Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

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  1. Ronin Oni

    That's what I was saying.

    EG; That terrible YouTube TR EMerald event, where they got WG'ed for hours, if the new resource system was in play, they could have kept attacking out of WG with tanks and aircraft which would have made holding them in at least a little bit more of a challenge than the resource starved infantry peasents.

    Even better, with the Power update phase (hopefully phase 2?) A large zerg will actually have less resources available per player on that front. Their PERSONAL resources will be plentiful, and they can always fall back to pull from further away, but the ability to spawn tanks and C4 etc on the front line will become severly diminished unless they run ANT runs to keep things powered, which gives a weakpoint for the other side to attack creating player controlled side objectives.

    This is just phase 1 and releases a lot of preassure against fighting with little territory, and giving some weight to your choice of where to spend resources.. It's going to get so much better in the near future when they update it again (I'm guesstimating 4-6 months )
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  2. Lamat

    5000+ certs from timers, what am I going to do with all this?
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  3. Ronin Oni

    Good thing you're wrong.

    Yes it's simpler (in this phase 1 anyways) but it makes the resources more significant too. You can't just go Tank -> Air -> Max ad infinitum.

    The increased resource generation will make specializing in a single type more plausible, but jumping around constantly less so.
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  4. Degenatron

    One Word:

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  5. Captain Kid

    Please explain how I'm wrong? I don't completely understand this new system and just had it explained to me in-game.
    Not everybody always gets the same resources per minute?
  6. r4zor

    Right now yes. Everyone gets 50 Nanites every minute. As Ronin explained, this is only phase one of an overall resource change, which will eventually make territories more important later on in the game.
    Now you may say that you feel punished compared to before because the winning team no longer gets more resources. But this also has a positive flipside. The losing team no longer has less resources, being even less capable of defending itself against the winning side. Additionally, the attacking/dominant side is no longer capable to spam 2/3 times as many resources (e.g. tanks, grenades, c4, etc) than the losing underdog.**

    Wait for it to settle and you will eventually see the advantages of the new system. Just to name a few:
    Now players need to be a bit more careful about what they do. They can no longer spam grenades, c4 etc causing the cluster****s we have at some bases (*cough* towers). These cluster****s are extremely unhealthy to the game and they promote unfair and skillless playstyles as in "he who throws most nades wins". And this used to be done by both attacking and defending side: "throw grenade, resupply, throw grenade, resupply".
    This is now partly discouraged, because after spamming 10-12 grenades you will be completely out of resources and not able to pull a tank (another force multiplier making it easy to get cheap kills).

    Removing the "spamside" out of PlanetSide and decreasing lethality (another long-term goal) is also healthy for the game in that it does not discourage new players as quickly as the game of yesterday did. Imagine being a new players, doing instant action, not really knowing what to do, what to expect. Due to the excessive spam they'd most certainly be overwhelmed and instagibbed in almost any larger battle they'd try to engage. And its these large battles that they originally came to PlanetSide for right? They'd step out of the spawns and get shelled by tanks (force multiplier), HE nades (another sort of force multiplier), c4 etc without even being able to properly get ingame.

    Changes like todays patch work towards making players spam less, having to be more cautious with their few resources and (even if thats just one part of the overall picture) give new players a chance to get into the game.

    (Naturally its not just the resource change, but also the lethality changes to HE/HEAT/RLs etc that contribute to this).

    ** = This game is already favouring the offense far too much. Bases are almost undefendable as soon as the offense reaches 55% pop / the empire with more pop has an easy time steamrolling the enemies. If the resource system further punished the underpopped/losing empire this would also lead to frustration.
  7. WarmasterRaptor

    Give 'em to me. Nao :p
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  8. WarmasterRaptor

    After reading through ALL the posts here, I got one thing to say.

    Stubbornness and whining don't mix well when you speak without knowing.
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  9. JP_Russell

    As a F2P player, I actually think this system is much better. If you were the type to just cycle through and drain all three resources at an incredible rate before, then yeah, I guess it prohibits you from doing that anymore. But if you're like me, for example, and you mostly stick to one side of combat (infantry in my case), this is a huge buff. Consumables got cheaper, my pool stayed the same, and now I get 50 resources a minute which is more than what I used to get in the best circumstances. Mind you, I can't stockpile stuff anymore, but I don't think I'll need to.
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  10. libbmaster

    If you focus on playing one type of thing (Infantry, MAX, Tank, Air), you should have enough resources to chain pull (Assuming you don't die in the first 30 seconds).

    If you try to pull many different kinds of things rapidly, you will not have the resources to do it.

    And yes, resource ticks are at one every minute now.

    I think it's 60 or 50 a tick.
    This man gets it.
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  11. LenaQuin

    I have no idea what those "infantryside" guys are talking about. Even as a rather bad player i´m at 750 ressources all the time.

    Didnt have a single good infantry fight today. It was always vehiclezerg vs vehiclezerg until 1 side was pushed back to a spawnroom.

    Except capping points there is no reason to use infantry anymore. Never had such a boring day in this game.
  12. Ronin Oni

    No, you're right that everyone gets same resource, you're wrong in thinking that's a bad thing.

    Being underdog on a continent was a losing proposition, and controlling majority territory lead to steam rolling.

