Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. MisterBond

    Its amazing how you guys could actually make this worse instead of better.

    So you raise the cost on all combat vehicles, lower the cost on all transport vehicles, keep resource costs pretty much the same as it was before, but instead of having three 750 resource pools to pull from for Ground Vehicle/Air Vehicle/Infantry resources for a total of 2250 resources, you made it all a singular pool of 750 resources but everything still costs pretty much the same?

    What is the point of this? I fail to see how this helps anybody, you actually made this worse, not better.

    Now there is going to be even less vehicles, less air units, less C4, med packs, basically EVERYTHING will be used less.

    *Golf clap* Bravo for doing the impossible and putting in a worse system than we already had. WTG.

    Also, before just doing combat and getting 3 kills a minute I earned more than 50 resources minute, again, bravo.

    And we can't even stack resources for stuff like grenades, health kits etc like we could before when we were sitting on resources but didn't have anything to spend it on right away.

    Amazing, flipping amazing.
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  2. Zhakathoom

    The point is "pay-to-win".

    I believe the idea is that the increased need for boosters equals increased cashflow in SOEs favor. And it might work as intended. For a while...

    But coupled with the state of business where they have to merge servers to maintain viable population levels it's a terrible move.. I'm new to the game but feel I've just arrived in time to witness the exodus and inevitable self destruction of PS2.

    This is Krypton all over..

    - Z
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  3. MisterBond

    Yeah I'm bailing out if this is the case, the previous system was sustainable as a F2P person, and a P2P person it was like amazing to pull anything you wanted pretty much non-stop.

    This new system though just decimates the F2P player though and only a P2P player can use it in a sustainable fashion.

    Oh well, I wanted to play more Firefall anyways!
  4. Niller

    You are witnessing the slowly arriving "Meta" to Planetside 2, at last they work on things that matter for the game... Maybe there are flaws with the current system, but as they have stated multiple times, this is not the final version.

    If they keep their promises the resource system, continent locking, battle islands, alerts and much more will be amazing. If they keep to their promises.

    It makes me happy to see them atleast working on it, and hopefully fix this internal deathmatch, it is better than doing nothing imho.
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  5. Shinrah

    SOE style, nerf VHC´s & consumeables for the better part of 2,5 years to combat spam and vhc zergs. Then decide the better idea is to nerf the amount of such items and VHC´s. Then to further annoy everyone who sometimes enjoys driving or flying, reduce infantry spawntimes by 5 seconds, and for good measure put in another AI nerf ontop.
    So not only can you now pull less VHC´s which have been constantly reduced instrength since launch, you also have to fight infantry that spawns even faster.

    Goodjob all around. So now I have to decide, do I want to play VHC´s that are killable by a single infantrymen, or play one myself. Because with C4 & co still costing 50-75 res I can´t really do both.
    A drastic resource choke would´ve been a good way togo 2 years ago when VHC´s were alot stronger. But now? WTH?
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  6. JesNC

    - resource generation rate now is 50/min, regardless of territory control

    - no more vehicle spawn timers

    You can basically spawn an ESF every 7 minutes now without any certs or resource boosts. That's an improvement to the old system.

    You also no longer have the ability to stockpile large quantities of AV explosives (you know, the No1 thing "dedicated tankers" complained about recently).

    What this new resource system does now, disregarding any additional mechanics in the future, is to encourage specialization. You have to decide where you want to spend your resources instead of being able to do everything at once with 3 different resource pools.
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  7. MisterBond

    I love how they're thinking is like "Well if we have it all one resource pool with a low ceiling, they can't spam libs/tanks etc"

    And all I think is "Well, if you wanted to keep people from spaming libs etc, why didn't you just raise the cost of pulling a lib to like 700/750 resources?"
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  8. MisterBond

    Except for every grenade you throw, and you resupply, you just added a minute to getting another ESF

    Restore kit? Half a minute. Med kit? A minute. C4? Minute and a half.

    So basically whats going to happen is after every big fight, and you're 100% out of resources, you'll have to sit at the warpgate for 10 minutes to resupply your infantry resources, pull a vehicle, and then hope said vehicle does not die in the next 5 minutes.

    Again, SOE put in a resource system that is probably 10x worse than the old one.
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  9. FateJH

    We've had copious discussions about the resource revamp, how it will affect different players, what the complexities and considerations being each affected value has in as far as gameplay ramifications are concerned, positively, negatively, and so forth, and so forth. I'll leave linking all those threads in one post as an exercise to someone else, though I suggest we leave you to the forum Search function. If you have not seen hide or hair of these discussions, you have chosen to remain oblivious, and it's still far too late to be outraged now were that the case.

    I am a dedicated F2P gamer. I do not see issues with these changes and have argued how these changes are not significant deck stacking for anyone or against anyone. Shall we begin anew an argument that we already have had a few times?
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  10. MisterBond

    "Stop talking about something I don't want to talk about!"

    Or you could, you know, leave this thread?
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  11. Thagyr

    Still waiting for ANTs to be introduced.

    Also this might mean that people who use ESFs as an impromptu missile to deliver their C4 fairyness might have to find themselves a cheaper tactic.
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  12. JesNC

    That's specialization for you.

    Infantryman or ESF pilot - your choice.
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  13. Clay

    To be honest, for me as a 90% infantry player this sounds really awesome.

    And med packs are so 2013. Regeneration ftw!
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  14. DQCraze

    Ya I agree, this system is better then the old one. No more vehicle wasting, if you want to ram out taxi you will be punished for it. This actually causes people to think about what they are doing instead of the endless spam. I like it alot.
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  15. FateJH

    No, I want to see original arguments. You have no excuse for not using the forum search tool and approaching the argument as if you were actually informed on the positions and expectations and considerations that have already gone into this revamp.
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  16. MisterBond

    No reason to pull vehicles period, before I would pull a lib etc if somebody called for it, but a bloody lightning costing even more now, and its just as squishy as before but now because its forced infantryside I'd be facing down at least 2 billion rockets?

    The only upside on this whole thing is the sunderer finally got a resource reduction and has a shield, but that's it.
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  17. MisterBond

    Why are you still in this thread?
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  18. Kirbs

    Yuo do realise that if you like driving vehicles with this new system you can pretty much keep pulling them indeffinitely? You get 50 resources per minute (more if you are a member) which means to keep pulling a main batle tank every 9 minutes. If you where at 750 resources to begin with you would have 300 left which is minus 6 minutes.. Now lets do a scenario:

    1. Your first tank is instant - it blows up coming off the pad
    2. Three minutes later you pull another - it blows up coming off the pad
    3. =< 9 Minutes later you pull another.
    4. =< 9 Minutes later you pull another.

    This is a worst case scenario whereby your tank instantly blows up upon pulling it out of the vehicle bay. The chances of you dying in a tank within a minute or so are pretty high if you use a bit of common sense. This means if you can keep a tank alive on average of 3 or 4 minutes you can keep pulling them again and again and again.
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  19. Notterran

    What I dislike most is that resources aren't tied to bases anymore. It may prevent snowball effect but also reduces strategy.
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  20. FateJH

    Because I have opinions on the resource revamp too.
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