[Suggestion] Bring back The Crown/Ti Alloys bridge!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AntDX316, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. AntDX316

    Bring back The Crown/Ti Alloys bridge!! It was iconic.

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  2. OldSchoolD

    Yes it was ... and it's removal was the most gratuitous and probably also the biggest development crime ever committed against PS2. Just because He could. Now instead of amazing CQC fights we have vehicles and infantry being decimated by AV Maxes, MANA turrets and snipers.
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  3. Liewec123

    they don't read their forum, but if they did, they wouldn't revert their mistake anyway, they never do.
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  4. menaximus

    Are you people insane?? Players were farmed on this bridge like crazy by snipers, orbitals, pilots, drivers, Everyone. It offered no advantage for attackers. It was pure, 0 IQ farmfest (just like bio-labs) and a dinnerplate for campers. Im glad it was removed.
  5. Blam320

    The infamous TI/Crown bridge NEEDED to be removed; what needs to happen is TI needs more redevelopment in order to make attacking the base not insanely punishing.
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  6. Demigan

    It is so incredibly short-sighted to just remove something without knowing why people joined the fight there en-mass if it was "just a farm".

    1. With the bridge removed infantry now has to go the long way around across the vehicle bridge, where they'll be actually farmed.
    2. Because there would be a fight between TI Alloys and The Crown, less players could farm the people coming up from Ceres Hydroponics, giving the people from Ceres the time and space to move up. This only becomes a "problem" where the people from Ceres have to fight through both TI Alloys and Crown people to get to the point. With the bridge removed the people from TI Alloys can turn the way up from Ceres into a muder-hole without repercussions.
    3. Like the devs you make the mistake of assuming that any area with lots of fights equals a farming ground. The point about farming is that it's one-sided. People killing each other somewhat equally is a fair and equal fight.
    4. Instead of removing ways to attack, they should have added more ways to attack. Add a tunnel system that allows people from both the Crown and TI Alloys to fight on the bottom of the canyon to try and reach the other base. add buildings to the west of TI Alloys with safe spaces for people from Ceres to approach, deploy Sunderers and then use urban combat to fight through the base. That way the people from Ceres can divide the defenders from TI Alloys and aren't forced to go up a muder-gully. Other options such as a few scattered jump-pads into TI Alloys would also give area's to fight over and more ways to enter and exit the base.
    5. Add ways for the people from Ceres to effectively attack The Crown. Currently they can only use the very stone brigdge at TI Alloys, go up a massively steep incline and passed the spawnpoint of The Crown without a good way for their vehicles to actually get on top or take a side-route where they'll easily be flanked from the Pallisade, Zurvan AMP, Crossroads and the vehicles from TI Alloys before they really are in a position to take the base.
    6. Actually invest some time in learning why people join this "farm". If the main game is so much "fun", why would the lionshare of the players stick with fights like around TI Alloys?
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  7. AntDX316

    The Bridge was as good as Leza Bridge (I think it was) in Planetside 1 on Forsal or Osher? Some super long bridge that people had to cross w/ BFRs and such in major mass made it awesome. The Bridge gave it another way to play the game. Not everyone was on the bridge All the time.

    For some, the bridge could be treated As bad as Most Bio Lab fights to be honest. Spawn locking people for Dozens upon dozens of minutes only for them to come out, leave, or remain while most of the pop remains there during alerts or not is the Worst, probably for XP, Merit and other forms of stat padding. To keep that and not change it, to remove the rock bridge in the middle of Indar is as bad of a judgment call as when VP was made and all the alerts were not for Cont Locking. Cont resetting, free air, ground, or maxes, it wasn't Worth playing. Those contained the years when the Planetside 2 population was most dead. I was thinking about stopping playing as I hardly logged on and giving my outfit to other Leaders who luckily declined as they've made their own but before, wanted it and I wouldn't give it.

    Now that outfit war assets and other things exist, it makes the game great. Like I was saying, Not everyone is at the Bridge all the time. Just because it gets OSed every now and then doesn't mean the game is broken. People respawn and fill the bridge again. Bring back the bridge!! People need to understand this is what also separates this game from other games. We need more battle zones like the rock bridge.

    Back when deployed sunderers flew up in the air after an OS rather than stay alive for sometimes even more than 1 OS was great.

    The iconic king of the hill offense and defensive situations are probably gone forever unless brought back. I loved those fights every now and then. It brought together awesome 3-ways.
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  8. AntDX316

    People have taken Ti Alloys because of this bridge from The Crown. I know this because we've done it multiple times.
  9. AntDX316

    Underground battles could be bad imo. That could also be one-sided if coordinated groups decided to keep strategic routers up all the time while the other side has one or nothing. If it's a super long tunnel it would make it even More one-sided especially to all the novices that join Planetside 2. It could turn into a problem greater than the Bio Lab spawn rooms from the connected base.

