get more of them.
    Now you click on the auto refil button and you then have 4 sticky nades each time you spawn if you have resources for them.
  6. Captain Kid

    Now I have 750 resources maximum. Which equals to 15 grenades. No more.
    Before I could have 40 grenades in stock.
    40 is more then 15.
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  7. Phyr

    Guess you'll have to use that fancy shoot bang stick occasionally, now.
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  8. Lucerin_SolTech

    Forumside. Go play the game. I've pulled more vehicles in succession than I ever could previously. I've yet to run into the issue of this resource revamp being too harsh. It's more forgiving to new players. In fact, I would even be okay with them taking it down a notch.

    This post first hit the forum before the patch had even gotten finished. The amount of doomsday whining and complaining is the very reason why the devs stick to reddit. You guys are absofrickinglutely ridiculous about this being P2W. If you feel pushed out the door, so be it. This system is a step in the right direction for the new player experience, and will end with giving some well needed meta game into PS2.
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  9. Captain Kid

    Then I might as well play Heavy. Prepare to see even less engineers on the battlefield.
  10. Revanmug

    Is it so hard to read? Let me requote myself
    Read this and don't waste any more of my time with stupid question.

    If you know how to play in a FPS, unlocking most of the basic stuff takes almost no time.

    I doubt you have seen enough MAX crash and the power of AV nades. Either of those can literally destroy a defense/attack with ease. You just need enough of them...

    I didn't say my opinion if it was right or not. I said it was clearly entering P2W territory which you seem to agree outside the fact you don't care about it.
  11. Lamat

    Can we make consumables resupply from ammo packs now?
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  12. Ronin Oni

    Oh, you're right, they just got rid of the X-Continent facility alerts.

    The single continent facility alerts were always terrible and I always hated them since inception.
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  13. Yeahy

    Yeah I agree that it does help specialization but it really hurts the more casual players.
    Hardcore air outfits like Prey can spam esfs all they want. Infantry players like Vonic can get all the medkits they want, but if a player like me wants to throw a few grenades and use a medkit or two, I'm not going to be able to pull many vehicles.
    It is nice to get a consistent stream of nanites but I'm either maxed out or don't have any at all.

    EDIT: Currently I can pull a lot of vehicles because all my tools were at 40 pre update. I'm really hoping I'll still be able to pull vehicles.
  14. Ronin Oni

    Phase 2 of resource overhaul will be the biggest nerf hammer to zergs ever.

    Also, while this resource system is better for Zerg v Zerg fights, and thus "good for zergs", it helps prevent the 1 mega zerg steamroll because incomparable resource gains.

    In effect, this lets the losing zerg keep fighting the winning zerg better.

    I like most of the new resource system. The facility power add-on is a must have and hopefully not more than another 4-6 months away, preferably MUCH sooner o_O
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  15. Revanmug

    If I have more AV nades, I can get more 30 killstreaks, something you don't seem to get often since you are too busy dieing.

    In a 1vs1, they might not be the end of the world but... I rarely fight 1vs1, I fight zergs. I didn't know that Connery was now empty.

    Those are just example. The idea behind P2W is buying power that cannot be attain by normal gameplay. I can't attain a large enough amount of consumable that sub member can pull.

    I'll make it clear for you. You are lacking experience to make such a statment. Tell me, what is your experience with nades, MAX, medical kit etc. Do you want me to pull them stats?

    There is one. The amount I can pull is much lower than a sub member. This mean lower kills and higher amount of deaths. This mean a higher chance of failing to attack defend a base.

    You would need to use medical kit which you haven't done since you only use resto kit. Yeah, Get decent at the game than you might talk tough.
  16. Esteporg

    I've just pulled 4 consecutive MAXes in a biofarm, for once I haven't had to complain about the lack of medics/engies. I'm not sure it is the best idea to pool together resources that aren't drained at the same rate: I usually eat up my resources way more quickly by resupplying consumables than anything else. Perhaps SOE could substitute some of the current nanite gain with passive consumable restoration.
  17. Yuki10

    After playing some more - i confess that the system works fine.
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  18. Allin

    What's the point of capturing bases now, as nanite regeneration is a fixed number based on nothing with a timer based on nothing?

    What's the point of actual fight for the zones?

    It was said this system will bring much needed tactical approach to resources. If the tactis will be if to spend money or not, I'm out - I don;t mind paying, I've spent over three hundred GBP on that game, but for the actual game items like camos and armors. I'm not going to play the game that boils down to p2w. (I'm ok with unlocks for cash, don't use them, but don't mind them - but CORE GAME MECHANIC that dictates GAME TACTIC.... thats crossing the line)
  19. FateJH

    Phase 1 accomplished.
    Phase 2 is about hooking the lattice into resource distribution based on location. I forget if the concept of "base energy" is phase 2 or phase 3 but they both deal with that sort of affair.
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  20. Colakold

    The point of capturing bases is to trigger an alert and to take the continent. defenders need to capture bases to rescue the continent
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