Bring back the beta night!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Seaker Drone, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Atis

    No, cloakers got enough slacks with current nights.
  2. Mortucus

    they did then they removed them a few pacthes ago

    it was to dark i think they have it about right now but they need to buff the indoor lighting
    what are these guys lighting their hallways with their lighting sucks use red light if they want the hole we dont want to be seen angle
  3. xdox

    You have problems spotting infiltrators on the actual settings? I can spot them from at least 20-30 meters away when moving (same as in daylight, I daresay that sometimes it is harder to spot them on daylight in some situations, usually on sand), if they are stupid enough I can see them even at greater distances (combined with that cloak/decloak sound).

    I get it there are some people that have problems with they vision but I fail to understand what is the problem with letting us setting our own light level (not a brightness slider, doing that from drivers/monitor won't achieve the same effect). Seeing that the game can change time frame from day to night at any given moment (amerish, that cave), why not setting a new level of night that is as dark as it was in beta and trigger that for users that CHOOSE that option while the bright night is triggered by default for the rest of the users.
    I really don't mind others having an easier time seeing me at night while I can have my immersion (I'm not playing this game for k/d, I'm playing it for fun)
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  4. Atis

    Depends on background. Some backgrounds make infils hard to spot at any time but night increase amount of such backgrounds. Not all infils run like idiots. Its even worse with IR scope.
    But surely i'm fine with optional feature.
  5. CrazyCanadian24

    No, no, no, an optional darker night is the worst possible fate for darker nights because then SOE can drop the subject on the notion of having already "resolved the issue". The WHOLE POINT is to change night time gameplay for EVERYONE in addition to increasing immersion, and furthermore, while you don't play for KDR/points personally, there are plenty of people that do, And giving them (read: the vast majority of the playerbase) a choice between darker nights and brighter nights will be redundant since everyone will just pick brighter nights, and anyone that actually wants to use darker nights and be competitive will be screwed over because they won't have an enjoyable experience.

    TL;DR: Your idea is bad, and you should feel bad.
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  6. ZeroErrorz

    stalker+valkyrie+beta night=true spec-ops gameplay,also a friendly reminder that this thing HAVENT DIED YET/BHUMP
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  7. MasonSTL

    the one year anniversary of this thread is coming up soon!
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  8. CrazyCanadian24

    Kinda depressing in hindsight...
  9. ZeroErrorz

    so are we gonna buy a cookie then ?
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  10. Traxiconn

    If it gets added back I sure am.
  11. Whizzmaster

    One year and 77 pages later...
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  12. JesusVoxel

    Every continent doesn't have nights at the same time so there's not a single reason to dumb down night fights for those of us who enjoy the possibilities and tactics they present, not to even mention how much better dark nights look than washed out days.

    A lot of people would be happy and the trash who "can't see as well as during day" would maybe for once change to other continents than Indar.
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  13. Minngarm

    I saw higby last night while the NC were telling us in yell about 3 exploiters on our side. I even went to search em out found em and started giving the guys in yell the name before they TKed me. Then higgles shows up and BAM they all three get banned. It was glorious.

    Point is maybe this is a new leaf and they will start paying attention to us on here next!
  14. CrazyCanadian24

    >Paying attention to us

    Yeah, right.
  15. FischiPiSti

    Cant let this thread die now can we...

    Did you guys see how dark H1Z1 is at night? (starts at 33 mins)

    H1Z1 uses forgelight, they started out with PS2, a few months ago they even had the same "Dont kill yourself" suicide message with the laughing skull :D
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  16. Pathogenic

    The only issue I have with this is I like the alignment of the HSNV scope better than any other. If it could be toggled, I'd be happy. There are cases where I really want that even now.
  17. Beeman

    This was brought up in the EQNext roundtable at some point a couple months ago. The developers' opinion was that if they made night too dark, it was prohibitive to peoples' game experience. Like, if it gets dark people suddenly can't play or absolutely won't be able to enjoy the game.

    That's absurd, this thread alone should prove that this viewpoint is nonsense. It's also been brought up that each continent has night time at different times. Just expand on that so there's always at least one or two continents that're experiencing daytime while the other ones are experiencing night.

    Having brighter nights is what's ruining the experience for many of us. Well, not ruining but definitely making nights less fun than they ought to be. In the end, you can't please everyone for most things but for this specific thing you definitely can.
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  18. CrazyCanadian24

    Yeah, the fact that SOE has decided to turn a blind eye to this is very nearly insulting.
  19. Beeman

    I don't feel insulted by this nonsense...but I definitely feel let down.
  20. CrazyCanadian24

    That's why I said "very nearly".
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