    Particularly with the new Adversarial alert system that would be EPICLY bad leaving the defenders who respond to the alert with minimal to nonexistant resource supply trying to take back territory.

    As for the "lost strategical" element.... How many people actually paid attention to what resources which territories gave?

    Not many, and outside of Esamir which was structured in a specifically odd way to make control of air resource difficult for whatever reason, it could be basically flat out ignored historically. Not much was really lost here.

    So sure, there's that minor loss for now, but ultimately it will provide MUCH greater strategical effect when they add base power, powered lattice, and ANT modules.

    They need to get the consolidated resources out on live both to make adversarial alerts work, and to get numbers to crunch with for determining base power, regen, and ANT capabilities.

    The system also adds a little bit of immediate strategy on a personal, rather than continental faction, level by making you choose where to spend your consolidated resources. If you just drained out running tanks, do you want to use grenades now that you're on foot? Or are you going to rough it out so you don't stagnate your income?
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  13. Ronin Oni

    Sounds perfect?

    I WANT to see more vehicle gameplay. People were too afraid of timers before.

    Getting thrown on a 20 minute timer affected peoples gameplay negatively IMO. Now I was certed into reductions (for which I'm super excited to have thousands of certs awaiting my login later :D ) so it didn't affect me... much... except the fact that there were a lot less vehicle targets (my favorite to fight).

    This will also hopefully reduce farming of infantry and make AV vehicles more important.
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  14. r4zor

    Not sure what you've seen but both on Ceres and Miller we had good infantry fights. Maybe a lot of vehicles but not more or less than before the patch imho.
  15. Captain Kid

    So capturing a continent just got harder because there is less benefit in owning more territoy. So more dumbing down. And how are these alerts supposed to be triggered anyway if capturing a continent just became much harder.

    You are also basing your opinion of why this is a good thing about stuff what is to come. I do not care what stuff is coming, it will take forever or not come at all. I have no faith in SOE in pulling this off. I'm still waiting for other 100 bug fixes.

    And the new alert system seems to be a dumbed down version of the old alert system as well. No more capture biolabs or other alerts now we have only one type of alert.

    sorry, I do not share your optimism and enthusiasm..
  16. Captain Kid

    That was my experience as well.. In f act I have the game running but I rather visit this forum instead.
    The problem is, I do not drive vehicles myself. I find the controls to be horrendous. Sliding, crappy brakes,can't get over a small ledge, sliding down 100 meters on a slope. No thank you. And during all that you somehow have to hit that enemy tank with your slow firing cannon.
  17. Ronin Oni

    They removed the biolab/facility type alerts back with Hossin launch and continental lattice.

    Every 3-4 hours an alert would go off, someone was guaranteed to win, and that continent was guaranteed to become locked, with the oldest lock expiring.

    The new system is triggered by player actions, has different attacker/defender goals, and only locks if attackers win (hold 75% territory at end of 2 hours, or achieve 95% at any time)

    So tell me how the latter is dumbed down from the former? This update added to the alert system.

    Without the resource overhaul, defenders wouldn't even bother responding to an alert where they'd be fighting uphill against overwhelming vehicle spam for 2 hours getting farmed.
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  18. SacredRay

    After playing for about an hour, the resource revamp gets a thumbs up from me.

    Now I "THINK" everytime I feel like changing to Bandolier and chucking 4 grenades without thinking - because I'm a true combined arms player and I use different things depending on the situation. Although I don't agree with many of the nerfs, the effect that this change had on reducing alot of the crazy explosive spam honestly could not have been forseen.

    People will either specialize with intelligent decisions backing them, or they will play all 3 and use their intellect and the surrounding environment to decide when they should pull what.

    Also, I had no problems affording anything. 750 is made in 15 mins, but when you're not a terrible player like many on these forums, 15mins is a damn short time especially when you're alive most of the time. I had no problems spawning a MAX, ESF or MBT and being able to spawn any of the aforementioned again after some infantry combat.

    I gotta give props where props is due - well done SOE and I highly anticipate the fine tunings.
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  19. Captain Kid

    I'm sure I saw a "capture Biolabs on this continent alert" last week.
    Perhaps it was a bug because I haven't seen them besides that one instance any more.

    Most alerts I fight in do not seem to favour any empire, they mostly are exciting until the end.

    If having more bases at a continent gains less benefits (as in resources) as before, it stands to reason it will become harder to get 75% then before. So I'm curious how often we will actually see an alert.
  20. SacredRay

    Although I will expand upon some of Captain Kids points. There has to be some other benefit from capturing facilities.

    Any number of these:

    • Passive Health regen (1%/2%/3% depending on biolabs owned per continent)
    • Passive Vehicle Regen (2%/4%/6% depending on tech plants owned per continent)
    • Faster vehicle movespeed (5%/10%/15% depending on Amp stations owned per continent)
    • Every tower owned lowers the heat downtime of turrets
    • All other facilities are gateways to the above and need to be captured to gain access - that's enough of an objective
    As for bases like The Crown, Octagon, The Ascent and Gourney Dam. I'd say an exp boost or resource subsidy for an hour or so. These bases should be neutral until captured by a faction. The facility will then turn neutral if no fighting has raged on it for about an hour. This promotes 3-ways which are kind of rare in planetside 2 and gives these facilities some sort of geopolitical presence on the continents.
    Just some idea.
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