    Still though, adding more ways to attack is great but to be honest the rock bridge was fine how it was. Adding more stuff above ground could make it worse. Adding underground stuff could also make it worse as people just stay there and go nowhere else. It would be definitely cool if they've tried it and if it didn't work, modify it or remove it. Nothing has to be stuck like that forever. As long as they can build the game to setup for modifications like they do w/ the Lightning Storm on Esamir, it would be better for all the players.

    A thing to note is getting trapped at the exit. Both or even All exits. New people will just keep spawning in until hopefully someone lets them know what is going on. Kind of like how our world in the real-life is built.
  10. Bonemiser

    There's no way to make current TI Alloys approachable when it's surrounded by steep cliff on all four fronts and has only two narrow choke routes to the point. Maybe if it was on completely flat terrain it would be a different story, but we're better off redoing the entire hex.
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  11. thed1rt

    What if they make like a gravity launcher at TI that shoots you at the crown but instead of landing you splat into a wall and die?

    Or a conveyer belt moving rocks from TI to the crown and dropping them in a big hole.

    Maybe they could make The Crown mountian like 2 or 3 times bigger/higher and put the landbridge and more ways to attack it.
  12. OldSchoolD

    How you say were players farmed on the bridge, when they could easily move in about 30 seconds a Sundy from the Crown to the end of the rock Bridge right by Ti Alloys building, and often not only defend the Sundy but even take Ti Alloys with the infantry spawning from it ?

    I understand the Developer had the intention to arbitrate in the game by removing 3-way (big) battles from a game that specializes and is revered for the possibility of big battles. There are much better games out there for running invisible with a 1 hit kill knife or playing small, time limited death matches, where one doesn't have to withstand the shoddy code issues, the aging platform, the pesky latency issues, the omniscient bugs and last but foremost the blundering developing direction that this game has seen of late.

    We're all playing a classic that it's been modded and stolen piece by piece.
  13. Metalsheep

    Leza was on Cyssor and had 3 different bridges used to attack it if you didn't own the Warpgate linked to the base. The bridge you are talking about was the bridge from Leza Tech Plant over to Tore Interlink Facility. It was the longest bridge in the game along with the bridge over the canyon on Ceryshen. Most players that I am aware of loved bridge fights but they could go on for literal hours. It often took pressure from flanking the bridge or a Spec Ops outfit slipping behind the lines in Phantasms to sabotage bases behind them and draw population away from the bridge. The Nzame/Leza/Tore 3 way bridge battles were among the most famous/infamous battles in Planetside 1. Typically all 3 being held by a different faction with Leza being the lynchpin.

    Battles that some consider mindless farms are seemingly what the majority of players enjoy. They wouldn't draw such large groups of players if they weren't having fun at that fight. As a PS1 vet, crazy meatgrinder battles with loads of players are the heart of the experience. There is room for the more tactical skirmishes and smaller fights, but fights like Biolabs, SNA, Beta Techplants and the Indar Triangle should be the foundation the game is built upon like its predecessor. They don't just draw population because they are difficult to take. They draw pop because they are FUN.
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  14. AntDX316

    Yeah, every now and then it's cool but it's not like people do it all the time. 3-way battles in the morning is great but it's not like this all the time. When Indar gets locked, the rock bridge takes no pop.

    I didn't know too much about Leza in super detail like that but having something like that again should be brought in as experimental.

    In a way I think the shattered warpgate should be in the middle of Esamir, this way it can be used as a shortcut when crossing. Preferably going above ground or under for a few bases for a new style of game play? Not like it's 100% underground or overground, just pieces of it are. Having a neutral battlegrounds like that in the middle of the map could provide for some great 3-ways that Leza Bridge and the Rock Bridge naturally offered. Also setting up the map development to change on another weekly patch would make it better for players if the environment proves to be too bad to play upon. Perhaps even make a map dynamic that it switches while the game is happening in an Earthquake or something, but something quick so it doesn't feel like being on the Titan Bastion ship while it's moving. Maybe have it where the rock bridge disappears and gets rebuilt by AI every now and then?
  15. AntDX316

    Ti Alloys has become more of a 3-way now that the rock bridge is gone which is great. Unfortunately, alerts are less triggered because of it resulting in people not staying for anything worth staying for. Alerts may need to be triggered on a schedule rather than by people capping to make it 100 to keep the game alive.
  16. JustGotSuspended

    lmao wut??