[Suggestion] Bring back the NC Phoenix!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JojoTheSlayer, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. JojoTheSlayer

    I bet most Veteran NC people loved this [See video] weapon...
    and most enemies probably hated it, but they had other stuff we didnt like. :)

    Skip to 01:30 if you dont want to cool music and the misfires. Not my video btw.

    What was the Phoenix?
    It was a AT launcher with two fire modes. Dumb fire and camera guided.
    When you fired it your view would switch to the shell itself where you could fly it for x Seconds before it self detonated or hit something. You could also press fire again to self detonated it on purpose to get back to your inf view. Did moderate damage to tanks, above average to planes and very little to infantry. No splash to speak of.

    Users beware of cloakers and snipers :p

    Indirect fire. Like over a wall for example.
    Guided in fps mode.
    Aircrafts didnt get a laser warning lock.

    While in camera mode you could not move or hear inf radius sounds.
    You could only detect damage from seeing your health bar go down.
    Slow reload / very slow ttk compared to other AT because of flight time etc and you only reloaded after detonation.
    Ineffective vs air. Secondary aircrafts would see a NC firing it and not instantly move, aka camera mode sign. Swoop in and kill the user before the missile even hit hes friend.
    Limited range.
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  2. MrHenderson

    You're right...hundreds of people spamming lock on rockets clearly isn't good enough- we need to add a weapon where the user is invulnerable.

    Granted tank spam sucks, but making this game even more downie friendly than it already is...not the answer.
  3. JojoTheSlayer

    If the Phoenix was in the game and I was talking about "bringing back" the lock on AA you would have said the same thing.
    Your reasoning is wrong I think because the AA lock on isnt really a big deal for tanks or aircrafts now... nether will the Phoenix all things considered. It didnt stop the TR or VS tanks in PS1. However PS1 TR AA lock on, when every guy could cert it after a few hours play, did deter other empires air.

    The user isnt invulnerable. Hes just standing there. Ripe for a instant kill head shot. If the user dies the shell in PS1 exploded.
    Of course there would be a need to add something so you couldnt shoot pas the spawn shield so people couldnt use it in the spawn tubes, but thats about it.
  4. Stormlight666

    Also it was a great recon tool. I used to fire them over walls towards the enemy controlled areas to see if an ams was moving in - or to find that sniper hiding on a hill and put a rocket in his/her face.
  5. Verisimilituder

    I wish I could link you the source, but I was under the impression all 3 PlanetSide 1 empire-specific AV were making a return, however, the Phoenix would be laser-guided (a la Half-Life 2). Also, I HATED the Phoenix (getting shot by it), but in retrospect, it was part of what made combat front lines happen.
  6. Pockets

    As long as I get my striker back.
  7. Iksniljiksul

    TOW launcher, already been suggested.
  8. JojoTheSlayer

    Well, its not a TOW launcher. A TOW is wire and laser guided.
    The Phoenix is camera guided similar to a Hellfire missile.
  9. Nephera

    I remember having a lot of fun with these every time i stole one off an nc.
  10. Fate

    The Phoenix was a nuisance in PS1 and I'm glad it's going to be laser guided in PS2. It was super annoying to get constantly spammed as infantry when it barely did any damage to infantry.

    This over lock on missiles ANY DAY!
  12. Verisimilituder

    Phoenix ammo was basically the entirety of my locker space in PlanetSide 1.
    With how they let rocket launchers instakill infantry in PlanetSide 2, wouldn't shock me if a drivable missile also instakilled. -_- The (general) loss of the AV versus AI distinction to weaponry in PlanetSide 2 sucks.